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University/College Access Network (UCAN) - update Kim Cutlip Scioto Foundation.

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1 University/College Access Network (UCAN) - update Kim Cutlip Scioto Foundation

2 What is UCAN? The Scioto Foundation’s University College Access Network is a program that helps Scioto County youth plan, prepare and pay for college. Partners include: All Scioto County, Ohio Schools The South Central Ohio ESC Shawnee State University Local Businesses and Donors

3 College is… Any education after high school that results in an earned credential, certificate, associate degree, bachelor’s degree and beyond Entry Ticket to the Middle Class Better Health Outcomes Higher Job Satisfaction Access to Job Benefits Civil Participation (Volunteerism & Voting) Better-prepared Children in the Next Generation

4 UCAN is… Working to create a “college going” community With events such as “UCAN go to College Night” Helping students to prepare and achieve in college with rigorous high school courses such as Advanced Placement Through mini-grants to schools that offset the costs of student Advanced Placement, ACT, Explore, or Plan tests and With teacher stipends to pay for Advanced Placement certification training

5 UCAN is… Helping students pay for college through Educating students and families about the costs of college Maintaining an on-line scholarship database that details local scholarship opportunities Working with local schools to build scholarship endowment funds The Scioto Foundation has pledged a 1:1 matching grant support, up to $10,000 per school per year…

6 One day, every student from Scioto County will have the financial resources to attend the college of his or her choice! The Vision of UCAN:

7 UCAN Accomplishments (Years 1-3) School districts have raised $323,413 for their respective scholarship endowment funds The Scioto Foundation has matched $310,016 for a combined total of $632,329 61 students received scholarships in the amount of $44,127; average scholarship=$723.00, low=$215, high=$1,450 $30,000 was awarded in AP mini-grants to schools 68 teachers took advantage of stipends for AP certification in the amount of $44,000 A UCAN Go to College Night event was held in October of 2010

8 UCAN: Scholarships Funds YEARS 1-3 SchoolContributionMatchTotal New Boston$26,857$25,510$52,367 Portsmouth$30,625$30,000$60,625 Northwest$26,486$25,808$52,294 Minford$21,183 $42,366 East$30,225$30,000$60,225 Clay$30,142$30,000$60,142 Wheelersburg$30,081$30,000$60,081 Bloom-Vernon$31,206$30,000$61,206 Notre Dame$31,100$30,000$61,100 Green$22,030 $44,060 Valley$37,99330,000$67,993 West$5,458 $10,970 Totals$323,413$310,016$633,429

9 Market Growth of UCAN Funds 2008-2011

10 UCAN: Scholarships SchoolScholarship Year 1 Scholarship Year 2 Scholarship Year 3 Totals Year 1- 3 New Boston $500.00$800.00$1,674$2,974 Portsmouth$650.00$817.00$1,750$3,217 Clay $1,500.00$3,000.00$4,000$8,500 Wheelersburg $500.00$1,000.00$2,000$3,500 Bloom-Vernon$1,000.00$2,259.00$3,200$6,459 Notre Dame $650.00$2,020.00$2,900$5,570 Green $500.00$942.00$1,250$2,692 Valley$500.00$1,200.00$3,000$4,700 West0$500.00$215$715 Minford 00$2,000 Northwest00$1,800 East002,000 Totals $5,800.00$12,538.00$25,789$44,127

11 Scholarship Data 2009-2011 Total students = 61 Total amounts = $44,127

12 UCAN AP: Mini-grants SchoolCumulative Amount Bloom-Vernon (3 grants)$2,982 Clay (4 grants)$4,000 Green (4 grants)$4,000 Minford (4 grants)$4,000 New Boston (4 grants)$4,000 Notre Dame (4 grants)$4,000 Portsmouth City (3 grants)$3,000 East (3 grants)$2,760 Valley (4 grants)$4,000 Wheelersburg (4 grants)$4,000 Total SF grants$36,742 To defray student costs associated with pre-college testing: AP/PSAT/ACT/SAT. Grant awards not to exceed $1,000 per year, per school. 2011/2012 school year is Year 4.

13 UCAN AP: Teacher Training ActivityAmountNo.# teachers participating Pre AP Training (2 courses) $14,33574 AP Summer Institute Year I $4,72022 AP Summer Institute Year 2 $12,21022 AP Summer institute Year 3 $13,000 24 SF Total Investment $44,265 142 68 APSI

14 AP Teacher Training APSI @ SSU SchoolTeachers Trained ( Years 1-3) Bloom-Vernon8 Clay6 Green6 Minford5 New Boston5 Northwest4 Notre Dame3 Portsmouth4 Portsmouth West2 East8 Valley13 Wheelersburg4

15 UCAN Timeline September 1, 2011 year four challenge grant period began Fall 2011 Launched UCAN endowment drive February 22, 2012 held winter UCAN committee meeting March 2012 – begin planning for fall UCAN go to College Night April 30, 2012 Deadline for UCAN Mini-grants April/May 2012 Year 4 UCAN scholarships will be selected September 17, 2012 UCAN go to College Night

16 UCAN Endowment Drive The Scioto Foundation is seeking community support to endow the UCAN program A $3 Million dollar UCAN Endowment Fund would provide continued scholarship matching dollars at the current level

17 University/College Access Network (UCAN) - update Kim Cutlip Scioto Foundation

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