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Andy Perkin & Peter Jones Development Officers Locality Delivering the Plan & Sustaining Communities through Assets and Enterprise.

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1 Andy Perkin & Peter Jones Development Officers Locality Delivering the Plan & Sustaining Communities through Assets and Enterprise

2 Delivering the Plan ?


4 Influencing planning decisions more say in what development happens where encouraging appropriate development and discouraging inappropriate development using Section 106 Agreements using the Community Infrastructure Levy -ring-fenced for Neighbourhood Plan areas

5 Funded projects Government national programmes -Regional Growth Fund through LEPs Lottery funds -Big, Heritage, Arts, Sports European funding Private funding

6 Local authorities and other public services management of parks and public realm management of public buildings -schools -libraries -leisure and community centres -sports facilities -markets -heath and social care facilities Community Right to Bid and Challenge

7 Partnerships and collaboration housing associations and housing trusts community development trusts building preservation trusts other not-for-profit and community organisations local authorities health and social care bodies private developers local firms local institutions universities and educational institutions

8 Delivery vehicles formal or informal partnerships housing trusts or cooperatives community or social enterprises building preservation trusts community development trusts

9 NEF’s leaky bucket © New Economics Foundation

10 Delivery vehicles


12 Locality is the leading nationwide network of settlements, development trusts, social action centres and community enterprises. Locality

13 Locality was formed through the merger of bassac and the Development Trusts Association, two leading networks of community owned and led organisations.

14 Locality members Community led Driving social change Committed to community enterprise Developing assets Independent 700 members in the UK Combined income of £297m of which £177m is earned income £643m community assets 5,000 staff & 23,000 volunteers

15 … business start ups, managed workspace, recycling, environmental improvements, management of public space, micro credit, advice and debt counselling, welfare advice, energy efficiency advice, family support, child care services, community grants schemes, affordable housing, volunteering, job training, supplementary education, youth work, community safety, transport schemes, festivals and arts activities, sports and leisure, community cafes and restaurants, food markets, healthy living schemes…. and much, much more. Fabulous Beasts!

16 Locality Members grant funding assetsenterprise

17 Enterprise sales / retail Butchers shop – Mull and Iona Development Trust Craft sales web site – Moseley Community Development Trust Garden furniture - Colebridge Trust

18 Enterprise services Distribution - Colebridge Trust Training - Burslem School of Art Gardening - Old Hall People’s Partnership

19 Social Enterprise £ social environmentaleconomic

20 Social Enterprise social environmentaleconomic £

21 The Right Balance

22 A little help?

23 Funding reliant

24 Collapse

25 Sweating the Asset! Building running costs: £10,000 p.a. Gross Sq Ft: 2000 sq ft Running cost per gross sq ft: £5 sq ft Net Sq ft: 1300 sq ft Running cost per net sq ft: £7.69 sq ft And then generate a surplus….!!

26 Asset development Types of assets….. Managed workspace, industrial buildings, visitor centres, marina, sports facilities, training facilities, shops, cafes, cinema, housing, green space, car parks, community centres, live/work space, health centres, nursery, transport (buses), wind farms, arts centres…. …and an abattoir!

27 Mull and Iona Community Trust

28 Local distinctiveness Ledbury and Area Development Trust

29 Public realm improvements Stourport Forward

30 Using the public realm Burslem Community Development Trust

31 Assets All Saints Action Network (ASAN)

32 Transport infrastructure All Saints Action Network (ASAN)

33 Community transport Goodwin Development Trust

34 Supporting high streets

35 Planning gain South Wye Development Trust

36 Witton Lodge Community Association Scaling up

37 Coin Street Community Builders

38 St Eval, Cornwall

39 St Eval, Cornwall – MOD Land for Sale

40 St Eval, Cornwall

41 St Eval, Cornwall – Assets of Community Value

42 Exercise What opportunities are there for community ownership in your neighbourhood? How could NP be used to help this to happen?


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