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高校英语专业四级考试(TEM一4) Note- writing (1).

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1 高校英语专业四级考试(TEM一4) Note- writing (1)

2 Lecture 1: Note - taking 1.道歉 (Note of Apology)
2.祝贺 ( Note of Congratulations ) 3.慰问 ( Note of Consolation )

3 TEM一4:便条写作 从2005年5月开始起,便条写作部分的分值由原来的5分增加到了10分,

4 一、便条写作的格式 一个完整的便条应包括:日期、称呼、正文、结束语和签名。
日期应写在右上角;称呼之后用逗号;结束语之后也要用逗号;签名之后不加任何标点符号。 还应注意格式的前后统一:若用缩进式,前后都用缩进式;若用齐头式,始终都是齐头式。

5 缩进式: Sept.6,2008 Dear Jack, This morning I heard that… Yours, Tom

6 齐头式: Sept.6,2008 Dear Jack, This morning I heard that… Yours, Tom

7 二、便条写作的内容——类型分析 便条题材广泛,种类繁多,题材各异: 如: 邀请 (Note of Invitation)
道歉 (Note of Apology) 安慰 (Note of Consolation) 祝贺 (Note of Congratulations) 感谢 (Thank—you Note) 询问 (Note of Inquiry) 通知 (Notice)

8 Tips for writing notes:
写便条时一定要把相关的时间、地点、原因及主要事件交待清楚 因为字数要求50--60字左右 要开门见山,直入话题,切忌哕嗦。

9 历年便条写作考题类型 3.道歉(Note of Apology) 自1995年来,表达歉意的便条考了两次,分别在1997年和2001年。
1997年真题: You are Peter/Mary. You had a party at your home recently, but you unintentionally neglected to invite a close friend of yours--Victoria. Write her a note apologizing for this and explaining how the mistake came about.

10 1. 道歉(Note of Apology) 2001年真题:
Yesterday you failed to turn up for the appointment with your teacher,Professor Wang. Write him a note of apology and make a request for another meeting.You should also suggest the time for the requested meeting.

11 写道歉便条的一般模式是: 首先表达歉意; 随后解释原因; 请求对方谅解或建议弥补; 态度要诚恳,富有感情。

12 1997年真题: (Note of Apology) Dear Victoria,
May 10,1997 Dear Victoria, I’m writing to express my apology for the mistake I have made.I had a party at my place last night.I had written the invitation cards to several of my close friends,surely,including you. However,by sheer negligence,I failed to give the invitation card to you.I sincerely hope that you can forgive my carelessness. Yours truly, Peter

13 2001年真题: (Note of Apology) May 10,2001 Dear Professor Wang,
I’m terribly sorry for having missed the appointment with you yesterday.When I was on the way to your office,my bike went fiat.After I got it repaired and rushed to your office,it was too late.I know you are pretty occupied these days,but I wonder if you could arrange another meeting tomorrow morning at 10 o'clock in your office.Thank you! Yours, Ellen

14 常用表达及句型: 开头: I’m writing this note to apologize for my failing to..
I’m writing to say sorry to you for… I write to apologize for having caused… I am writing to express my apology for… I’m terribly sorry for…

15 结尾: Please forgive me for my failing to…
I sincerely hope you can forgive me for… I do apologize for my carelessness and the inconvenience I caused you.

16 Exercise: You are going to a concert with John on Saturday, but unfortunately you lost the tickets. Write him a note of about 60 words to explain and apologize.

17 Nov. 24, 2009 Dear John, I’ m terribly sorry to tell you that we can’t go to the concert this Saturday because I lost the tickets. I looked for them everywhere but in vain.Please forgive my carelessness. I will buy another two tickets for another concert soon as a compensation.Sorry again for the inconvenience I caused. Yours, Jack (55 words)

18 Exercise 2 You borrowed your friend, Bill’s bike to go to the suburb to visit your aunt and promised to come back and return him the bike that day. But you didn’t make it. Write him a note of apology of about 60 words.

19 June 24, 2009 Dear Bill, I am awfully sorry for returning your bike so late. Yesterday I went to visit my aunt in the suburb.When I got there,it rained heavily and the rain didn’t stop until this morning. I had to spend a night at my aunt's.I do apologize for the inconvenience I have caused you. I hope you can understand it. Yours sincerely, Bruce

20 2.祝贺 ( Note of Congratulations )
祝贺对方生日,乔迁,入学,就业, 晋升,获得荣誉或成功等。 要先清楚地提及祝贺的事由 然后再写写信人得知喜讯的心情 再由衷地表示祝贺。

21 Note of congratulations
范文1 (1996年) : Your friend has just won the first prize in the Provincial English Speech Contest. Write a note of congratulations.

