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Last Section of Microorganisms

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1 Last Section of Microorganisms
PROTISTS Last Section of Microorganisms

2 Lesson Outline: 3 Types of Protists Classification: Locomotion Feeding

3 3 Types of Protists Amoeba Euglena Paramecium

4 Locomotion AMOEBA It rolls slowly on a surface (i.e. ground, leaf, etc). Must live in water. It looks like the tracks on a bulldozer. It changes its shape by extending pseudopods (“false feet”). Pseudopods are created by cytoplasm pushing on the cell membrane. This is called amoeboid action.


6 Locomotion EUGLENA > Flagellates Must live in water
Uses its flagellum to move. Whips it in front/behind its body to propel itself through the water. If there is too little water for this type of locomotion, the euglena can use amoeboid action to move.

7 Locomotion PARAMECIUM > Ciliates Must live in water
Uses its cilia to move. Cilia move in waves and act as oars to propel the paramecium through the water

8 FEEDING AMOEBA The amoeba extends its pseudopods around its prey
Where the pseudopods meet, a food vacuole is formed A lysosome joins/fuses with the food vacuole


10 Feeding in Amoeba continued
The enzymes within the lysosome start to digest the food The nutrients released from the food diffuse into the cytoplasm of the amoeba These nutrients are used in cellular respiration to produce ATP (energy) Waste is removed when the vacuole fuses with the cell membrane and ejects the waste

11 Reproduction Protist reproduction is asexual
The nucleus is replicated through the process of mitosis. All the DNA is copied exactly. Both the macronucleus and the micronucleus are replicated. The cell is then split into two daughter cells through the process of fission. The daughter cells are smaller than the original parent, but otherwise are identical.



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