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IDC and MAHE Workshop (Joko’s personal notes up 15.30 pm Day 2) Bandung, 25-26 November 2010.

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1 IDC and MAHE Workshop (Joko’s personal notes up 15.30 pm Day 2) Bandung, 25-26 November 2010

2 Day 1 Plenary lecturers IDC workshop Dean Course planning

3 UNPAD Experience 2012-2016: research university 2017-2021: regional university 2021-2026: world class university RESPECT: Responsible, Excellence, Scientific, Professional, Encouraging and Integrity, Creative, Trusty 1967: local, expect to be the national assett Internal incentive for research Faculty of Medicine plays an important role

4 Germany Experience: UNISTAFF Founder (M. Fremerey 1) HE organizational images: (1) unconventional soccer match; (2) unconventional flight Organizational learning (Fifth Discipline, Peter Senge): expanding its capacity to create its future: autonomy, competition, quality, relevant services, sustainability Joint vision in leadership: acquisition, dissemination, utilization Tracer study in Germany: 40% of alumni work in the area that are not related to the subject --- soft skill (strategic skill) play important role Knowledge, creative organization Leadership is a complex ity

5 Germany Experience: UNISTAFF Founder (M. Fremerey 2) Balancing stability and change: case STORMA Project in Palu Balancing individual independence and the efficiency of the system: interdisciplinary, establishing priority Balancing self-organization and intervention: creating the taskforce Synergetic leadership: continuous org learning, internal n external changes, flexible n situational, participatory and team base

6 Germany Experience: DAAD reflexion Management n leadership: do we need them? Leadership from the middle: adjusting the strategy Leadership tools: communication, sanction, organization (traditional vs motivational) Three major administrative problems on campus: sex for the students, athletics for the alumni, parking for the faculty

7 My Questions How to adjust the vision? (Christian) How to awakening the mind set? … institutional culture: Dean or HoD are appointed not based on the real need/mapping In Indonesian situation we still need to combine the traditional and motivational organizations How to manage the budgetary and does UNPAD decide which disciplines that can lead the mission?

8 Training on Faculty Management and Leadership Huge number of univ, fac. : complexity Synergetic leadership: from good to great; prepare to face the challenges Targets: Dean, VD, HoD from small-middle sized univ Trainers: Intrntl exposure HE, related subject, managerial expr

9 Unibraw experience (H. Soetanto) Strategic issues: Nation competitiveness, unity, change of DGHE role, social responsibility, institutional capacity building, governance, QA How far have we gone? – Less than 10 HE on top list of world class univ – A set back to BLU – Org health: inst cap bldg; governance (elected based on popularity not meritocracy); QA

10 Key factors affecting erratic leadership: general 5 pathology faced by HE in Indonesia --- affirmative, abnormal, acute, arrogant Leadership: problem solver, trend setter, risk taker, composer, conductor, builder The spirit of change is halted by top-down government rule Unibraw experience (H. Soetanto)

11 ITB Experience (Intan Ahmad) Administrative n managerial tasks Always comments, complaints and less appraisal Art n practice is situational Problem for a new dean Who determine you as the leader? How to develop leadership in your faculty: staff with leadership potential; opportunity to face the challenge Setting the direction of change: leading by example (publication, collaboration, knowing the boss/rector, develop relationship with others)

12 Comments n Questions When the targeted mission (accreditation, ISO, certification, grant) achieved the HE communities tend to loosen the intensity --- surprisingly the deans and or HoDs often coming from the old paradigm group --- – don’t understand about RENSTRA, – blaming the un-conducive situation to the DGHE, former leaders, board of trustee/yayasan – ordering function rather than serving the unit 2 batches per year: by region – West: Jakarta-Batam-Pekanbaru-Medan-Semarang – East: Surabaya-Yogya-Malang-Balikpapan-Manado

13 Questions Tri (UNPAD) We are academically not trained as teacher and leaders, we also need to be trained in the curriculum area; Ratna (UI): why small to medium HE? Joni (ITS): one participant passes to one leader from his/her HE Ocky (UNDIP): such program is needed by UNDIP Joko (UNRI): If everyone knows that dean/HoD tasks are mounting and he or she may able to maneuver dynamically to guide his/her faculty…why in Indonesian case there is a fierce competitiveness to be the dean --- message for Dean Course content

