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Facility Design Project SLM 501 Summer 2008 Heather Tordella After the introduction slide you will find the main floor plan. Click on each of the numbers.

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1 Facility Design Project SLM 501 Summer 2008 Heather Tordella After the introduction slide you will find the main floor plan. Click on each of the numbers to see examples of what that area may include in the media center. Besides the location of the magazine racks and the computers, the rest of the resources are mixed together (videos, audiobooks, traditional print, etc.) on the shelves so students who are looking for a particular subject can find all materials in the same location in the media center. The teacher’s workroom includes a space for classroom-use videos and resources that they can browse and check out.

2 Introduction The design layout of my facility design allows school community members access to a variety of unbiased information that meets their educational needs and interests. The open layout allows for members to be able to easily see their surroundings without having to search in and out of tall shelves. The short stacks that contain the reference section, fiction section, and new arrivals let members browse more comfortably without having to look or reach up, while keeping the atmosphere open and more visible; a lowered circulation desk assists students of all abilities. The physical space and resource areas that have been allotted allow our 21 st century learners to learn and apply themselves in the fields of inquiry, application/original thought and knowledge, sharing that knowledge with others, and pursuing their own educational growth. The facility design aligns with my mission to teach students how to utilize information and to be able to adapt, contribute, and compete in our global society. By educating the students and staff members about the variety of resources available and giving them easy access repeated practice it will ensure their flexibility in finding information in the outside world. My vision and philosophy are encompassed by the physical space by allowing for teaching and work areas for both the staff and the students, allowing policies and procedures to be posted as necessary, and allowing for input by all users to the changes that can be made and new materials that can be ordered for the media center. The short stack shelves and movable furniture allow for additions of different types of shelving, seating, and instructional areas to be moved around and added as necessary to fit the ever changing needs of the study body and school community members due to changes in educational trends, technology, and growth. While every space is utilized, there can be a lot of free space made available by moving things around as the need arises. *Bolded, underlined phrases are those that demonstrate different ways my facility design aligns with my mission, vision, and philosophy.

3 1.Entrance 2.Circ Desk 3.Magazines 4.Displays 5.Computer Stations 6.Printers 7.Free Work Area (movable tables) 8.Media Spec. Office 9.Teacher Work Area 10.Reference Section 11.PAC Comps 12.Non Fiction perimeter 13.Fiction 14.New Arrivals/ Special Groups 15.Computer Lab 16.Inst. Area 17.Inst. Printer 18.Independent/ Small Group Reading Areas 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

4 Bibliography Abilock, Debbie. (September/October 20002). Facility Dreams. KQWeb, Retrieved July 9, 2008, from (October 2007). AASL Standards for the 21 st Century Learner. Retrieved June 8, 2008 from American Library Association Web site: American Association for School Librarians [and] Association for Educational Communications and Technology. Information Power: Building Partnerships for Learning. Chicago: American Library Association, 1998. (2008) Flickr. Retrieved July 15, 2008, from Flickr Web site: Gerhardt, Lillian (1998, Feb 1). Spacey Considerations. School Library Journal, Retrieved July 8, 2008, from Imagining the Future of the School Library. (2006) DesignShare Designing for the Future of Learning, Retrieved July 10, 2008 from library-future (2008). MSDE School Library Media Webpage. Retrieved July 8, 2008, from MSDE Web site:

5 Upon entering the media center, school community users will have the circulation desk on their left, a variety of displays in front of them, and an instructional area to the right. Back to main floor plan Entrance Area and Book Displays

6 The entire media center can be seen from the circulation desk, including the screens of all computers. Back to main floor plan Circulation Desk

7 Magazines subscriptions are ordered based on staff/student request and interest after utilizing professional reviews for quality control. Back to main floor plan Magazine Displays

8 These computers can be used for research. They are set on an arc display so that all screens are visible from one viewpoint. These computers can be used for any academic projects. Headphones, printers, and other accessories all work at these stations. Back to main floor plan Computer Stations

9 These tables can be moved around and used as free work areas for individuals and small groups as well as teaching depending on set up. These are set up near the computer stations, PAC station, circ desk, and printer area for easy access. Back to main floor plan Free Work Area

10 The reference section is a short stack horseshoe bookshelf with work tables for students working on research projects. There will also be PAC only computers on the top ends of the horseshoes Back to main floor plan Reference Section

11 There are 3 computers throughout the library that are programmed to only allow students to access the PACs. They are located at the ends of the reference section horseshoe and in the fiction/specials sections. The PAC is also accessible at the circ desk and at the computer stations. Back to main floor plan PAC Computers

12 The media office is next to the circulation desk and allows the staff members in the office to have a full view of students in the media center. There is a large ledge/shelf inside the office which can allow for work to be displayed towards the media center but keep the materials in a contained/lockable space if necessary. The printer tables are also immediately in front of the window so students can be monitored at all times. Back to main floor plan Media Office

13 There are a number of casual seating areas that are clustered randomly. The seats either lightweight or on wheels and the small tables are also lightweight which allows the students to move them around at leisure. The furniture can be moved away and a student can sit alone by a bookshelf or in a group or two or more to work or have a discussion. The furniture is not necessarily uniform and will add a punch of color while being comfortable and relaxing for students and staff members. Back to main floor plan Informal Seating Areas

14 This front “v” short stack shelf is a place that houses some of the “new pieces” of the collections, some attention grabbers of all genres—with description cards about each genre, the latest books that have been added to the collection, and a map on top of the shelf to show the students where to go to find more resources like the ones on display. (Also may include multimedia booktalk displays w/ headphones) Shelf has a sign that students should feel free to take books from the display if they like! Back to main floor plan New Arrivals/Special Groups

15 This instructional area can be equipped with all A/V materials necessary for the class. The large tables allow 2-3 students to sit at each table and all students to face the instructor at all times. The tables can also be moved together to facilitate group activities as desired or to create two separate teaching areas with students facing in other directions. Back to main floor plan Instructional Area

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