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DYNAPAC F1000T/W Paver Controller System

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1 DYNAPAC F1000T/W Paver Controller System
Propel Controller HOME

2 Propel Controller - Specification
Sauer Danfoss MC50-12 Integral Digital Signal Processor (DSP) with 256 K Flash memory Application Development using Plus 1 Guide Software including service tool for function monitoring & controlling 22 Inputs & 16 Outputs 9 – 36V DC Power supply monitored internally 2 CAN 2.0B Ports Click here for detailed spec. Download & Settings Start Up & Calibration

3 Propel Controller Inputs & Outputs

4 Propel Controller - Inputs
Sauer DP200 Multi function Display (Connected Via CAN) Gear/Engine Speed Select Switch (0.5V to 4.5 V) Console Select Switch Park Brake Switch Joystick/FNR Stick (0.5 V to 4.5 V) Steering Trim (0.5 V to 4.5 V) Max Speed (0.5 V to 4.5 V) LH Console Steering Wheel*** (0.5 V to 4.5 V) **Same Devices are repeated in RH Console *** Steering Wheel replaced by steering position sensor in F1000W

5 Propel Controller – Inputs contd
Speed Sensor ( Frequency Input) from LH, RH Propel Motor & Generator Motor Fuel Sending Unit ( Resistance Input)

6 Propel Controller - Outputs
LH & RH Drive Pump – EDC control (15 to 85 mA) Generator Pump – EDC Control ( 15 to 85 mA) LH & RH Propel Motor Displacement Control ( Speed Shift) – Digital 24V Planetary Gear Box Shift ( Digital 24V) Console Select Relay output ( Digital 24V) Automatic function ( Auger Conveyor, Vibration, Levelling system) enable relay (Digital 24V) Fume Extractor Contactor enable output ( Digital 24V) FWA Valve enable ( Digital 24 V) – F1000W only

7 Propel System Control Layout
Dual path drive control system Propel Controller Joystick Gear Selector Speed Dial Steering Wheel Steering Trim Signal to LH & RH Propel Pump Signal to propel Motor Signal to Gear selector valve Speed Sensor Feed back Track Motor & Gear Box

8 Propel System Control Layout
Speed Sensor Feed Back Commanded Input Commanded Input Speed Sensor Feed back

9 Propel System Layout Warnings/Active Faults
Propel Controller is built with the smartness of identifying any inputs or outputs connectivity or operator error while operating the Paver or any unwanted/un intended hazards. If anything that happens abnormal then the propel controller will send a Warning Signal or Active fault to the Multifunction display (DP200) depending on the severity of the issue. Warning Signal – This will be displayed if there is an un intended operation of the Paver & the signal will be no longer displayed once the paver function is operated correctly. Example : Trying to give propel command when the park brake is engaged. Active Fault – This will be displayed if there is improper wiring (Open or short circuit) or if the parameter’s goes out of limit than expected. This requires re-powering the entire machine after correcting the issue. The fault may continue to show up even after the re – powering if the issue still exists. Example : Open/Short circuit on the Inputs/outputs. Machine is not moving even after the proper command is given the pumps & motors. Power supply issues Improper wiring/grounding methods etc

10 Propel System Layout Warnings/Active Faults
List of Warning Codes Built In

11 Generator System Layout
Closed loop speed Control ( Frequency 60 Hz +/- 5% ) EDC Control of S90 Generator Pump Hyd motor to 1800 rpm regardless of Engine/Generator load PID (Proportional, Integral & derivative) Loop used Propel Controller Signal to Gen Pump after 15 Sec of Engine Turn On 15 to 85 mA Signal to maintain 1800 rpm of Motor regardless of engine speed & Gen load Speed Sensor Feed back Generator Motor

12 Other Systems Automatic Function Turn on ( R7 Relay)
To allow the Automatic functions ( Screed Vibration, Auger conveyor system, Topcon Leveling system, Screed Float ) to activate only forward moving Console Select Relay Activate To active the LH & RH consoles based on the operator request based on pre determined conditions. Fume Extractor Contactor enable This o/p enables the fume extractor contactor with a delay of 5 sec after generator kicks on FWA Valve Enable To activate the FWA function only when the machine is moving forward & in 1st & 2nd gears only.

13 committed to customer performance
Driven by innovation – committed to customer performance HOME

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