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Hello visitors, Please feel free to browse through this PowerPoint we have created. We hope that you find this helpful. Here at Delapre, both our pupils.

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1 Hello visitors, Please feel free to browse through this PowerPoint we have created. We hope that you find this helpful. Here at Delapre, both our pupils and staff are encouraging and respect one another creates a caring atmosphere so your will find it easy to fit in here. We welcome you warmly to D.P.S. Welcome to… Delapre Primary School

2 Inside Delapre… Putting it into perspective Office Corridor ICT suite Hall Gym Playground & Field Reception KS1 KS2 (lower) KS2 (upper) Library Uniform Click to go to the end of the showend of the show

3 This is where children can be sure to receive a warm welcome! The dedicated staff understand what to do when a problem occurs. Therefore, they are able to help any child in their time of need. These trustworthy women are respected throughout the school. As well as organising meetings and filing many important documents, these lovely ladies also deal with all the financial accounts of Delapre. The0ffice… The 0ffice… Putting the D into Delapre!

4 Corridors… The link in the chain Decorated with delightful displays, our corridors are always a pleasant place to be in. They are an essential part of our school. They also provide lots of storage space which is easily accessible to all of the year groups. The books, which are kept on a number of bookshelves dotted around the school, are neatly organised in categories specific for each year group. The coloured-coded categories are linked by genre, ability or interests. In KS1, the teachers pick for the children, but as they get older the children are allowed to choose their own reading book.

5 I.C.T. Suite… The electronics hub The main I.C.T. suite is located in the centre of school and contains 30 computers used for lessons, after school and lunchtime research (with authorisation). There is also a leader computer at the front of the classroom which is connected to an electronic display board which can be used via special styluses. You can also find boards similar to this in all of the classrooms around the school.

6 Hall… The meeting point We are lucky enough to have an enormous stage. We use this for all school productions. We usually have at least two a year, not to mention the regular choir and orchestra performances. As well as using this for school productions, we also hold all of our assemblies in the hall. This room also houses many clubs including Dance and two Drama Clubs.

7 Gym… Where our future Olympians train! We are a very sporty school and take pride in our victories, but even when we are defeated, we keep our spirits high. We all have our P.E. lessons in the gym. This includes gymnastics, bat and ball skills, and numerous ball games.

8 Playground & Field… Fun with friends! There are two parts of the school which are reserved for leisure: the playground and the field. As the older children are allowed to eat and play on the field during the summer months, the younger ones are allowed to eat on the patch of grass in the playground. The field is also used for Sports Day and outdoor P.E. lessons.

9 Reception… Where life at Delapre begins! We have just introduced three-form entry to allow more children to have an experience that will give them a head start in life. We have a mobile classroom in the middle of the playground which houses the new children. In addition, to this, we have the two original classrooms.

10 KS1… Settling in at Delapre Here at Delapre, we have many dedicated staff members who help the children to adjust to our more structured learning style, as they switch between learning through play to more formal working activities. In year 2, the children build up their skills to prepare for their first official SATs test. The children will be learning various methods of mathematical equation solving, as well as developing their literature ability.

11 KS2 (lower)… Growing up Year 3 and 4 are the years where the children develop their responsibility. They organise themselves, insuring that they have suitable equipment for maths, english and all of the other lessons! This includes a homework folder, a reading diary and the correct P.E kit for indoor and outdoor.

12 KS2 (upper)… The last 2 years! In year 5 and year 6, the children really start to prepare for their SATs tests. In year 5, they do Mock SATs, which are the SATs tests that the old year 6s used to improve their knowledge of the set-up of SATs so they are ready for the real thing. As well as working hard, the children also have lots fun! We cram all of the D.T. lessons into one great day which reduces mess and increases the flow of work, allowing the children to have more time for art as the teachers do not have to re-explain the lessons over and over again!

13 Library… Escape to a world of imagination! We have an amazing library with hundreds, if not thousands of books, right there, ready for any child to take out and enjoy! All of the children are expected to read every day, but this is no problem as we have a whole range of books suitable for any age, ability or interest. Parents are also allowed in to the library after school to enjoy our range of books with their children.

14 Uniform… Giving us our identity! These are two examples of the Delapre uniform. The girls wear a navy skirt, trousers, pinafore or summer dress with a yellow top and cardigan and white socks or navy tights. Shoes must be black and are not allowed heels. We allow small stud earrings, watches, medical bracelets and plain Alice bands in navy, black or yellow. We are allowed small bows/flowers as long as they are not too big or flouncy. The boys wear navy trousers, yellow top and jumper with black or grey socks (not patterned) and black shoes. Earrings must be small studs.

15 Thank You… We thank you for reading our presentation and will hope that you apply for a place at Delapre Primary School. We are sure that your child will have an excellent time here, gaining knowledge that will help them excel and friendships that will last a lifetime. Once again, we thank you for reading. Made by Kyla and Naomi (with a helping hand from Jessica!)

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