14 Questions Rashila (UKM): cultural setting and transition Michael: 100% of Dean’s time must be managed at a balance way, be a happy dean Bram (UKI): context will be raised in MAHE and Dean Course Tri (UNPAD): we are academic who trained as manager Christian: window of coordination Supra (UGM): becoming dean is a kind of loosing, deanship is not very intriguing position anymore Michael: dean may hire a particular persons to perform the managerial tasks; creating trust in deanship; dean sometimes wants to be a manager --- needs for training

15 Day 2: MAHE (1). MAHE from University of Kassel case: a.Postgraduate level b.Targeted participants: non-academic staffs (HEI, DGHE, Litbang Diknas, BAPPENAS) c.Disciplines: HE management and research on HE d.Expected competencies: ??? e.Modules: introduction to HEI, structure n org of HEI, curriculum development, internationalization of HEI, ….. f.Each module: 5 full day seminar --- modules are given prior to classroom meeting g.Evaluation on module: paper (case or project), no exam h.Internship: 20 day program (120 hours) i.Thesis and oral examination

16 Day 2: MAHE (2). UGM Proposal MP3T Magister Pengelolaan Pengelolaan Tinggi: a.Planned since 1999 via various discussion n meeting b.Improvement on HR c.Multidiscipline; postgraduate level d.Staff: Permanent staff (?), INDOSTAFF (16), INDOSTAFF alumni from other HEI e.Intake: inner (ca. 750) n outer UGM f.Curriculum: 36 SKS course, 8 SKS thesis

17 Day 2: MAHE (3). UI Proposal for MAHE: a.HR identification b.Set up taskforce c.Set up goals d.Soul of the curriculum e.Who will run the program? f.Accommodating part timer g.Avoid the executive class h.Candidate: must have employment record i.Curriculum: 47 and 25 --- core course (3 aspects) and independent project

18 Day 2: MAHE (4). UB Proposal for MAHE: a.Master of Arts b.In Indonesian n English c.Curriculum: field trip to inside and outside Indonesia d.Lecturers: UB, experts from DGHE, former rectors, INDOSTAFF alumni

19 Day 2: MAHE (5). Michael Fremery inputs a.Needs assessment: main stakeholders, Indonesian profile, legitimation b.Focus: major: ‘change’ = quality n relevance; specific: comprehensive/mgt n adm/research on HE c.Target groups: graduate students and or professional d.Employment opportunities e.Levels of analysis: basic units, institutional, national, international f.Disciplinary perspectives: economics, pedagogics, sociology, psychology, OD, mgt n administration g.Methodology: expert, starting, teamwork, project emphasis, coaching, alumni co-operation h.International orientation: module, credit, international partners, Indonesian or English i.MAHE philosophy j.Institutional aspects: decentralized, establishing a Ctr for HEI, consortium, 1 university

20 Comment n Question My comment (Joko): UI, IPB, UGM n UB are main runners for our proposal, but UR is ready to be the co-host (meeting with VR2 be4 to Bandung) Setting schedule include permit from DGHE UI: MAHE as the medicine for HEI after the disposal of BHMN

21 Comment n Question Joko: (a) Curriculum: Tingkat kesulitan perlu dipikirkan – Community development management --- academician as brain, administrator as media – Management in promotional and public relation of HE --- sustainability – Management in establishing networking and collaboration (b) Management: – Budget needs to be set – Size of classes; domestic n or international program – Proportion of INDOSTAFF alumni as lecturers coz this is INDOSTAFF idea --- 4 concepts expect high rank mgr.

22 Comment n Question Meis (UNSRAT): payung, kontribusi alumni INDOSTAFF Bur (UNAND): statistic, pindah2 ke bbrp tempat, mapping Nur (UNJA): centred, intake, tenaga pengajar mlibatkn INDOSTAFF Muh. Hamsun (UNTAD): kompetensi --- kurikulum; INDOSTAFF sbg think tank ato eksekutor Ganda (UKI): assessment Alinda (IPB) n Trina (UNSRAT): apakah para staf adm di PT mmg perlu sekolah lagi Bram (UKI): kita perlu change krn utk RCU n WCU Damona (UI): dilema abadi --- break through; PT hrs menciptakan pkrjaan utk pegawainya

23 Comment n Question Illah (Dir. Akad):sounding dg Dirjen Dikti sdh dilakukan; pddkn di perbatasan; tiap PT nyantolnya kmn?; masih blm tepat mensyaratkan kl mau jd kepala biro/bag hrs S2; Indonesian Qualification Framework --- master di tk 8 --- INDOSTAFF sbg penguji; jmlh SKS 36 saja; grand design utama dr INDOSTAFF n kurikulum lokal dr lokal

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