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2 2 ROADMAP The MAF – what it is MDGs: How they came about Beyond 2015 The MAF – what it does

3 3 1980s, 1990s 2000 2001 20052010 UNDERSTANDING THE MDG TIMELINE EFA-Jomtien Women- Beijing Child Summit- New York Int. Dev. Goals- OECD Six values; Seven objectives Defining the goals Advocacy; Call for MDG based NDS Pre- MDGs Millennium Declaration MDG Roadmap MDG Review MAF; Special Initiatives (SG, SUN,…) MDG High Level Plenary Meeting

4 | © United Nations Development Programme ▪ Much learned since 2000 – Evidence across countries on what works and what doesn’t – Many countries on- or close to track on different MDGs – Global progress, but disparities across and within countries – Slower economic growth globally, scarcer resources ▪ UN high –level meetings on MDGs – 2010 – call for an acceleration agenda for the MDGs – 2013 – attention to hard-to-reach goals and greater inclusion ▪ MDG Acceleration Framework (MAF) – Response to 2010 call for acceleration – UN-wide shared approach for countries – Field tested in 14 countries and six MDGs 2010-13: DEFINING PERIOD FOR THE MDGs

5 |  National Ownership Adapting a global agenda to reflect domestic priorities Modifying goals and targets when needed Domestic policies Maintaining stable, robust growth Targeting outcomes through high-impact interventions Exploiting synergies, e.g. access to energy Reporting on progress, achievements and challenges Intensifying efforts, e.g. the MDG Acceleration Framework (MAF)  Partner support Aid, trade, debt, technology and knowledge BUILDING BLOCKS – WHAT DOES IT TAKE?

6 | 6 BRINGING IT TOGETHER: MDG ACCELERATION FRAMEWORK (MAF) Drawing upon country experiences and ongoing processes to identify and prioritize bottlenecks interfering with the implementation of key MDG interventions Using lessons learned to determine objective and feasible solutions for accelerating MDG progress Creating a partnership with identified roles for all relevant stakeholders to jointly achieve MDG progress Responding to national/local political determination to tackle identified off-track MDGs

7 | IN THE MAF: SYSTEMATIC IDENTIFICATION, PRIORITIZATION, PARTNERSHIP Policy and planning Sector Strategies, policies and plans Budget and financing Service delivery (supply) Service utilization (demand) Cross-cutting (illustrative examples below) Legal framework and laws Institutional capacities Resource allocation Resource expenditure Resource mobilization Human resource Infrastructure, equipment and supplies Sector- governance Self-efficacy Acceptability Accessibility and affordability Engagement and advocacy Coordination and alignment Accountability and transparency Sector specific Cross-cutting Bottleneck categories Sub- categories




11 | HOW DOES THE MAF HAVE AN IMPACT? (I) Identifies neglected policy areas-Uganda addressed women’s right to reproductive health choices; Armenia identified high interest rates on loans to women entrepreneurs Prioritizes within existing investment plans – Togo’s Agriculture Sector Investment Plan was reoriented to address rural poverty Promotes working across silos – Cambodia’s plan brings together tourism, trade, agriculture ministries for the economic empowerment of women; Burkina Faso links energy access to rural livelihoods Helps implement laws, roadmaps and policies – Niger’s MAF plan on hunger helps operationalize the Government’s ‘3N’ food security strategy in a holistic fashion 11

12 | HOW DOES THE MAF HAVE AN IMPACT? (II) Addresses inequalities – Colombia’s Plans at the local level improved economic opportunities for women (e.g. Nariño, Cartagena) Forges new partnerships - Cambodia and Costa Rica partnered with the private sector for job creation among vulnerable groups Mobilizes Resources- EU MDG Fund to support MAF Action Plans; Korea’s MDG trust fund; Niger’s commitment of domestic budgetary resources ($30 million) Helps align international partner programmes (JICA; Korea’s MDG trust fund; Chief Executives Board of UN and World Bank) 12

13 |  Catalytic financing and support Completing the unfinished business – addressing off-track goals, building inclusivity Finding easy-to-adapt solutions to common bottlenecks Promoting synergies – connecting global to country (CEB, SG’s initiatives)  Learning from those going beyond the existing agenda Geographic inequalities (Colombia), population disparities (Cambodia, Costa Rica), Non-Communicable Diseases (Tonga)  Incorporating sustainability constraints/opportunities Action plans for poverty and hunger in fragile contexts make a beginning  Anchoring in appropriate domestic institutions National vision statements outline priorities Roles of planning and finance ministries – integrating, and working across silos when needed Academia, other CSOs for advocacy and assessments  Using data to guide implementation Strengthening national capacity for obtaining and using policy relevant information TO 2015 AND BEYOND: LESSONS FROM THE MAF

14 14 © United Nations Development Programme Thank You

15 |  MDG acceleration Focusing on the most off-track and hardest to reach, e.g. maternal health Inclusivity and accessibility for all - the most vulnerable and disadvantaged Countries in special circumstances, e.g. LDCs, Africa, humanitarian crises Approaches that have cross-cutting and multiplier effects across MDGs, e.g. the empowerment of girls and women  Global partnership for development Mobilization and effective use of all resources: public, private, domestic, international Delivering on all existing commitments including the target of 0.7% of GNI as ODA  Looking forward Post-2015 agenda - build on foundations laid by the MDGs, complete unfinished business, and respond to new challenges Poverty eradication and sustainable development in a coherent manner Negotiations launched at 2014 GA, and new agenda adopted at 2015 summit SPECIAL EVENT ON THE MDGs

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