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A survey of musical responses to violence and injustice.

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2 A survey of musical responses to violence and injustice

3 How can my learning change the world? What is social justice? Why do people respond with the arts to violence and injustice? Is unlearning necessary? What can we do through music and the arts to show our learning community how our learning can change the world?

4 At Uplift, we define social justice as: the collective struggle against oppression We talk about it all the time because we live in a world for of oppression (racial, social, economic, political, etc…) Oppression is when one group of people keeps another people group from prospering and being treated as human.

5 HAVING FUNGETTING IT DONE What is the difference between and upstander and bystander?

6 We can have fun and get it done, but it is important to know that we make a choice to be an upstander or a bystander, there is no in between How do we know the difference and how do we become upstanders in difficult situations?

7 AN UPSTANDERA BYSTANDER  Fights for equality  Is non-violent  Respects others, even if they have been disrespected  Loves their neighbor as they love themselves  Takes joy in serving others rather than being served  Does not just support, but gets involved  Promotes inequality  Promotes violence as a solution  Respects no one, not even themselves, and has a false sense of respect  Loves only themselves  Expects to be served and to get everything for free  Supports only their own interst


9  I had a problem with racial inequality and didn’t understand why people in my community did not. I became a great musician and knew I had a gift I could share with others. This shaped what I do today.  My faith taught me that serving others was better than being served, and more rewarding. I came to Chicago, all the way from Tennessee to serve YOU! As a teacher, it is my pleasure to be here for you, create a safe learning environment, and serve you. My joy is your success.  FYI – Fun is what you do. You can’t do joy. It is a life choice to have joy. Joy and fun are not the same thing!

10  Is an upstander because:  He lives a life above negative main stream influence  He gets involved by using his money, music, time, and resources to help people who are under resourced  He invests in communities and lives of young people through arts mentoring  He helps provide clean water to people who do not have access to it  He is secure in his identity

11 Little Weapon lyrics (feat. Bishop G, Nikki Jean) [Lupe Deep Voice] Little Terry got a gun, he got from the store, He bought it with the money he got from his chores, He robbed candy shop told her lay down on the floor, Put the cookies in his bag took the pennies out the drawer. Little Kalil got a gun he got from the rebels, To kill the infidels and American devils, A bomb on his waist, A mask on his face, Prays five times a day, And listens to Heavy Metal. Little Alex got a gun he took from his dad, That he snuck into school in his black book bag, His black nail polish, black boots and black hair, He's gonna blow away the bully that just pushed his a**...

12 [Lupe Fiasco] I killed another man today, Shot him in his back as he ran away, Then I blew up his hut with a hand grenade, Cut his wife's throat as she put her hands to pray, Just five more dogs then we can get a soccer ball, That's what my commander say, How Old? Well I'm like ten, eleven, been fighting since I was like six or seven, Now I don't know much about where I'm from but I know I strike fear everywhere I come, Government want me dead so I wear my gun, I really want the rocket launcher but I'm still too young, This candy give me courage not to fear no one, To fear no pain, and hear no tongue, So I hear no screams and I shed no tear, If I'm in your dreams then your end is near. Yeah

13 Chorus - Nemya Jean] Little Weapon, Little Weapon, Little Weapon We're calling you There's a war If the guns are just too tall for you We'll find you something small to use Little Weapon, Little Weapon, Little Weapon Need you now, pow

14 [Lupe Fiasco] Now here comes the march of the boy brigade A macabre Parade of the toys he made In (?)and shades who looks half his age About half the size of the flags they wave And Camouflage suits made to fit youths 'cause the ones off the dead soldiers hang a little loose And AK-47's that they shooting into heaven Like they're trying to kill the Jetson's They struggle little recruits Cute Smileless, Heartless, violent Childhood destroyed, devoid of all childish ways, Can't write their own names or read the words that's on their own graves Think you gangster popped a few rounds, These kids will come through and murder a whole town, Then sit back and smoke and watch it burn down, The grave gets deeper the further we go down

15 Chorus - Nemya Jean] Little Weapon, Little Weapon, Little Weapon We're calling you There's a war If the guns are just too tall for you We'll find you something small to use Little Weapon, Little Weapon, Little Weapon Need you now, pow

16 [Bishop G] Imagine if I had to console, The families of those slain, And slayed on game consoles, I aim I hold, right trigger to squeeze, press up and Y one less nigga breathe, B for the Bombs press pause for your moms, Make the room silent, she don't approve of violent games, She leaves resume activity, Start and blew hearts apart sharp wizardry, On next part I insert code To sweeten up the little purses murder work load I tell him he work for CIA with A A operative, I operate this game all day I hold a controller connected to the soldier With weapons on his shoulder he's only seconds older than me We playful but serious, now keep that on mind for on line experience

17 Chorus - Nemya Jean] Little Weapon, Little Weapon, Little Weapon We're calling you There's a war If the guns are just too tall for you We'll find you something small to use Little Weapon, Little Weapon, Little Weapon Need you now, pow


19  He stood up to racial injustice when many other artists would not  He used his music to send messages to people and to protest injustice of a generation  He knows who he is as a person and seeks to use his art to better the world

20  Who was Emmet Till  Why did he die?  Why was his death so significant?  Why did Dylan Respond?  Is this story relevant today?

21  Grew up on Chicago’s South Side  Was born July 25, 1941  Was murdered, age 14 on August 28, 1955  His murder was a pivotal event in the African –American Civil Rights Movement


23  YFeMiYE YFeMiYE



26  A Soviet Russian composer and pianist  Born September 25, 1906  Died August 9, 1975  Composed: opera, 15 symphonies, 6 concerti, chamber music, and film music  Oppressed as an artist by the Soviet Socialist Party (Communism)  Forced to join the party?

27  He wrote music for “victims of war and facism”  He wrote music for women’s and that had Jewish themes in a culture that rejected both  He put his music, career, and life on the line to compose much of his music as a response to injustice around the time of the Holocaust.



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