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HURRICANE SANDY 2012 Sabrina Merdita Psychology College of Arts and Sciences.

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1 HURRICANE SANDY 2012 Sabrina Merdita Psychology College of Arts and Sciences

2 WHAT IS A HURRICANE? A tropical cyclone resulting from low pressure system Form over tropical or subtropical water 74 mph and above Categorized using the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale Typically 600 km wide Can last several days to a week or more


4 HOW DOES A HURRICANE FORM? Release of latent heat supplied by evaporation Warm air rises creating low pressure Warm air replaced by cooler air Thunderstorms & rain Tropical depression- tropical storm-hurricane As system moves, clouds expand



7 TIMELINE Originated in the Caribbean October 22 nd Developed into a category 1 hurricane the 23 rd Made landfall in Jamaica the 24 th Landed in Cuba as a category 3 and moved on to Haiti on the 25 th Several states along the coast declare a state of emergency- 26-28 th Transportation suspended, flights cancelled, some evacuations Approaches land as a category 2 and winds spread out up to 175 miles from the eye Extra-tropical cyclone Hits New Jersey late night on the 29 th


9 NEW JERSEY Mandatory evacuations for all barrier islands and other residential areas Obama signed an emergency declaration Storm made landfall on the 29 th 37 fatalities Cleaning up would cost upwards of $37 billion Approximately 350,000 houses and businesses destroyed/damaged Jersey Shore and Barrier Islands hit the hardest


11 NEW YORK Voluntary and mandatory evacuations issued in surge zone areas Subways and bus systems were suspended Highest recorded wind gust: 90 mph Storm surges of about 14 ft Schools remained closed through Nov 2 nd Estimated damage was $33 billion 48 fatalities in the city


13 RECORDS & EFFECTS Lowest barometric pressure ever recorded for an Atlantic Storm to make landfall north of Cape Hatteras, NC Record storm surge of water into NYC Battery Park 13.88 ft Harbor 32.5 ft Second largest Atlantic storm behind Olga in 2001 8.5 million without power over 15 states Total damage costs exceeded $60 billion dollars

14 PSYCHOLOGICAL EFFECTS Hard to determine Depends on personal experience Gallup-Healthways poll conducted one year after NY, NJ, CT- 25% increase in diagnosis of depression Acute stress disorder Life threatening situations may lead to PTSD or major depressive disorder Mental health often overlooked

15 SUMMARY Hurricanes form over warm water and from low pressure Saffir-Simpson Scale Hurricane Sandy was extremely costly and caused much damage Widespread impact One of the largest Atlantic storms in history New Jersey and New York were hit hardest Severe weather can have psychological effects


17 SOURCES counting counting storm/ground-zero-inundated-27198-1876.html storm/ground-zero-inundated-27198-1876.html

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