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Hi! We are Downs View Infant School in Kennington Ashford Kent.

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1 Hi! We are Downs View Infant School in Kennington Ashford Kent

2 Our school is just outside Ashford, Kent in a small suburb called Kennington. We are 10 mins drive from Ashford Town centre and 25 mins from the coast. Just down the lane is our war memorial Just across the road from our school is Kennington Juniors You can see St Mary’s Church from our front door Our school is on the edge of this junction at Ball Lane

3 Most of us live very close so we walk, bike or scoot to school! (…… but some of us do drive too!) Our scooter park!

4 We are a 3 form entry Infant School with 9 classes and 267 pupils Our classes are named after animals! Reception are - Year One are - Year Two are -

5 We have lots of fun learning!

6 We learn lots in ID time too!

7 We have lots of visitors that help us learn at Downs View

8 We have a fantastic art week every year. Last year we did “Take One Picture” connected to the National Art Gallery in London. At the end of the week we run an Art gallery for our parents!

9 We have lots of clubs during and after school. Fun club in our mobile at lunchtimes Gardening club Choir Ocarinas Athletics club School Council Art club

10 We love our outdoor areas for learning and break times.

11 This is what the children think about our school….. I like the teachers because they’re friendly. I like the school uniform because it’s colourful. Assembly is great because we learn new songs. I like ID because you can play with all the toys. I like the electronics stuff, I made a motor turn! There are lots of great things in our classroom to do! Lucinda Year 2 Oliver Year 2 Megan Year 2 Charisma Year 2 Adam Year 2

12 This is what the children think could make our school better….. Make the playground bigger. Hang things on the trees outside to make it a magical forest More playground equipment and painted playground games on the floor. Put a Dr Who tardis in the classroom role play area! Have a teachers tree house where they could go for a cup of tea! Nathan Year 1 Shaun Year 1 Ryan Year 1 Sophie Year 1 Billy Year 1

13 Now you know all about us, please can you tell us about your school? Here are a few questions that we have thought of for you …. How many children in your school? Do you have outdoor areas? Do you have class names? Where is your school and what does it look like? Do you have a headmaster or a headmistress? Do you have clubs? Do you have any school pets?

14 We look forward to hearing from you soon!!

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