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DRAFT 11 Case Coordination Overview COMMUNITY AGENCIES- November 2011.

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1 DRAFT 11 Case Coordination Overview COMMUNITY AGENCIES- November 2011

2 2 The Australian Government Service Delivery Reform agenda Giving customers more control, better support and enhanced assistance when they need it. Focus on early intervention and prevention. Enhance capability to further Government’s Social Inclusion agenda. Service delivery that is – easy, high quality and that works for you. Background - Service Delivery Reform

3 3 Case Coordination aims to: Case Co-ordination is a new service delivery approach that will enable staff to identify people in need of additional support beyond their payment eligibility One of the key rationales underpinning Case Coordination is that the Department is a ‘first to know’ agency and is well positioned to connect people to appropriate services A service offer that will involve dedicated resources, including more time for customer service staff to work with individual customers An approach to service delivery where we assess and respond to customer needs after we have considered the customer’s whole circumstance

4 4 Case Coordination aims to: Connect people to appropriate services by providing personalised support and assistance Improve outcomes for people by working collaboratively with local community service providers to improve connections to services Create opportunities for engagement especially for the hardest to reach customers

5 5 The model: Identification and Streaming Assessing customer needs – The key to Case Coordination – Guided conversation Planning and referral Review and feedback A strengths based approach

6 6 Participants The service will target a broad range of individuals who are experiencing disadvantage and are at risk of being socially isolated Based on the assumption that around 15% of our customers would benefit from more assistance and/or referral to community support services. This support maybe very short term early intervention assistance or up to many hours of support, delivered over an extended period of time.

7 7 Case Coordination Update: 19 Centrelink and Medicare test sites in 2011/12 Building Australia’s Future Workforce identified 10 areas of disadvantage: Playford (SA), Hume & Shepparton (Vic), Burnie (Tas), Bankstown, Wyong & Shellharbour (NSW), Rockhampton & Logan (QLD), and Kwinana (WA) Case Coordination trial sites will be based in these areas Case Coordination to operate in 9 other service centres Phased implementation of the first 19 sites from July to November 2011: – 34 sites in 2012/13 – 44 sites in 2013/14 & 2014/15

8 8 Working with Local Agencies Case Coordination will connect people to appropriate services in their community. Commitment to engaging agencies in all steps of the work. Invite you to work with us to make this work for our shared customers and for all service delivery agencies. Work with to ensure the best outcomes.

9 What is success ? Case Coordination becomes part of ‘Business as Usual’ (BAU). Strong partnerships and relationships built with community and third party providers. Feedback forms part of the process and informs ongoing development in an action learning cycle. 9

10 DRAFT 10 Questions

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