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Prospering in GOD’s House (Holiness-Part 3). Holiness is a must (1) Most believe that because we are in the 21 st century, holiness is no longer relevant.

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1 Prospering in GOD’s House (Holiness-Part 3)

2 Holiness is a must (1) Most believe that because we are in the 21 st century, holiness is no longer relevant (2) Terms like “old school” are associated with topics like holiness but GOD’s foundation stands sure (2 Tim 2 v 19) Ps 24 v 1-5  v3-5: Only those with clean hands shall ascend to the mountains of the LORD and receive blessings from GOD - Others can receive “blessings” from the devil but it carries death and sorrow! (3) The eyes of the LORD run to and fro throughout the earth (2 Chron 16 v9)  We need to begin to see the world/our lives the way GOD sees it Question: Why are we so concerned about holiness? 120 yrs on earth vs Forever

3 Holiness is a must  GOD is holy (Holy of Holies, Holy BIBLE, HOLY SPIRIT) -Without peace and holiness no one can see GOD (Heb 12 v14)

4 Holiness is a must  The LORD knows those that are HIS (2 Tim 2 v19) - The foundation of GOD stands sure and is sealed (2 Tim 2 v 19) - GOD is not fooled by our pretence, fame, hype or razzmatazz - Can two walk together unless they agree (Amos 3v3)  Lack of holiness is similar to "dirtiness" - It is like someone who does not bath/smelly but is looking for a fast car - Bodily exercise profits little but spiritual exercise has benefits now/after(1Tim 4v8) - We are asked to lift up holy hand to the LORD (1 Tim 2v8)  The Name of GOD cannot be tarnished Let them that call on the name of GOD depart from evil (2 Tim 2 v 19) - The name of GOD is a strong tower for the righteous

5 Holiness is a must  Our LORD JESUS said, “Abide in ME and that without HIM we can do nothing” (John 15 v4-5). - Hence we need holiness if we want to achieve a lot  The Church is called the Body of CHRIST. Imagine your body, which one of us would like any disease or virus to remain on our body, no matter how good looking it is?  The LORD said in Ephesians 5 that HE is coming back for a "Spotless Church". Crowd and numbers are good but what the LORD is looking for is “quality" and not quantity.  He that covers his/her sins shall not prosper (Prov 28 v 13)

6 Holiness is a must Key narrative: Gen 5 v22-32, Gen 6v1-14 Gen 5v 29-32: Noah came from a righteous line/lineage Gen 6v 1-14 v3: GOD will not endlessly tolerate sin hence 120 yrs for man (still applies today) v5: The wickedness of men kept increasing hence the current earth can’t go on v6-7: GOD regretted making man (how does GOD feel about you and me?) v8-9: Noah found grace because Noah was just and perfect v9: Noah walked with GOD v11-12: The earth was corrupt – corruption breeds violence etc v13: GOD is only interested in the holy/righteous people – even today (Gen 7 v1) v14: GOD asked Noah to build an ark – the “Ark” for us today is JESUS Gen 7 v23: Everything that was on the earth were destroyed save those in the ark!

7 Hindrances to living holy (1) Love of the world and its riches (1 John 2 v15) - Rich unbelievers are like fattened sheep being readied for slaughter (2) Some people believe that it is not possible - ALMIGHTY GOD called Abraham to be perfect as HE is perfect. That shows us that perfection is possible (Gen 17 v1) (3) Not grounded in the Word/too busy with the things of life (John 8 v32) -Why do footballers such as Messi still practice before a match? - Why do footballers warm up before entering a football pitch? (4) When the enemy wants to destroy a believer/derail them from their destiny, he packs them with excuses i.e. he packed Adam and Eve with enough excuses that they were confident that they could get away with murder/disobeying the ALMIGHTY GOD. - People begin to believe their on lies (5) Resisting the HOLY SPIRIT (Eph 4 v 30-32)

8 Benefits of being holy Gen 5v22 -32: v24: Enoch walked before GOD perfect to the extent that GOD could not wait for him to die and HE was taken up right away - what a challenge? Question: What must Enoch be doing? v27: Holiness gives long life (Methuselah 969 yrs) v25-32: Holiness breeds holiness  Noah was also a righteous man and only him and his house were saved (not the millions of crowd) -With GOD majority don't always carry the vote! - Don’t run with the crowd but be the saint/vessel of honour (2 Tim 2 v21)  Make GOD your portion (Ps 73 v 1- 27) v16:David didn’t understand why the sinners proper until he went into the House of GOD v21: He even became sorry for them because wealth can’t deliver anyone from Hell v26: David now decided to make GOD his portion

9 Benefits of being holy  Job was a righteous man to the extent that GOD was boasting of him -Job was tried and GOD still showed up for HIM at the end  Holiness is the ultimate goal for every true Christian  We at Victory Centre encourage everyone to keep working towards the goal of holiness as we are being moulded into the image of our SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST.  Even when righteous people are in authority people rejoice (Prov 29v2) - People don’t want GOD but places in Christian schools are hotly contested

10 Working towards holiness (1) Don’t be as profane as Esau i.e. value the things of GOD over wealth (Heb 12 v16) (2) Earnestly seek to develop the fruits of the HOLY SPIRIT (Gal 5 v22-23) (3) Initial salvation (Eph 2 v 8) vs Continual salvation (Eph 2v10) (4) Do not be unequally yoked with unbelievers (2 Cor 6v14) (5) Earnestly seek GOD daily with your whole heart and study HIS Word (6) Always remember that the LORD will surely come again as HE promised to judge the earth (2 Cor 5 v 10, Act 1 v11)

11 May the LORD bless you as you keep HIS word Amen

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