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1 TV Day 2012 - Overview Social Media Starts Here.

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1 1 TV Day 2012 - Overview Social Media Starts Here

2 2 Three powerful presentations delivered at TV Day 2012 provided advertisers with insight into:  The relationship between television content/advertising and social media  The superior power of traditional TV in engaging consumers and enhancing engagement with online advertising  The evolving ecosystem of Digital media Summary

3 3 The water cooler has moved online TV & Social Media

4 4 Social TV What is Social TV? – social media networking or social web activity about TV content Presented by Deb Roy of Bluefin Labs (leading company in this field) Highlighted the value of social TV metrics to study the effectiveness of advertising communication Social TV feedback can be tracked in real-time, and used to understand the response to advertising communications and make immediate appropriate enhancements People who talk about TV are 8x more likely to chat about brands The whole is greater than the sum of its parts Source: Bluefin Labs

5 5 Social TV TV + Social TV Expression = massive earned impressions from followers who share an affinity with the speaker and engage more with the content they are chatting about Driven by exposure to advertising on linear TV, social media chatter generates earned impressions for advertisers which are tracked and counted, and it is those earned impressions which amplify the effect of paid media In the U.S. the top three 2012 Super Bowl ads created an amplifier effect generating 329K social media comments which multiplied into more than 200 million earned impressions on top of the paid media spots Amplifying Communication Source: Bluefin Labs

6 6 Biometric Proof of the Power of TV Enhancing Ad Engagement

7 7 Biometric Proof Presented by Dr. Carl Marci of Innerscope Research, an expert in the field of neuroscience Neuroscience tells us that emotions are the primary driver of human behaviour below conscious awareness 95% of brain processing occurs below conscious awareness, including the majority of emotional processing Biometric research tracks the physiological responses traveling from the emotional centre of the brain to measure pure advertising engagement without bias Two ground breaking studies measured emotional engagement with advertising, and the priming effect (or uplift) to consumers’ engagement with online advertising when combined with offline advertising Using Neuroscience to measure advertising effectiveness Conscious Associative Non Conscious Source: Innerscope Research

8 8 Biometric Proof Video advertising (TV & online video) was the most effective in creating emotional engagement with ads Television was the most effective while static online display ads were shown to have little effect Why? The immersive nature of television enhances consumers’ emotional experience, thereby driving engagement with the content and advertising Study #1 – Advertising Engagement Source: Innerscope Research Study #2 – Uplift Provided by Offline Media Study #1 – Advertising Engagement Study #2 – Engagement Uplift Exposure to a brand ad offline can provide a significant uplift to engagement with online advertising for the same brand Television advertising had the greatest priming effect, lifting online engagement by 14 % for video ads and 18 % for display ads Radio advertising produced a smaller lift, while newspaper ads resulting in no lift

9 9 Television - The Digital Supermedium The Digital Media Ecosystem

10 10 The Digital Media Eco-System David Brennan, founder of Media Native, stated that linear and web-delivered TV have combined to create an experiential eco- system that is greater than the sum of its parts Echoing Innerscope’s learnings, the power of emotion and implicit memory are essential to effective communication Television’s immersive experience is key to creating a relaxed, receptive, and shared environment in which messages reach the unconscious levels of our brain Further, Television creates an engaging experience built on story telling, trust and sharing Source: David Brennan – Media Native Television - The Digital Supermedium

11 11 TV + Online = effective partnership of TV’s awareness & interest-building strengths + Online’s information gathering powers, leading to brand desire and action TV + Online = opportunity for a direct response channel TV + Online = larger overall audiences as a result of new channels of content distribution TV + Online = engaged communities rising around television content and advertisers’ messages seen on TV Source: David Brennan – Media Native The Digital Media Eco-System TV + Online = Communication Amplifyer

12 12 Links TV Day Summaries Deb Roy – Social TV Dr. Carl Marci – Emotional Engagement David Brennan – The Digital Ecosystem

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