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The Essence of Wolfville The Recreation Management Core Term Group, January 2008 Acadia University.

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1 The Essence of Wolfville The Recreation Management Core Term Group, January 2008 Acadia University

2 Natural Capital

3 Natural resources such as water and oil, the land which provides space on which to live and work, and the ecosystems that maintain clean water, air and climate.

4 Natural Capital Assets in Wolfville Bay of Fundy - Dykes, Waterfront Trail Systems – Millennium, Woodlands Botanical Gardens Green Spaces- Reservoir, Willow Park, Quiet Park Orchards, Tides, Wildlife, Birds, Farmland, Rich Soil, Clean Air, Clean Water,

5 Noggins Farmers Market

6 The Look-Off

7 Blomidon

8 Plant Life

9 Wildlife

10 Assets Expanded Exercise and Active Living Education and Awareness Leisure Opportunities Agricultural Industry Tourism

11 Challenges for Natural Capital Attitudes Accessibility Development Environmental Impact Education and Awareness Maintenance and Cost

12 Summary of Natural Capital Natural Capital is the bed rock of the community. It is fresh air, clean water, and the land base. All other forms of capital rely on the existence of healthy and preserved Natural Capital.

13 HUMAN CAPITAL The human assets that encompass a community member’s hard skills, soft skills and life experiences.

14 Human Assets of Wolfville Based on information gathered, we have identified the following assets: –Diversity: Students, Citizens and Visitors –Educated: Academic and Life Education –Entrepreneurs: New Business Operations –Volunteerism: Community Volunteering –Skilled People: Trades, Degrees, Diplomas

15 Challenges Ageing Population: Gap in age between students and towns people.

16 Challenges Segregation: Community separation

17 Final Thoughts Town viewed as elitist community from within and without. Varied community assets and resources

18 Social Capital Imagining two communities together

19 Social Assets “Wolfville is a tight knit community and a friendly place to live.” Educated Population Generally Wealthy Local / Community Focused Wolfville

20 Organizational Examples Curling Club Alexander Society Lions Club Women of Wolfville Farmers Market

21 Social Assets “Acadia is a tight knit university with a welcoming atmosphere” International Community Wealthy Educated / Aware Acadia

22 Organizational Examples SMILE Intramurals Relay For Life Improv Club Dance Acadia Acadia

23 WolfvilleAcadia Aging Population Migration of Youth Limited Jobs Group Segregation Drug and Alcohol Use Limited “dry” social opportunities Challenges

24 What Would it be Like If These Two Communities Could Work Together

25 Current Integrated Projects SMILE & Alexander Society Women of Wolfville Open Mic Nights After School Programs / Mentoring Cross Over

26 What We Can Do Community Engagement Website – Community Engagement Committee –Senior Acadia Student, Highschool Student, Community Member, Town Council Member Community Extravaganza ASU Community Liaison Solutions

27 Thank You Questions?

28 Our Cultural Capital Culture can be defined as all the behaviors, ways of life, arts, beliefs and institutions of a population that are passed down from generation to generation. “The way of life for an entire society.” Wikipedia

29 People Acadia vs. Wolfville Community International Student Population

30 Our People

31 Cultural Capital: Assets Opportunities: Atlantic Theatre Festival Acadia Cinema Cooperative Paddy’s Pub - Traditional Celtic (Hupman Brother’s) On the Verge - Modern (local artists) Library Pub Clayground

32 Cultural Capital: Assets Performing Arts - Deep Roots Festival Art Gallery’s/Exhibit’s Acadia Theatre Company - Noel Coward’s Fallen Angels (Denton Hall)

33 Food For Thought “Wolfville has the potential to be a destination area focused on agri-tourism, wine, and cuisine” Nova Scotia Tourism

34 Opportunities Farmers Markets Pumpkin Festival Bed and Breakfasts Agri-tourism Slow Food

35 Challenges WolfvilleCommunityAcadiaUniversity

36 Sustainable Culture A good life for all life that can be passed on to everyone's great, great... grandchildren A culture (or society) that is meaningful and satisfying to its members today and that does not need to destroy or deplete its environment in order to be that way.

37 Making small steps Waste - Green Bins, Valley Waste Depot. No Smoking By-law Preserving Land Limiting Development Big Box Issue Local Markets (Taste of Nova Scotia) Fair Trade…

38 One Step Forward, One Step Backwards Waste- Human Waste ??? Education… -6am-8am Garbage regulations… No Big box…(Tim Horton's, Subway) Salt on the road in Winters Community Churches Fair Trade…

39 Infrastructure Capital The Basis of it all

40 Infrastructure Assets RCMP Location Acadia University Green bin recycling program Wolfville

41 Infrastructure Challenges Parking Transportation Community – University Relations Garbage Pick-Up




45 Commercial Capital The commercial activities and for-profit provision of services and products within Wolfville

46 Service Industry The primary industry in Wolfville is service based Some of the main tourist attractions in Wolfville are a direct result of world class service-based businesses (restaurants, lodging facilities, music venues, etc…)

47 Accommodations The Old Orchard Inn The Blomidon Inn Victoria’s Historic Inn Numerous B&B’s

48 World Class Restaurants The Tempest World Cuisine –Rated the best restaurant in the Maritimes On the Verge –A restaurant inspired and driven by community spirit Acton’s Grill & Café

49 Agricultural Sector Using land resources as tourism Local farms and markets Fair Trade Local purchasing

50 Wine Tourism Ice Wine Festival Wine Appreciation Seminars Wine Tours

51 Music Canadian Deep Roots Music Festival Paddy’s Pub Open Mic On the Verge Acadia University

52 Downtown Business Vacancies Empty Storefronts

53 Atlantic Theatre Festival Major Tourist Attraction [CLOSED]

54 Conclusion Assets: World class service providers, tourism & cultural attractions Challenges: Limited industry sectors, liabilities – ATF, empty storefronts, etc…

55 Panel Discussion and Wrap Up.

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