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Uplifting Leadership BCSSA Conference Andy Hargreaves Boston College.

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1 Uplifting Leadership BCSSA Conference Andy Hargreaves Boston College

2 Andy Hargreaves, Lynch School of Education, Boston College @hargreavesBC

3 Four Areas to Invest Build Social Capital Leadership First Schools work with Schools Collective Responsibility before Accountability



6 UP

7 PBE Criteria

8 Uplifting Criteria  Do better than before  Do a lot with a little  Outperform your peers  Create something from almost nothing

9 Uplifting Data  15 organizations  3 sectors  8 countries  4 continents  200 plus interviews  10k words plus case reports

10 Leading the right things, For the right reasons, In the right way

11 Uplifting: Your performance Your people Yourself

12 Uplift: Behavioral Emotional & Spiritual Social We uplift ourselves by uplifting others


14 OECD – April 2014 Rankings instead of Vision Declining Teacher Quality Weak Leadership Capital High Challenge, Low Support Confusing Collaboration Incoherent Assessment

15 The Welsh Way A standard, not a ranking Welsh Way: cooperation, equity, language & culture Excellent professional workforce Leadership cooperation & challenge

16 1: Dreaming with Determination

17 Imposing small, energy-efficient cars on the North American market. Fiat

18 Other dreams  Elevating taste in beer  Environmental sustainability  Making products that cannot be used for war  A Premier club for a Premier community  Poverty is no excuse for failure  Becoming a leading knowledge economy  Becoming a developed country in one generation  Knowing who you are


20 Angela Ahrendts


22 2: Creativity and Counterflow


24 From a series of “small tin sheds” to a global economic leader in a single generation.

25 Almost 500 projects over 6 years: $14k per project 2-4 teacher average Professional Learning Communities Differentiated Instruction Technology Literacy

26 2. CREATIVITY & COUNTER-FLOW 2. CREATIVITY & COUNTER-FLOW 1. Where are opportunities others have missed? 2. How can you move towards resistance? 3. How can your greatest weaknesses become your biggest triumphs? 4. When you should you change something that is already succeeding? 5. What does it mean to innovate in a disciplined way?


28 Angela Ahrendts



31 5176 Prototypes

32 32 Jim Collins The great task is to combine creative intensity with relentless discipline, so as to amplify the creativity rather than destroy it

33 3. Collaborating & Competing

34 Dogfish Head I’m frustrated that one beer has been hammered down people’s throats. -Sam Calagione A Better Brew The rise of extreme beer


36 4: Measuring with Meaning


38 SHOE Everyone involved in website innovation High rates of staff retention

39 Evidence-informed not Data- Driven  Measure what you value  Balanced scorecard  Real time data for instant improvement  Shared targets  Judgment & inquiry along with numbers

40 5. Pushing & Pulling

41 ...

42 Three kinds of capital 1. Human Capital 2. Social Capital 3. Decisional Capital Hargreaves & Fullan (2012), p.22 Page 10

43 Social Capital Trust Collaboration Collective responsibility Mutual assistance Professional networks

44 44 Pull resources Pull together Pull from within

45 Commonwealth Ownership

46 Push and Pull  Pull when you can  Push when you must  Nudge all the time  Peer pressure and support  Transparency of participation & results

47 6: Sustainable growth

48 Burnley Football Club

49 Sustainable Growth  Refuse venture capital  Don’t spend too much too soon  Don’t grow too fast  Don’t bet the ranch  Steady growth, later spikes; not stellar growth, early spikes

50 SIX UPLIFTING FORCES SIX UPLIFTING FORCES 1. Dreaming with Determination 2. Creativity and Counterflow 3. Collaborating and competing 4. Pushing and pulling 5. Measuring with meaning 6. Sustainable growth

51 Four Areas to Invest Build Social Capital Leadership First Schools work with Schools Collective Responsibility before Accountability

52 @HargreavesBC

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