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Unit 7 A Sales Confirmation 精品课程《外贸函电英语》 Text A The Import and Export Contract 精品课程《外贸函电英语》

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Presentation on theme: "Unit 7 A Sales Confirmation 精品课程《外贸函电英语》 Text A The Import and Export Contract 精品课程《外贸函电英语》"— Presentation transcript:


2 Unit 7 A Sales Confirmation 精品课程《外贸函电英语》

3 Text A The Import and Export Contract 精品课程《外贸函电英语》

4 A contract is a formal written agreement, which sets forth rights and obligations of the parties concerned. Once entered into, a contract is binding and enforceable by law. Any party who fails to fulfill his obligations must make compensation for the other party’s losses.

5 In import and export business, if the seller makes an offer and the buyer accepts that offer, it means a deal. A written contract is usually made. An import and export contract contains the following terms and conditions: 精品课程《外贸函电英语》

6 1. The name of the commodity and specifications, the quantity and packing; 2. Date of shipment and destination port: The goods must be shipped before or on the stipulated date of shipment and must arrive at the stipulated destination port; 精品课程《外贸函电英语》

7 3.The quoting of prices: The way to quote a price in foreign trade is different from what we do domestically. In quoting prices in foreign trade, trade terms are added to the unit price. For instance, in our quoted price as “corns at USD 280 per metric ton FOB Shanghai”, FOB is one of the trade terms; 精品课程《外贸函电英语》

8 4.Terms of payment: That refers to mode of payment. In international trade the letter of credit is the main mode of payment. It is a bank instrument which, on one hand, assures the seller that he will be paid and, on the other, assures the buyer that he will not pay until the goods have been shipped. So both the seller and the buyer feel it safe and convenient to use L/C; 精品课程《外贸函电英语》

9 5. Insurance: In international trade, insurance is essential. It should be indicated in the contract whether the seller or the buyer covers insurance on the goods; 6.Claim: If there is any quality, quantity or weight discrepancy of the goods, the buyer may raise a claim against the seller within a stipulated period of time; 精品课程《外贸函电英语》

10 7. Arbitration: In case no settlement can be reached through negotiation, dispute may be submitted to arbitration; 8. Shipping documents required; … 精品课程《外贸函电英语》

11 There are still other items of the terms and conditions. In international trade, the situation is complicated. Therefore, all the terms and conditions should be fully discussed in business talks and then clearly stated in the contract. 精品课程《外贸函电英语》

12 Text B Sales Confirmation (销售确认书) 精品课程《外贸函电英语》

13 Sellers: China National Native Produce & Animal By-Products Import & Export Corporation, Shandong Branch. (卖方):(中国土产畜产进出口总公司 山东分公司) Buyers: Smith & Co. Ltd. (买方): (史密斯有限公司) 精品课程《外贸函电英语》

14 The undersigned Sellers and Buyers have agreed to close the following transaction according to the terms and conditions stipulated below: (兹经买卖双方同意达成下列商品交易, 订立条款如下:) 精品课程《外贸函电英语》

15 Name of Commodity: Chinese Sweet Potato Slices, FAQ (商品): ( 干薯片,大路货) Specifications: Moisture: 16% max. (规格):( 水分最高 16% ) 精品课程《外贸函电英语》

16 Quantity: 18,000 metric tons with 5% more or less both in amount and quantity allowed at the Sellers’ option. (数量):( 18 , 000 公吨,数量及总值均允许 有 5% 的增减,卖方决定) Unit Price: US$ 180.00 per metric ton CIF Singapore (单价):(每公吨 180 美元,成本、保险费及 运费新加坡到岸价。) 精品课程《外贸函电英语》

17 Total Value: US$ 3,240,000.00 (SAY US DOLLARS THREE MILLION TWO HUNDRED AND FORTY THOUSAND ONLY) (总值): ( 324 万美元) Packing: All in bulk (包装): (散装) Time of Shipment: During December, 19… and January, 19… (装运期): ( 19… 年 12 月 及 19… 年元月 ) 精品课程《外贸函电英语》

18 Port of Shipment & Destination: From China ports to Singapore, transshipment & partial shipments allowed (装运港及目的港):(中国港口至新加坡,允 许转船及分运) Insurance: To be covered by the Sellers for 110% of the invoice value against ALL RISKS and WAR RISK (保险):(由卖方按发票金额 110% 投保一切险 及战争险) 精品课程《外贸函电英语》

19 Terms of Payment: By Confirmed, Irrevocable, Transferable, and Divisible Letter of credit to be available by sight draft, to reach the Sellers before November 30,19__ and to remain valid for negotiation in China until the 20 th day after the aforesaid time of shipment. (付款条件):(买方须于 19__ 年 11 月 30 日前将 保兑的、不可撤销的、可转让可分割的即期信用 证开到卖方。信用证议付有效期至上列装运期后 20 天在中国到期。) 精品课程《外贸函电英语》

20 Shipping Mark: At the Sellers’ option (唛头): (由卖方选定) Quality, quantity and weight certified by the China Commodity Inspection Bureau or the Sellers, as per the former’s Inspection Certificate or the latter’s certificate, are to be taken as final. (品质、数量、重量,以中国商品检验局检验 证或卖方出具的证明书为最后依据) Other terms: … (其他条款) (略) 精品课程《外贸函电英语》

21 Skill drilling Here is a Sales Contract. You are asked to go through all the items of the contract and then put them into Chinese: 精品课程《外贸函电英语》

22 SALES CONTRACT No. _____________ D ate_______________ The Buyer: Cuiquan Textiles (HK) Limited._ Fax : __________________ Telex: __________________ Tel. : __________________ E-mail: _________________ The Seller: Hubei Knit-wears & Manufactured Goods I/E Corp. Fax : __________________ Telex: __________________ Tel. : __________________ E-mail:__________________

23 This Contract is made as of the __15 th __ day of __July__ 2002, between __Cuiquan Textiles (HK) Limited. (hereinafter referred to as the Buyer) on the one part and __ Hubei Knit-wears & Manufactured Goods I/E Corp._ (hereinafter referred to as the Seller); Whereby the Buyer agrees to buy and the Seller agrees to sell the under-mentioned commodities on terms and conditions stipulated as follows:

24 Article Number: Description of goods: Quantity: Unit Price: Total Value & Terms: (With ___ % more or less both in amount and quantity allowed at the Seller ’ s option.)

25 Packing: Shipping Marks: Time of shipment: Loading Port & Destination: Insurance: Terms of Payment:

26 Remarks: The Buyers shall countersign one copy of this contract and return it to the Seller within ____ days after receipt. Contract number and only brief names of commodity are required to be quoted in the covering L/C.

27 General Terms 1. Claims if any, concerning the goods shipped shall be filed within 30 days after arrival at destination supported by an inspection report. It is understood that the Sellers shall not be liable for any discrepancy of the goods shipped due to causes for which the Insurance Company, Shipping Company, other transport organization or Post Office are liable.

28 2. All disputes arising from the execution of, or in connection with this Contract, shall be settled amicably through friendly consultation. In case no settlement can be reached therefrom, the case under dispute shall then be submitted to the China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT), Beijing for arbitration in accordance with its Provisional Rules of Procedure. The arbitral award is final and binding upon both parties.

29 3. The Seller shall not be responsible for late or non-delivery of goods in the event of force majeure of any contingencies beyond Seller’s control.

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