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REACH Georgia. Change lives! Information for School Systems.

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1 REACH Georgia. Change lives! Information for School Systems

2 Facts An estimated 60% of adults will need a diploma or career certificate by 2020 to meet the state’s workforce needs –Only 42 % of Georgia’s adult population currently hold postsecondary credentials Without intervention to increase the state’s college completion rate, Georgia’s economic vitality is in jeopardy –Georgia colleges must have approximately 250,000 additional graduates over the next six years in order to meet the Complete College Georgia goal of 60% of adults with a postsecondary credential by 2020. 2

3 REACH Georgia, Background REACH was launched in 2012 as a two-year pilot with five school systems participating: Rabun, Dodge, Douglas, Bulloch and Quitman AT&T provided the seed funding; Georgia Power and University System of Georgia Foundation donated funds for the second year of the pilot REACH is modeled after a successful Florida program, “Take Stock in Children,” that has 18 years of improving high school and college graduation rates –TSIC scholars’ high school graduation rate is 92%, 21 % higher than Florida’s average of 76% –TSIC scholars college graduation rate is 59%, 23% higher than Florida’s average of 48% 3

4 REACH Georgia, Program Description A key component of the Complete College Georgia initiative Needs-based scholarship and youth development program Begins in middle school; low-income, academically promising REACH Scholars are identified and paired with a mentor and an academic coach through high school Scholars and their parents/guardians sign contracts committing to program requirements Upon graduation from high school, Scholars are awarded up to a $10,000 scholarship to be used at any Georgia HOPE- eligible two or four-year college Many of these colleges have pledged to match the scholarship and several have pledged to double-match 4

5 REACH Georgia, Program Description, cont’d Georgia’s first needs-based scholarship Locally owned and operated –Community involvement is critical to the program’s success –Volunteers can serve as mentors, tutors, provide funding for scholarships and engage Scholars in college and career preparation activities A public-private and state-local program 5

6 REACH Georgia, Funding Model 100% of funds donated go to support scholarships REACH provides all funds for a school system’s first year of participation In the second year of participation, and each year thereafter, the school system raises funds to support a portion of the scholarship; REACH supports the remainder –The portion of the school system’s financial responsibility is based on the relative wealth of the county (REACH uses the Georgia Department of Community Affairs Jobs Tax Credit Tiers) Tier 1 = $1500 Tier 2 = $2500 Tier 3 = $3500 Tier 4 = $5000 6

7 REACH Georgia, Community Involvement Members of the corporate, civic, faith-based communities are critical partners Volunteers can participate in multiple ways: –Mentoring –Tutoring –Providing job shadowing opportunities –Providing college and career counseling –Providing funding for the scholarships 7

8 REACH Participating School Systems Rabun County SchoolsMadison County Schools Dodge County SchoolsTwiggs County Schools Douglas County SchoolsBen Hill County Schools Quitman County SchoolsTurner County Schools Bulloch County SchoolsCoffee County Schools Atlanta Public SchoolsLaurens County Schools Decatur City SchoolsDublin City Schools Marietta City SchoolsPeach County Schools Cartersville City SchoolsDeKalb County Schools Warren County SchoolsCalhoun City Schools Forsyth County SchoolsFulton County Schools Clarke County Schools 8

9 SEPTEMBER 24, 2014 REACH Statewide Signing Ceremony 9

10 Ben Hill County Schools 10

11 Ben Hill REACH Scholars 11

12 DeKalb County REACH Scholars 12

13 Douglas County School System 13

14 Fulton County School System 14

15 Coffee County School System 15

16 REACH Georgia, Updates REACH is now in 23 Georgia school systems Over 150 Scholars are participating The Georgia General Assembly appropriated $2 million to support scholarships in FY 2015 Over 60 Georgia colleges are matching or double- matching scholarships Multiple private donors have supported REACH since 2012 School systems have until January 15, 2015 to apply to participate in the 2015-2016 school year; a minimum of 18 new school systems will be selected Strategic plan anticipates that REACH will be in all 181 school systems by 2021 16

17 REACH Georgia. Change Lives! Please contact us if you have questions. Brad Bryant, Executive Director 770.724.9248 Joy Hawkins, Vice President 770.724.9244 17

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