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Influenza Vaccination Strategies Amy Groom, MPH IHS Immunization Program Manager

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1 Influenza Vaccination Strategies Amy Groom, MPH IHS Immunization Program Manager

2 Agenda Overview - Amy Groom – IHS Flu Coverage Data – Summary of resources and best practices Navajo Area – Successful influenza vaccination strategies – Diana Hu Nashville Area – Area perspective – Nichole Blackfox – Perspective from the field Sandra Day – Poarch Creek Debbie Roshon – MicMac

3 Mid-Season Estimates U.S. vs. IHS Flu Coverage Data U.S. Estimates as of Nov. 2011* IHS Estimates as of Dec. 5 th, 2011** IHS Estimates as of Jan 14 th, 2012** Overall (≥ 6 months) 36.3% 25.2% 29.9% Children (6mos-17 yrs) 36.7% 25.8% 31.5% Adults (≥ 18 yrs) 36.2% 24.9% 29.3% 65+ years 62.3% 37.8% 43.5% *Based on self –reported vaccine status. Full report available at: **Based on patient medical record. Reports available at:

4 Flu Vaccine Coverage By IHS Area January 14 th, 2012 All Ages (6 months +) U.S. Estimate: 36.3%

5 National Resources Flu vaccine finder, educational materials – – Immunization Action Coalition – sample standing orders, provider materials – Effective Strategies to Promote Influenza Vaccine Uptake Among Culturally Diverse Populations - Joint AHIP/CDC/HHS recorded webinar. Walgreens influenza voucher initiative

6 IHS Resources Available at Public Service Announcements – Wes Studi – California Rural Indian Health Board – IHS Director Posters and Fact Sheets with AI/AN people Flu Presentation for community members Tool Kits – Tribal Head Start/Early Childhood Education programs – Community Vaccination Guide

7 Best Practices

8 Increase access to vaccine – Flu Immunization protocols and standing orders – Walk in flu clinics/streamlined registration – Extended clinic hours, weekends/evenings – Clinics in the community Schools, chapter houses, casinos, grocery stores – Hire additional staff/overtime authorization – Pharmacist immunizers – Mass vaccination clinics for emergency preparedness Collaborations between IHS, Tribes, state/local health departments, schools Vaccine promotion - start early! – Local radio, newspapers, tribal newsletters – Community education (PHNs, CHRs)

9 Best Practices cont. Review the data – Influenza report in the RPMS Immunization Package – IHS Influenza Awareness System (IIAS) weekly reports Influenza-like illness trends Flu vaccine doses administered and coverage Utilize Reminder Recall - “Not Current” list in the RPMS Influenza Report

10 Next Steps Our population is at high risk from flu - we must do better! Review current flu vaccination opportunities – Standing orders? – Walk in opportunities? – Pharmacist immunizers? Review vaccine coverage data THROUGHOUT the season – Reminder Recall strategies for those not vaccinated Educate providers AND the community about the importance of flu vaccination Influenza vaccination is a TEAM effort.

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