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Influenza Vaccination Strategies

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1 Influenza Vaccination Strategies
Amy Groom, MPH IHS Immunization Program Manager

2 Agenda Overview - Amy Groom
IHS Flu Coverage Data Summary of resources and best practices Navajo Area – Successful influenza vaccination strategies – Diana Hu Nashville Area Area perspective – Nichole Blackfox Perspective from the field Sandra Day – Poarch Creek Debbie Roshon – MicMac

3 Mid-Season Estimates U.S. vs. IHS Flu Coverage Data
U.S. Estimates as of Nov. 2011* IHS Estimates as of Dec. 5th, 2011** IHS Estimates as of Jan 14th , 2012** Overall (≥ 6 months) 36.3% 25.2% 29.9% Children (6mos-17 yrs) 36.7% 25.8% 31.5% Adults (≥ 18 yrs) 36.2% 24.9% 29.3%  65+ years 62.3% 37.8% 43.5% *Based on self –reported vaccine status. Full report available at: **Based on patient medical record. Reports available at:

4 Flu Vaccine Coverage By IHS Area January 14th, 2012 All Ages (6 months +)
U.S. Estimate: 36.3%

5 National Resources Flu vaccine finder, educational materials
Immunization Action Coalition – sample standing orders, provider materials – Effective Strategies to Promote Influenza Vaccine Uptake Among Culturally Diverse Populations - Joint AHIP/CDC/HHS recorded webinar. Walgreens influenza voucher initiative

6 IHS Resources Available at
Public Service Announcements Wes Studi California Rural Indian Health Board IHS Director Posters and Fact Sheets with AI/AN people Flu Presentation for community members Tool Kits Tribal Head Start/Early Childhood Education programs Community Vaccination Guide

7 Best Practices

8 Best Practices Increase access to vaccine
Flu Immunization protocols and standing orders Walk in flu clinics/streamlined registration Extended clinic hours, weekends/evenings Clinics in the community Schools, chapter houses, casinos, grocery stores Hire additional staff/overtime authorization Pharmacist immunizers Mass vaccination clinics for emergency preparedness Collaborations between IHS, Tribes, state/local health departments, schools Vaccine promotion - start early! Local radio, newspapers, tribal newsletters Community education (PHNs, CHRs)

9 Best Practices cont. Review the data Utilize Reminder Recall
Influenza report in the RPMS Immunization Package IHS Influenza Awareness System (IIAS) weekly reports Influenza-like illness trends Flu vaccine doses administered and coverage Utilize Reminder Recall - “Not Current” list in the RPMS Influenza Report

10 Next Steps Our population is at high risk from flu - we must do better! Review current flu vaccination opportunities Standing orders? Walk in opportunities? Pharmacist immunizers? Review vaccine coverage data THROUGHOUT the season Reminder Recall strategies for those not vaccinated Educate providers AND the community about the importance of flu vaccination Influenza vaccination is a TEAM effort.

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