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Mineral Note’s Review =cs97V-O1e3g (shut off music!)

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1 Mineral Note’s Review =cs97V-O1e3g (shut off music!)

2 #1 What is the #1 most abundant element in the Earth’s crust. ___________________________

3 Test Outline I. Chemistry Basics –Atoms vs. Molecules –Elements vs. Compounds –Covalent vs. Ionic bonds II. Minerals –Definition of Rock vs. mineral –How minerals form: 3 ways –Tests used to identify mineral –Groups of minerals –Structure of minerals that we see!

4 #2 List three ways in which minerals are formed: ____________________________

5 #3 List the five characteristics of a mineral:. _____________________

6 #4 Name this molecule that makes up silicate minerals: name this molecule

7 #5 Due to weak bonds between layers, name this mineral that will cleave into perfect thin sheets. __________________________ Bonus: is this biotite or muscovite mica?

8 #6 Which of the following is a native mineral? –A) Quartz –B) Copper –C) Ice –D) Calcite

9 #7 Quartz has/is: A)Concoidal Fracture B)Made of Silicon Dioxide C)Six-Side Crystals D)Hardness of 7 E)All of the Above

10 #8 List four tests that can be done to identify minerals: ________________________

11 #9 What is the hardest and softest mineral on the Moh’s Scale of Hardness? Hardest __________________(10) Softest __________________( 1)

12 #10 An orderly arrangement of atoms into a repeating geometric pattern is called a ______________________________

13 #11 Name this mineral that reacts (fizzes) in acid. _____________________________

14 #12 Calculate the Specific Gravity of the mineral using the mass measurements. Mass in air:15.0 g Mass in water12.0 g SpG = What mineral is this?

15 #13 _____________ What mineral group DOES contain the element iron? a. carbonates b. sulfates c. oxides d. Silicates

16 Mineral #14_____________ Most minerals as well as most substances are a. compounds b. elements c. mixtures d. isotopes

17 #15 _________________

18 #16 ________________

19 #17 ________________

20 #18 _______________

21 19. Who am I? I come in two colors. But both colors have the same color streak. My streak is red/brown. I’m named for my blood-red color. HEMATITE

22 20. Who am I? I am a polymorph. A Diamond!! I am made of pure carbon I form under extreme heat and pressure. I have a hardness of 10 on the Mohs scale I am very valuable Other form? graphite

23 21. Who am I? I am composed of 3 or 4 minerals. The rock: GRANITE I am usually pink in color, though I can be gray, green or black depending on what minerals I have in me. I have large crystals that are easily seen. My minerals cool at different rates.

24 22. Who am I? I am the largest group of all the minerals. SILICATES I make up 90% of all the rocks in earth. I am made of basically 2 elements I am formed from silicon-oxygen tetrahedrons.

25 23. I can scratch a coin, but a steel knife can scratch me. My hardness is……

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