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Presentation of the KEY TO THE CITY of Soledad, San Luis Potosi Mexico.

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1 Presentation of the KEY TO THE CITY of Soledad, San Luis Potosi Mexico

2 Who is BASC? A 501c3 non-profit organization of volunteers Politically neutral regarding immigration issues Interested in understanding changing demographics for Alamance County Funded by Rotary and private donations Travel is funded by the individuals who participate

3 How the Firetrucks were financed. Ten clubs in Rotary District 7690 contributed $10,000 and this was matched 100% by the District for a total of $20,000. The City of Soledad contributed $4,500 towards shipping.

4 Burlington and Soledad Rotarians with the Fire Truck The Burlington area Rotary Clubs partnered with the San Luis Potosi Rotary Club in the Rotary Grant that helped provide the fire trucks to Soledad.

5 City of Soledad (meaning “Solitude”) State of San Luis Potosi, Mexico

6 Soledad and San Luis Potosi Soledad is a suburb of 500,000 people within the metropolitan city of San Luis Potosi, with over 2.4 Million inhabitants (2005 census).

7 Burlington delegation upon arrival in Soledad Dr. Janyth Fredrickson, Gary Rutledge, Dianne Ford, Laura Guzman, Alice Bordsen, Russell Guy, Sang Ho Lee, Sergio Guzman.

8 Activities Hosted By Mayor Presentation of the Key to the City by their Mayor to Alice Bordsen Tour of the cultural center and art museum Meeting with the state Governor and a personal tour of the Governor’s Mansion Visit to the fire and police training facilities Visit to the Technical University Visit to the quarry workshop where our fountain was carved Tour of the city and its architectural treasures

9 The two BASC/Rotary fire trucks in Soledad Gary Rutledge and Sang Ho Lee with the two donated fire trucks in Soledad.

10 Soledad Mayor with Burlington group Sergio & Laura Guzman, Gary Rutledge, Dr. Beth Powell, Rep. Alice Bordsen, Russell Guy, Mayor Ricardo Gallardo, Dianne Ford, Dr. Janyth Fredrickson, and Sang Ho Lee.

11 Presentation of the Key to the City. Ceremony in front of City Hall in Soledad.

12 Rep. Alice Bordsen accepts the Key to the City of Soledad.

13 Fire Chief Adolfo Benevente. With Gary Rutledge and others at the Key to the City Celebration.

14 An assortment of donated equipment is in the fire stations, including this 1958 Studebaker Firetruck.

15 Comparison of Fire Depts. Charlotte, NC Population = 1.7 Million Number of stations = 42 Paid firefighters = 1,038 Paid administrators = 126 Fire trucks = approx. 42 fire trucks, 15 ladder trucks, 15+ assorted others such as rescue, foam trucks, etc. Soledad/San Luis Potosi Population = 2.4 Million Number of stations = 7 Paid firefighters = 60 Paid administrators = 8 Volunteer firefighters = 45 Fire trucks = 9 fire trucks, 9 water trucks, 6 rapid response trucks, and 1 ladder truck.

16 Meeting the Governor and Tour of the Governor’s mansion. Governor Fernando Torranzo, shown here with Rep. Alice Bordsen, met with the Burlington delegation for more than one hour.

17 Engineering Computer Lab at the Technical University A freshman CAD class for engineers. At 9pm on a Friday night, the lab was full.

18 Dinner hosted by Dr. Rafael Cardoso, Rector of the Technical University

19 Soledad’s new, and first, fire station Gary Rutledge tests the fire pole.

20 Exchange of fire helmets Chief Benevente and Gary Rutledge exchange signed fire helmets.

21 A first responder bicycle in the Soledad fire department.

22 Raw stone from the local stone quarry. The fountain recently donated to Burlington was cut from this volcanic stone.

23 Fountain manufacturing workshop Cutting rock at the workshop where the Burlington fountain was made.

24 San Luis Potosi has many architectural treasures, such as this church in the colonial center.

25 The Cathedral of San Luis Potosi.

26 View looking out over San Luis Potosi

27 Why is this relationship important? Better understanding of our similarities and differences Improved business development A win-win relationship for the City of Burlington and Alamance County BASC website:

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