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I am blessed in spite of troubles

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1 I am blessed in spite of troubles
Message I am blessed in spite of troubles

2 I am blessed in spite of troubles
What is a blessing? : a thing conducive to happiness or welfare (Merriam-webster)

3 Typical questions we will treat
Is there a difference between riches and blessings? Why do believers still face trials How can I know that I am blessed? Is money the sign of blessings? Why do some unbelievers have more money than me? How am I blessed when my bills are not paid? If I am blessed why I am still facing challenges? Why do I have to wait so long for an answer?

4 Two Kingdoms to consider
KINGDOM OF GOD (1) Activity: Serving GOD faithfully even at a personal cost/sacrifice and increasing GOD’s Kingdom by preaching the Word of GOD (eg JESUS, Paul) (2) Process: It involves leaving things (Phil 3v3-11), exchanging temporal for eternal (3) Achievements: Pleasing GOD (Rom 15v3), serving others, eternal life in Heaven vs KINGDOM OF THE WORLD (1) Activity: Pursuing money and riches by all means possible Making oneself as comfortable as possible and being honoured by men (2) Process: It involves GRABBING things, exchanging eternal for the temporal (3) Achievements: Being famous, acquire lots of wealth

5 I am blessed in spite of troubles
Every child of GOD is blessed (2 Peter 1 v3, Eph 3 v20) 2 Peter 1 v3: His divine power has given us everything we need for life and godliness through our knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and goodness. HIS blessing might not come the way you expected it eg Abraham asked for a son but GOD had a plan for a nation Out of love GOD can often allow difficulties to come into the life of a Christian as this means that they will come daily to GOD asking for guidance and blessings. We often miss this point and wish that we are more at ease.

6 I am blessed in spite of troubles
The focus of GOD’s blessings are not primarily earthly blessings (eg JESUS’ disciples were more interested in the restoration of Israel Acts 1 v 1-7) JESUS did not say that believers will be immuned from troubles – rather they might even pass through more trials of faith, test of patience which in the end will form character, perseverance required for a royal priest hood (1 Pet 2 v9). JESUS said “in this world you will have trials” John 16 v33 “Such afflictions are accomplished in your brethren in the world” 1 Pet 5 v8 -9 No test is ever sweet or easy but GOD is working in us

7 I am blessed in spite of troubles
What is a blessing? (From GOD’s /our point of view) Our FATHER knows best what will be to our good in the long run (Isaac stayed in the dry land Gen 26 v1-6, 12-33) I wish above all that you might prosper and be in health as your soul prospereth (3 John 1 v 2-4) Blessings can manifest in: Health, knowledge, speech Diverse talents, peace, favour of GOD Relationships, family, money etc Deliverance from life in Hell to Eternity in Heaven is also a blessing

8 Evidence of GOD’s blessings
The blessing of GOD makes rich and adds no sorrows (Prov 10 v22) Blessings are generational (eg Abraham –>Isaac –>Jacob -> Israel) (David -> JESUS) The beneficiaries might be those after you …… So how should we live? One day at a time with JESUS Phil 4 v19: And my GOD shall supply all your needs(not wants) Mat 6 v11: Give us this day our daily bread

9 How should we live? JESUS says “ Do not worry about tomorrow” (Mat 6 v 25-34) HE did not say don’t plan but do not worry Life is more than food and clothes Pagans run after these things You can’t really improve your life by worrying Your FATHER already know about your issues Seek your FATHER’s Kingdom and….. Your FATHER (NOT you) will add all these things to you

10 How should we live? GOD’s provision abides Today Tomorrow ???
Time and our needs are the key weapons that the enemy is using to de-focus us from the true work GOD has appointed us to do (Eph 2 v8 -10) GOD’s provision abides Today Tomorrow ??? Serve GOD  JESUS is still LORD here Preach the WORD Help others… Work to be done

11 What to do in time of trouble
Why worry/complain when you can pray (Paul and Silas Act 16 v25) Gideon & 300 men through praise defeated the Midianites (Judges 7 v1-7, 22) The main things that can kill a Christian are fear and worry, not any of the problems You and GOD can’t hold the same problem at the same time. Ask GOD what you need to learn from the situation (eg faith, perseverance 2 Peter 1 v5-9) Our forerunners did not faint even when they did not receive the promise (Heb 11 v11-13)

12 Why do believers still face trials
GOD is the source of all TRUE blessings (James 1 v17-18) 17 Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows. 18 He chose to give us birth through the word of truth, that we might be a kind of firstfruits of all he created. Hardship is NOT a sign that GOD is not with you (eg Gideon Judges 6v1-18, Judges 7 v1-7, 22) - Often GOD is training you as a good soldier (2Tim 2v1-13) - Often you are being attacked by satan (Job 1 v 1-22) - Often you have sinned (Go and sin no more John 5 v14, John 8v10-11) In such times seek the LORD for a revelation of HIS will

13 Why do believers still face trials
These trials are also signs that GOD is treating us as HIS children and preparing us for a place of honour: Heb 12 v 6-8: GOD disciplines us as HIS children Rom 8 v15 -17: If we share in HIS suffering, we will also share in HIS glory 2 Tim 2 v12: If we endure we will also reign with HIM

14 Why do believers still face trials
People like Paul in the Bible did not acquire material riches but he has a great inheritance in GOD (2 Tim 4 v7-8) Avoid the deceit of riches (it’s the devil’s old trick) The deceit of riches (Math 13 v22) Mark 10 v : Rich Young Man

15 What should be our attitude?
Seek the things that are above: Col 3v1 Don’t put your hope on the earth: 1 Cor 15 v19 Avoid the devil’s trick of focusing on the earth and material things: - Same trick that was tried on JESUS - Same trick that was tried on Adam and Eve Don’t exchange the temporal for your eternal crown in Heaven: Seek first the Kingdom of GOD: Math 6 v33

16 May the LORD bless you as you keep HIS word Amen

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