22 参考范文: 1996年真题 May 10, 1996 Dear Jack, I'm writing to tell you how excited I was when I heard that you had won the first prize in the Provincial English Speech Contest.Your success comes from your hard work and you deserve the great prize.I would like to give you my heartiest congratulations! Yours sincerely, Ellen

23 范例2: ( Note of Congratulations )
May 10, 2008 Dear Joe, I'm delighted to hear that you have won the election campaign in our university and become the Chairman of the Students’ Union.I am really proud of you.I believe that you will display your outstanding abilities in this post and do a good job.Give you my sincere congratulations! Truly yours, Ellen

24 常用表达及句型: I am writing to express my heartiest congratulations on… Congratulations upon… I am much delighted to learn that… As one of your friends I am really proud of you. The prize/honor/promotion you have received is well deserved.

25 6. It’s a reward you richly deserve for your many
6. It’s a reward you richly deserve for your many years of study and hard work. 7. It’s an achievement you can be well proud of. 8. I know no one who deserves it more than you. 9. How I admire your success/achievement/ triumph. 10. All my warmest congratulations!

26 Exercise 1: Your friend won the 100一meter race at the sports meet of your university and also broke the school record. Write a note of about 60 words to congratulate him.

27 April 26,2009 Dear Charles, How excited 1 was when I saw you dashing across the finish line in the 1 00一meter race today. And a new school record was created! At that moment the whole audience were cheering and applauding for you. You are great.All my warmest congratulations on your excellent performance! Yours, Joe

28 Exercise 2 Your good friend, Joseph was awarded the honor of “Excellent Student’’ by your university. write him a note of congratulations of about 60 words.

29 April 20, 2009 Dear Joseph, I am delighted to learn that you have been awarded the honor of “Excellent Student” of our university. It is really good news. You deserve the honor since you are excellent both in academic studies and campus activities.You set us a good example.Please accept my sincere congratulations on your achievement. Yours truly, Frank

30 3.慰问 ( Note of Consolation )
当自己的亲友生病、失盗、受伤或遭受各种挫折、失败和痛苦时,应表示慰问。 在便条中表示同情、安慰, 但语气不宜消沉,言辞不应有悲观失望之感,要给收信人带去勇气和慰籍。 信中不要表示好奇和不解,不要刨根问底,要多表示慰问、友谊、关怀和鼓励。 慰问便条也应真诚、简短,开门见山。

31 自1995年以来,表示慰问的便条写作考过两次 1999年真题再现: You have learned that your friend Jimmy is ill these days.Write him a note expressing your concern,asking after his health and giving your best wishes.

32 1999年便条范文 May 10,1999 Dear Jimmy, I’m very sorry to learn that you are ill these days.Are you feeling better now ? Don't worry too much and take it easy. You know it's easy for young people to get a quick recovery.Is there anything I can do to help? Please don't hesitate to let me know. Yours sincerely, John

33 2004年真题再现: Your friend,Jane,has failed in the final exam,and is feeling unhappy about it.Write a note to comfort her and give her some encouragement.

34 2004年范文: May 12,2004 Dear Jane, Yesterday I was told that you failed in the final examination of mathematics.I was so sorry to hear it.I know you are feeling quite depressed and frustrated these days.Cheer up,my dear friend.Don't lose heart.I am confident that you will succeed next time because you are so talented. My kindest regards and best wishes. Truly yours, Lily

35 常用表达及句型: (1) I am extremely sorry to hear of.. (2) It is really a pity that you failed in… (3) It is quite out of expectation that… (5) Don’t worry too much. (6) Don’t lose heart.You will be successful next time with… (6) If there is anything I can do,please don’t hesitate to let me know.

36 Exercise 1 Your friend Jack had a car accident yesterday and his leg was slightly injured.Write him a note of consolation of around 60 words to express your concern,asking after his condition and giving your best wishes.

37 June 14, 2008 Dear Jack, I am sorry to hear you had a car accident yesterday and your leg was slightly injured. How are you feeling now? Do cheer up. You know a good mood helps you recover sooner and better. The flowers bring you all my best wishes. I’ll come to see you the minute I finish the term paper. Yours sincerely, Bob (65 words)

38 Exercise 2 One of your best friends—Henry lost his job and he is quite distressed and frustrated. Write him a note of consolation of about 60 words to encourage him.

39 Oct. 10, 2009 Dear Henry, I was shocked when I heard that you had lost your job. It is really out of expectation because you have always been excellent and talented in every aspect. Please don’t feel too much distressed and frustrated. Your ability and talent will soon be recognized and I am sure you will get an even better position. Please let me know of any assistance I can render you. Yours truly, William

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