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Fifth Grade Vocabulary 1.pledge (verb) – promise. We pledge to do our homework every day.

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1 Fifth Grade Vocabulary 1.pledge (verb) – promise. We pledge to do our homework every day.

2 Fifth Grade Vocabulary 2.allegiance (noun) – loyalty, devotion. Our class shows allegiance to our country by saluting the flag.

3 Fifth Grade Vocabulary 3.republic (noun) – a kind of government where people vote and elect their leaders. The United States is a republic.

4 Fifth Grade Vocabulary 4.indivisible (adj.) – not able to be divided, sticking together. They formed an indivisible soccer team that was undefeated.

5 Fifth Grade Vocabulary 5.liberty (noun) – freedom. The colonists sought their liberty by fighting in the American Revolution.

6 Fifth Grade Vocabulary 6.justice (noun) – fair treatment. She was hoping for justice in the court because she was innocent of committing the crime.

7 Fifth Grade Vocabulary 7.nation (noun) – country. We live in the United States which is a nation in North America.

8 Fifth Grade Vocabulary 8.biography (noun) – an account of a person’s life written by another. A student in fifth grade wrote a biography about George Washington.

9 Fifth Grade Vocabulary 9.geography (noun) – the science dealing with the surface of the Earth, its division into continents and countries, and the climate, plants, animals, natural resources, people, and industries of the various divisions. It is important to learn about geography in fifth grade in order to understand our earth.

10 Fifth Grade Vocabulary 10. nutrition (noun) – the science or study of a proper diet. We will learn about nutrition in fifth grade so we can keep our bodies healthy.

11 Fifth Grade Vocabulary 11. revolution (noun) – overthrow of the government. That country held a revolution because they were unhappy with their government.

12 Fifth Grade Vocabulary 12. continent (noun) – main large land areas of the earth. We live on the continent of North America.

13 Fifth Grade Vocabulary 13. culture (noun) – ideas and lifestyles of a group of people. Learning about a culture different from your own can help give you new ideas.

14 Fifth Grade Vocabulary 14. controversy (noun) – a discussion of opposite opinions. There is a controversy in our country over who should be president.

15 Fifth Grade Vocabulary 15. nutrients (noun)- the parts of food that help you stay healthy, such as vitamins, minerals, and carbohydrates. People need a wide variety of nutrients in their food in order to stay healthy.

16 Fifth Grade Vocabulary 16. compromise (noun) – an agreement where each side gives up part of what it wants. The students decided on a compromise for who would get to use the basketball.

17 Fifth Grade Vocabulary 17. ancient (adj.) – very old. They found an ancient coin buried in the ocean floor.

18 Fifth Grade Vocabulary 18. technology (noun) – the use of scientific knowledge or tools to make or do something. Many advances in technology have allowed us to do new and better things.

19 Fifth Grade Vocabulary 19. independent (adj.) – free from the rule of others. It is important to work towards becoming an independent adult so you can take care of yourself and make good decisions.

20 Fifth Grade Vocabulary 20. recreation (noun) – any form of play or amusement. What type of recreation do you enjoy?

21 Fifth Grade Vocabulary 21. trivial (adj.) – of little value or importance. The fact that she lost her pencil is trivial compared to the fact that she lost her binder along with all her homework.

22 Fifth Grade Vocabulary 22. chronological (adj.) – arranged in the order in which things happened. We had to list the important historical events on our outline in chronological order.

23 Fifth Grade Vocabulary 23. reputation (noun) – what people think about a person or thing. Try to always be on your best behavior so you will have a good reputation.

24 Fifth Grade Vocabulary 24. citizen (noun) – a member of a country who has all of the rights of that country. In order to vote in the United States you must be a citizen.

25 Fifth Grade Vocabulary 25. replenish (verb) – to supply again. Please replenish the paper box when you take the last piece.

26 Fifth Grade Vocabulary 26. tedious (adj.) – tiresome, boring. Checking a paper for spelling and punctuation errors can be tedious.

27 Fifth Grade Vocabulary 27. authentic (adj.) – genuine, real. Can you tell whether the diamond is fake or authentic?

28 Fifth Grade Vocabulary 28. commence (verb) – to begin, start. The Halloween Parade will commence at 8:20 a.m.

29 Fifth Grade Vocabulary 29. dismal (adj.) – dark, gloomy, miserable. When it rains the day feels very dismal.

30 Fifth Grade Vocabulary 30. encounter (verb) – to come upon something or someone unexpectedly. She was surprised to encounter her teacher at the grocery store.

31 Fifth Grade Vocabulary 31. vast (adj.) – very great in size or amount. The Pacific Ocean covers a vast area of the Earth.

