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0 African Network for Drugs & Diagnostics Innovation Dr. Alexander Ochem.

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1 0 African Network for Drugs & Diagnostics Innovation Dr. Alexander Ochem

2 1 Africa has unique health issues requiring research Child Survival and Development in Africa MDG status and trends: An overview of MDGs 1,4,5,6 & 7 in Africa: All Africa Representatives Meeting - 2, Johannesburg, (South Africa), January 2009. UNICEF (Statistics & Monitoring Section/DPP), 2009.

3 2 SOURCE: Thomson Web of Science ▪Cities with 30 or more articles published in the 2004 - 08 period ▪Total of 90 cities in 27 countries ▪16,647 biomedical articles led by African authors included in analysis Note: Only top 40 cities by research output labeled Competency research centers exist

4 3 Capacity for innovation exist in Africa 140 Applications for Centres of Excellence Applications from all five regions cover the entire R&D value chain

5 4 Lack collaboration in Africa…HIV/AIDS research SOURCE: Thomson Web of Science, UCINET Only 5% of articles are in collaboration between two or more African countries

6 5 3 rd ANDI meeting in Nairobi – crucial turning point WHO – UNECA MoU on ANDI endorsed Legal hosting arrangements for ANDI in Africa ANDI board launched ANDI call for projects launched ANDI Centres of excellence announced ANDI database development launched

7 6 ANDI mission and vision "To promote and sustain African-led health product innovation to address African public health needs through the assembly of research networks, and building of capacity to support human and economic development" Mission Statement "Creating a sustainable platform for R&D innovation in Africa to address Africa’s own health needs" Vision

8 7 Projection for next 5 - 10yrs (HIV/AIDS) SOURCE: Thomson Web of Science, UCINET

9 8 ANDI R&D and Knowledge databases

10 9 Endowment Fund for sustainability 1 Includes one-off cost of IT platform and excludes admin cost contribution of host institutions Year -57912 ANDI projects (Number) Total Cost (USD million) Endow- ment (USD million 15 5% return Endowment Total cost 18.2 1 224 11.2 2.0 27.6 1 Endowment Fund ▪Upfront fund, managed for performance ▪Can leverage any source (with/ without earmarking) ▪Proven method ▪Spends returns, not capital

11 10 Evolution of ANDI

12 11

13 12 ANDI structure ▪12 members with >75% from Africa ▪Representation from sub-regions Board Fund ▪Operates through sub-regional hubs Secretariat

14 13 ANDI Long Term Goals Among the goals of ANDI are the following: Coordination and management of centres of Excellence in health innovation Funding and managing a portfolio of network health R&D projects Supporting the establishment of public-private partnerships and new firms to support the development and manufacture of new drugs, diagnostics and other health products Generating and managing intellectual property and exploring innovative mechanisms to encourage and reward local innovation while promoting access to healthcare products.

15 14 Key challenges Political support and interest Resource mobilization Advocacy and promotion Mobilization and coordination of African health innovation capacity

16 15 Synergism Between ANDI and TDTNet Long term goals of ANDI are part of the core of the functions of TDTNet Potentials for collaboration in areas of: - technology development and transfer - capacity development - intellectual property development and management - promotion of innovation and entrepreneurship in Africa

17 16 Thank you

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