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CIT 1100.  Describe servers that offer substantial savings in electrical usage over traditional servers  Explain methods for greening the workplace.

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1 CIT 1100

2  Describe servers that offer substantial savings in electrical usage over traditional servers  Explain methods for greening the workplace  Discuss ways to reduce the power usage

3 Nearly every company has at least one computer per worker plus dedicated server computers for storing important data and running applications  Each computer has two or more fans, plus drives and monitors - All using electricity  Reducing the use of electricity makes a lot of sense  Three areas where companies and individuals can go green and use less energy: ◦ Green servers ◦ Green space ◦ Green workers

4 Many companies have switched to new improved hardware that uses less power  Using powerful modem computers in new ways through a process called virtualization can save energy and money  Since most servers run continually having parts shut down when not in use results in savings  Servers have monitors that are seldom if ever used should be eliminated  Automatically shutting down remote servers

5  Replacing older server with a modern rack­ mounted servers can save electricity. The rack-mounted servers are more efficient and take up less room. Each rack can hold 18 computers. Each once had there own monitor Replacing general-purpose file servers with specialized devices for serving. One such device is called network attached storage (NAS)

6 The phenomenal power of today's computer hardware enables the creation of virtual computers allowing a single machine to accomplish tasks that used to require multiple computers Consider what servers do: ◦ Making accessible stored data - File server ◦ Servers can run programs that users across the network can access - Application servers ◦ Servers host Web Sites ◦ Enable users to send and receive e-mail ◦ Instant messages Virtualization allows all these servers to be run on a single powerful server saving energy, space, and maintenance

7 Virtualization exploits the power of modern hardware and operating systems (OS) to enable a single computer to be multiple computers  The OS dedicates a portion of RAM to be a virtual machine - a computer within the computer  The virtual machine is assigned some of the hard drive, access to CPU, and a share of the network  To users, virtual machine appears like a standalone computer

8  VMware – Vmware Player, Fusion, vSphere  Citrix - Xen  Oracle – Sun Virtual Box  Microsoft – HyperV, Microsoft Virtual PC  Redhat – KVM, SPICE  Amazon – EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud)  Google – Google Apps, AppEngine  Virtual Bridges – VDI ( Virtual Desktop Infrastructure )  Proxmox - OpenVZ  Parallels

9 Managing space for servers and workers properly and using the right equipment can save a lot of electricity and money  Setting up server rooms to make the cooling work more efficiently  Companies heat there buildings in the winter from the heat generate by the servers  Replacing traditional computers with centralized servers  Use energy Star-rated devices can pay off in the long term

10 Large companies devote rooms to rows of servers, powerful computers that people all over the organization use simultaneously  These powerful computers use electricity, and like all other computers, generate heat  Excessive heat kills computers and electronics, keeping them cool is important  A typical server room has rows and rows of computers, making the process of cooling complex

11  A traditional server room keeps servers cool in a couple of ways  First, the room has very tight seals, so none of the cold air leaks out.  Second, the servers sit on a raised floor and cold air is piped into that space.  The hot air is pulled out at the top and recycled into the air conditioning units that cool the air and propel it back into the floor.  The cool air is gradually pulled into the servers with the air flow.

12 Raised Floor Air Conditioning unit forces cold air into the raised floor area where it is pulled into servers through floor vents As the cold air circulates through the rack it heats up and is sent back to the Air conditioning unit This worked fine until server rooms became very large

13 Computers uniformly draw cool air in through the front of the box and expel hot air out the back. By arranging the computers properly, you can create corridors that are uni­formly hot or cool. A proper cooling scenario with hot and cool aisles has all the cold air blown only to the floor in the cool aisle. The hot aisles have ducts at the top to draw the hot air away and send it back into the air conditioning unit

14  In a traditional office, workers have a personal computer that connects to a central network  Servers that hold important data that people access from their desk  Workers use a fat client, to connect to the network, a fat client is a complete, full power PC allowing the user to work independent of the network if necessary  One way to reduce the electrical cost of the fat client would be to use laptops instead  Laptops typically cost more than a fat client

15 By replacing the standard server and workstation with terminal servers and thin clients you can reduce energy and equipment cost  A terminal server offers centralized power, enabling users to log in and work directly with applications installed on the server A thin client is not a standalone computer, but rather a key­ board, mouse, and monitor connected to a simple box that enables the client to log in to the terminal server

16 Energy Star compliance means that the device uses electricity efficiently in comparison with similar devices  The most common device certified by Energy Star are monitors  Other big devices, such as printers and scanners, can have Energy Star ratings too  Replacing an inefficient device with an Energy Star-compliant device can save a lot of electricity over the life of the device


18 Today's tools enable companies to reimagine the way workers work.  Here's what his company pays for: ◦ His work space ◦ His desk and chair ◦ His computer ◦ The air conditioning, heating and lighting ◦ His Internet connection  If you issue him a laptop, do you need a centralized office space?  In fact, most em­ployees will have a PC and Internet connection at home.

19 Telecommuting means not having to drive to the office  Telecommuting reduces the overall power usage of a company  The employee doesn't burn fuel getting to the office, which also reduces emissions  The office doesn't need a dedicated space for the employee that needs to be heated and cooled

20 Every company needs a certain number of things to function: Every company needs a certain number of things to function: ◦ Centralized storage for data ◦ A good backup routine for that data ◦ Applications for employees to accomplish tasks  Cloud Computing takes advantage of the power and speed of the Internet to move a lot of routine tasks into the hands of specialists  Some of the resources available through the cloud  Some of the resources available through the cloud ◦ Data storage (with full backup) ◦ E-mail ◦ Office applications, such as word processing and spreadsheets

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