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Tori Thomas. 9 th grade Bellwood-Antis High School.

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2 Tori Thomas. 9 th grade Bellwood-Antis High School.


4  Electrolytes-salts/ions electrically charged.  The more electrolytes the more conductive it is.  Example: Na+ or K+  Form when salts are dissolved in the fluids in the body.  Na Cl Na + + Cl -

5  Hypertonic- a solution with more solutes then the other solution it is compared to. (Has more electrolytes.)  Sucralose- A zero calorie sugar substitute or an artificial sweetener.

6  heart, nerve, and muscle functions.  make the muscles contract. The human body loses salts through sweat during work outs

7 Name: Na: K: Total: Gatorade- 110mg 30mg 140mg Propel- 32mg 38mg 70mg Powerade- 55mg 35mg 90mg Renegade- 110mg 30mg 140mg


9  100mL of each drink into beakers  massed them  placed the drinks in the oven  find difference in mass Unfortunately, at the very end of my experiment all of the colored drinks turned to a syrup and couldn’t be measured.

10 I remembered electrolytes increase conductivity. So I ran a current through 40mL. of each drink and measured the current and voltage, then divided to find the resistance. My Experiment.

11 V=I R Voltage=Current x Resistance To get the resistance I then divided the voltage by the current. The less the resistance the more hypertonic it is.

12  Different sports drinks  Gatorade  Powerade  Propel  Renegade

13  Same size beakers.  Same amount of drink (40mL.)  All room temperature.  Same power supply, meters.  Same brand/size of beakers.  Basically same ingredients.  Same wires in same meters

14 To make sure no other factors were influencing my experiment water was my control group.

15  Wash and dry all beakers and graduated cylinder.

16  Use graduated cylinder to fill 20 beakers with 40mL of each drink. 5 beakers per drink.


18  Test each group of drinks one at a time till all 20 beakers are tested.  Repeat experiment with water. (control group.)


20 V (volts) I (current) r (resistance) average





25 Due to standard deviation my results are in conclusive. I found that my data does not support my hypothesis. Therefore I reject my hypothesis that Gatorade is more hypertonic then other leading sports drinks.

26 I had a few outliers in my data, and I believe they are from the wires I used. After a few uses they began to turn black and got a coating on them. I tried my best to clean them off with a magic clean eraser but the coating may have effected my results.

27 I did some research after my experiment and found out that Propel has actually added a new ingredient that the other drinks have much less of. Propel contains a higher concentration of sucralose which might be the reason that Propel differed from the other drinks by such a big margin. Improvements and research:

28 I had to restart my project multiple times and I had a few trial and errors but over all I think my experiment went well. If I had to repeat my project I would make sure all the drinks were the same color and I would include more trials with more leading brand drinks.

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