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By: John Kelly and Jacob Plunkett. 1 st UFO sighting June 25, 1947. Mr. Kenneth Arnold was taking a ride in his airplane. He saw 9 unidentifiable figures.

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1 By: John Kelly and Jacob Plunkett

2 1 st UFO sighting June 25, 1947. Mr. Kenneth Arnold was taking a ride in his airplane. He saw 9 unidentifiable figures in the distance. Estimated speed- 1,700 mph. Arnold followed the figures for 2 and a half minutes, and then they were no where to be found.

3 What is Area 51? Area 51 was never supposed to “exist” for an average human. It was supposed to be an UFO cover up, and it was supposed to hold extra terrestrial secrets. Area 51 was exposed in the 1990’s, and soon enough, everyone knew about it. It lies roughly 90 miles north of Las Vegas, Nevada.

4 What is a UFO? A UFO is supposed to be an alien spacecraft. Some people claim to see these UFO’s. A common shape for a UFO is a saucer, or a flying disc. UFO sightings became popular after the Sputnik, a Russian object, was launched into space.

5 What is an alien? An alien is another life-form that we know nothing on. Nobody knows if they are real or not, or where they live, or how they live. People claim to have seen aliens, or even abducted. Nobody knows if they are real. Nobody knows if the government is hiding the truth from us. If they are, it could be for a good cause. It could also just be that they don’t want us to know.

6 History of aliens In ancient times, people painted pictures in caves near France and Australia. They looked like what we know as aliens and UFO’s. The UFO’s looked like flying saucers. The figures (aliens) looked like they had helmets on.

7 Men in Black? Some people insist that after a UFO sighting, Men in Black (not the movie) come to the door. The Men in Black tell the people that they should have never seen what they did. Their voices sound electronic…. Could they be aliens too?

8 Area 51 facts  Controlled by the US Air Force Flight Test Center  US government has closed viewpoints of the area  An US military base

9 Roswell UFO Crash In July 1947 there was a supposed UFO crash. A rancher found burnt metal and strange numbers and letters on the pieces of metal. He called the police. The police called the military.

10 The…..Government? Some people are questioning “What is the government really hiding from us?” Who knows? Some people are saying that the government could be hiding the secret of aliens and UFO’s. Are they? Are they keeping secret, so nobody knows that aliens are watching us at night? Or do they hold a secret about the powers they posses? Nobody knows…..

11 The F-117 Project The Lockheed Have Blue first flew at Groom in December 1977. It tested a series of ultra-secret prototypes until mid-1981. No reports have been made about sightings.

12 Do you believe in aliens? The question has been going around for a long time “Are there really aliens?” Some people do believe, and some do not. There are big arguments on whether they are real. This case has been going on for a long while. So, do you believe in aliens, or are they just another fictional character?

13 Are there any places around Area 51? You are probably thinking “It is the desert…. are there any places around Area 51?” Well, there is a dried up lake named Groom Lake, which is where a lot of testing is done.

14 Alien and UFO sightings Are aliens real? Ask someone that has “seen” one. People say they see lights and aircrafts moving at incredible speeds. Some people say they have seen and encountered aliens. All of the non-believers could be believers in a matter of seconds…..

15 The Aurora SR-X Some people think it is fake, but is it?  Length- About 110 ft.  Width- About 60 ft.  Take of thrust- probably very high  Speed- Mach 6-20 ( 1 mach is the speed of sound, roughly 761.2 mph)  The Suntan could have been used to make this aircraft.

16 Area 51 Aircrafts  The U-2 Spyplane was Area 51’s first aircraft. It was used to spy on the Russians before the plane was shot down in 1960.  The SR-71 is the fastest plane in the world  The Tacit Blue has new stealth technology. Because of the stealth, it looks very strange.  The Black Mantis is not known to exist, but could be. It is rumored to be stealthier than the F-117A

17 More Area 51 Aircrafts  The Brilliant Blizzard is very large, and can launch a smaller aircraft.  The X-33 is sort of a space shuttle, but can go up to speeds of Mach 13!  The F-22 is as stealthy as the F-117A but more maneuverable.  The Switchblade is a plane with Mach 3 speed, is maneuverable, and can drop bombs.

18 SR-71, the Fastest Plane in the World The SR-71 is the fastest plane in the world, and can go up to Mach 3.5 (2,500 mph) Some say it is rivaled by X-33 (Mach 13) which is not technically a plane.

19 The Controversy Is it all real, or all fake? Many believe that it was fake, but some have “witnessed” these events. All of the aircrafts, the UFO’s, and the aliens. It doesn’t make any sense. Which side of the controversy are you on? Do you believe? Or do you think that it is just all made up?

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