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Birds as Indicators. Healthy water bodies for a healthy planet.

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1 Birds as Indicators

2 Healthy water bodies for a healthy planet

3 Causes of degradation:  Outdated technology  Flows from Municipal and Industrial areas  Mining  Roads and highway construction  Inorganic fertilisers & pesticides  Quarrying

4  To bring back to original or previous known form.

5  Reduce degradation of an area, habitat or ecosystem and propel it on road to recovery.  Re-establish, Return, Restore... to a close approximation of its original condition.

6  Restoration is a holistic process - not achieved only through isolated manipulation of individual elements.  Only plantation cures?

7  Plants and animals should display native communities and diversity found in the region  Use designs that favour natural processes

8 Emulate a natural, self regulating system that is integrated ecologically with the landscape. # Reconstruction of physical conditions # Chemical readjustment of soil and water # Biological manipulation # Reintroduction of flora or fauna

9  You are asked to repair a water-body…  Look NOT JUST the waterbody, but the zone beyond- Riparian area  Waste from industrial sewage, septic tanks and agriculture flows into Riparian area

10  Location selection #Part of a watershed # Single / Multiple ecosystems # With or without human component History of site and context of restoration Factors for present state of degradation Stake holders and land use

11  Technology for Restoration?  Build structures?  Applying fertilisers, bio- engineering?  Only plantations?  Restoration vs Landscaped garden vs Golf courses

12  Aggressive exotics: Ipomea carnea and Typha augustata to be trimmed  Check dams can be replaced by rapids  Natural fallen trees, branches, roots provide food and habitat  Pools are very important when fish are under stress due to high/ low flows

13  Placement of rocks and boulders in the channel  Root zone treatment to absorb toxins and nutrients  Depressions create habitats for producers and consumers  Interaction between aquatic and terristerial ecosystems enhances self cleaning ability  Restoration should emphasis on recovery of ecological process and complementary land use pattern

14  In the US, wetlands may be legally destroyed, but their losses must be compensated.

15  Ecology  Aquatic biology  Hydrology  Geo-morphology  Engineering  Planning  Communications  Social Sciences

16  Nutrient cycle  Plant succession  Water levels  Flow patterns  Dynamics of erosion and deposition  Chemical composition

17  Degradation is a cummulative effect of neumerous and indirect impacts.  Look at upstream and upslope activities  Also downstream modifications like dams and urban centres.


19 Recovery Ecological Process

20 Start at the very beginning  Make a complete inventory flora-fauna, specialised habitats, soil biota, land use, factors that facilitate and impede restoration  Collect soil sample - pH, organic matter, moisture holding capacity. Hydrology- rainfall, surface and sub soil run offs

21  Certain pioneer plants come up  Simple food chains - Algae, zoo planktons, aquatic insects, fish, birds

22 How does one reduce Alkalinity

23  Restoration may not always proceed as per plan.  Mid course correction necessary  Check fon native and invasive species  Example of Pashan Lake

24  Is the community aware?  Is there a Reference Site?  Can you Anticipate the future? LEARN MORE





29  Self sustainable design  Avoid need for continuous maintainance  Project not dependent on supply of resources  Eco-system should be capable of adapting to future changes  Design a naturally regenerate and recovering site  Need to assess the sites' recovery and determine that there are no new problems.






35 But Happiness is …

36 & Real Happiness is …


38  Limitations...  Local restoration projects may not be able to change what goes on in the whole watershed... but you can anticipate changes due to Destruction … Did you say development...???

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