32 Fifth Grade Vocabulary 32. bewilder (verb) – to confuse. Please don’t bewilder me by giving me too many directions.

33 Fifth Grade Vocabulary 33. conscientious (adj.) – responsible. A conscientious student is one who follows the rules, turns in work on time, stays organized, and tries his/her best.

34 Fifth Grade Vocabulary 34. abolish (verb) – to do away with completely; put an end to. Do you think it would be a good idea to abolish lunch?

35 Fifth Grade Vocabulary 35. confirm (verb) – to make firm; to prove if something is true. Please confirm that I have an appointment on Monday.

36 Fifth Grade Vocabulary 36. seize (verb) – to capture or arrest. The police will seize you if you have committed a crime.

37 Fifth Grade Vocabulary 37. feasible (adj.) – possible or capable of being done. After all the rain, is it feasible that we will have P.E. on Friday?

38 Fifth Grade Vocabulary 38. diverse (adj.) – unlike or varied. I learn a lot from the diverse members of our classroom.

39 Fifth Grade Vocabulary 39. mandatory (adj.) – required. It is mandatory to be a citizen of the United States in order to be president.

40 Fifth Grade Vocabulary 40. devastate (verb) – to destroy. The earthquake devastated the city.

41 Fifth Grade Vocabulary 41. temporary (adj.) – not permanent; lasting only for a short while. The broken water fountain is only temporary.

42 Fifth Grade Vocabulary 42. influence (verb) – the power of persons or things to affect others. Teachers and parents can influence children.

43 Fifth Grade Vocabulary 43. absurd (adj.) – so clearly untrue or unreasonable; as to be laughable or ridiculous. It’s absurd that a fifth grader would be able to eat five pizzas in one sitting.

44 Fifth Grade Vocabulary 44. urban (adj.) – characteristics of a city or town. Los Angeles is an urban area in California.

45 Fifth Grade Vocabulary 45. rural (adj.) – characteristics of a country-like setting. Some parts of the Midwestern part of the United States are still very rural.

46 Fifth Grade Vocabulary 46. suburb (noun) – a town on the edge of a large city. Diamond Bar is a suburb of Los Angeles.

47 Fifth Grade Vocabulary 47. poise (noun) – presenting yourself in a calm and confident manner. During your oral presentations you will be graded on poise.

48 Fifth Grade Vocabulary 48. gratitude (noun) – thankfulness. It is important to show your gratitude when someone does something for you by saying “thank you.”

49 Fifth Grade Vocabulary 49. obnoxious (adj.) – very unpleasant and annoying. The sounds at P.E. are obnoxious while we are trying to work.

50 Fifth Grade Vocabulary 50. frantic (adj.) – wild with anger, pain, or worry. The mother was frantic as she searched for her missing wallet.

51 Fifth Grade Vocabulary 51. duration (noun) – the time a thing continues or lasts. The duration of the movie is two hours and thirty minutes.

52 Fifth Grade Vocabulary 52. hesitate (verb) – to pause or delay in acting or deciding because of feeling unsure. He hesitated before giving an answer because he had not studied.

53 Fifth Grade Vocabulary 53. sincere (adj.) – truthful, honest. She could tell her friend was sincere in her apology.

54 Fifth Grade Vocabulary 54. interior (adj.) – inside or inner part. The interior of the refrigerator is very dirty.

55 Fifth Grade Vocabulary 55. exterior (adj.) – outside or outer part. The exterior of the house was painted cream and brown.

56 Fifth Grade Vocabulary 56. century (noun) – any period of 100 years. In the year 2001, we entered a new century.

57 Fifth Grade Vocabulary 57. decade (noun) – any period of 10 years. When he turned ten, he had been alive for a whole decade.

58 Fifth Grade Vocabulary 58. neutral (adj.) – not taking part in either side of an argument or war. I decided it was better to be neutral, rather than take the side of one of my friends.

59 Fifth Grade Vocabulary 59. dilemma (noun) – a situation in which one is given difficult choices to make. I was in a dilemma when it came to deciding whether to go the mall in Montclair or the one in Brea.

60 Fifth Grade Vocabulary 60. exhausted (adj.) – tired out; weakened. She was exhausted after running the marathon.

61 Fifth Grade Vocabulary 61. attitude (noun) – a way of acting, feeling, or thinking The fifth grader’s attitude stayed positive at the end of the year.

62 Fifth Grade Vocabulary 62. flimsy (adj.) – thin, easily broken or damaged. My plastic fork was too flimsy to cut the tough pizza crust.

63 Fifth Grade Vocabulary 63. affluent (adj.) – wealthy or rich. He became very affluent after selling his computer company.

64 Fifth Grade Vocabulary 64. ambitious (adj.) – showing a desire for success. Adults become successful by being very ambitious.

65 Fifth Grade Vocabulary 65. amateur (noun) – a person who participates in something for enjoyment rather than money. Before she became a professional ice skater, she was an amateur.

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