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Thank you for using this pre-visit resource. We believe this will help strengthen student learning leading up to and during your gallery visit. Due to.

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Presentation on theme: "Thank you for using this pre-visit resource. We believe this will help strengthen student learning leading up to and during your gallery visit. Due to."— Presentation transcript:

1 Thank you for using this pre-visit resource. We believe this will help strengthen student learning leading up to and during your gallery visit. Due to the different versions of PowerPoint schools may use, please check for, and correct any formatting issues before you use this presentation with your students. Please check by viewing in slide show format before making any necessary changes. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me. Welcome Learning Experiences Outside the Classrom Te Tuhi Centre for the Arts Phone: (09) 577 0138 ext 7703 Jeremy Leatinu’u Education Coordinator

2 NZ I A Te Tuhi Pre-visit lesson 2

3 Welcome to I AM NZ During this lesson we will explore… Aotearoa NZ in black and white But before we start, let’s recap on what we learnt during our last lesson… Image:

4 During our last lesson we learnt that Aotearoa NZ… Is a place with snowy mountains, calm lakes, sunny beaches, fun bush walks, parks and camp sites. Is a place of festivals, museums, different theme parks, wildlife parks, national parks, and native plants and animals. Is home to Māori and Māori culture. Over the years its become home to different cultures and is a great place to learn from one another. Is a place where our family and friends live.

5 Lets start this lesson by exploring Aotearoa NZ in black and white. Image:

6 As an artist living in Aotearoa NZ there are many things to be inspired by to make art. Artists use all sorts of materials to make art, including printmaking. But what is printmaking?

7 Printmaking process There are many different ways to printmaking, but all follow a very similar process such as this… Step 1 First an artist sketches their artwork in pencil on a piece of lino or a panel of wood. Step 2 The artist then begins to carve out areas of the drawing, including large areas of the background and small details in the front. Step 3 With printing ink and a roller, the artist rolls the ink over the carved template. The ink will only cover the bumpy parts of your template and not the bits you carved out. Step 4 The artist then carefully places a clean sheet of paper over the top of the template and puts this through a printing press. Step 5 The artist then carefully pulls the paper away from the template. The printing machine will have pressed the ink to the paper, leaving a tidy print artwork.

8 Now lets explore some printmaking artworks by a group of artists creating art inspired by Aotearoa NZ…

9 Esther Remnant Esther is an artist from Nelson who is inspired to create art that show her love for native birds Esther creates artwork prints of many native birds including Pīwakawaka (Fantail), Kererū (NZ pigeon), Tui and Tomtit to name a few. Every art piece Esther creates shows the character, elegance and playfulness of these familiar friendly birds. Esther’s artworks help remind us of the many beautiful native birds Aotearoa NZ is lucky to have. Images and text: Kererū Pīwakawaka Tui Tomtit Robin Titipounamu Tui

10 Jono More Jono More is a self taught artist who makes print artworks that reflect his passion for taking care of the environment Jono creates detailed woodcut prints which often show some of our native plants such as the cabbage tree or Ti Kouka. Jono’s woodcut prints help remind us that these trees and other native trees, are part of the identity of Aotearoa NZ and that we should take care of them. Ti Kouka is a regular native plant for Jono because he grew up around them in the central South Island where many Ti Kouka live.

11 Dwain Aiolupotea Dwain Aiolupotea is an artist who is of Samoan heritage and grew up in Porirua Wellington. Dwain’s beautifully carved print works reflect his culture, identity and childhood memories growing up. Many of Dwain’s print artworks show angels, crosses, stars mixed with Polynesian patterns, signs and symbols. Dwain’s print artworks show identity can include many things such as faith, culture or your childhood memories growing up.

12 Sam Farquhar Sam Farquahar is an artist of Scottish, English and Māori heritage (Ngāti Rāhiri) and lives in Auckland. Sam mostly makes print artworks but in the past has made art using fabric, paint and canvas. Many of Sam’s woodcut prints have expressive lines and use bold colours to help show movement, emotion and feeling. Sam creates carved and printed imagery that reflect a mixture of Māori myth and stories from Aotearoa NZ’s history.

13 David Teata David is an artist who creates art based on his Mangaian Cook Island heritage. In David’s art we can see he has used similar patterns and shapes inspired by Mangaian adzes. David uses many traditional pattern and motif including Māori which he feels inspired to use to show the uniqueness of Aotearoa New Zealand as a multi-cultural place. David studied at art school and became inspired by Mangaian adzes while visiting the Museum. Mangaian adzes were items only held by chiefs and were used during ceremonies. Image:

14 Let’s recap on what we have learnt so far… As we have seen, there are many great things that make Aotearoa NZ such a great place to live in…

15 What have we learnt so far? Artists in Aotearoa NZ… Make art that expresses their love for the many beautiful and different native birds we have. Are passionate about making art that reminds us to take care of our native plants and animals. Are inspired to make art that explores Māori myths and tells stories of Aotearoa NZ’s history. Create art that expresses their own cultural heritage and identity and memories growing up in Aotearoa NZ. Image:

16 In the next lesson we will explore Aotearoa NZ, drawing home. End of lesson.

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