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InTouch search engine & order module

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1 InTouch search engine & order module

2 2 1. Looking Up Articles 2. Consulting Prices 3. Placing Orders Overview

3 3 1. Looking Up Articles Enter TD Product number, Vendor number or part of product description in Product Search field and click on Search. TD number  exact match, * not needed Part number  partial match but * not needed Description  use * for partial match and most results Your Search Results ”Windows* Vista*” generates more than 200 results. Use Class, Subclass, Vendor to refine your search.

4 4 1. Looking Up Articles – Tech Data number Searching by Tech Data number means InTouch looks for an exact match en doesn’t require a wildcard (*). It immediately leads you to the right product.

5 5 1. Looking Up Articles – Manufacturer part number When you want to search by part of the Manufacturer Part Number, InTouch will do a partial match. Using a wildcard (*) is not necessary, this is automatically added by InTouch.

6 6 1. Looking Up Articles – Product description But if you’re searching by part of a product description, using a wildcard (*) is recommended. Otherwise InTouch will look for an exact match and this may exclude useful results. This the refine search box. Using this box will do a search within your previous search, in this case “business*” within “windows* vista*”

7 7 1. Looking Up Articles - Guided navigation search Click More to see the complete list Use Product Class, Subclass and vendor to guide you through your search If you do not have TD number, vendor number or part of product description, click on Search to open Product catalogue

8 8 1. Looking Up Articles - Guided navigation search To look up a Digital Camera: Select Class: Video and Subclass: Camcorders & Digital Cameras If you click on “more…” InTouch displays all available categories. Click on “catalogue” and you’ll get an overview of all classes, subclass and vendors

9 9 1. Looking Up Articles – Example Digital Cameras Recommended Products Liquidations High Runners Your Search Results Use Product specifications to guide you further in your search: focal length, optical zoom, etc Sort your search results by clicking on the headers

10 10 1. Looking Up Articles – Search Results Select up to 5 products and use New Compare to compare the different product specifications Add Product to basket Click on Product Description to open product detail screen

11 11 1. Looking Up Articles – Comparing Products Compare the look of a product Compare the price of a product Compare the specifications of a product

12 12 1. Looking Up Articles – Product Detail Screen Detailed product description and overview of related products

13 13 2. Consulting Prices The search result screen shows your personalised price, sum of governmental fees (recupel, etc.) and, if available, List Price Click on Volume Pricing for an overview of Quantity Break Prices Click on Online Check for stock/price update

14 14 2. Consulting Prices Product details gives you an overview of your personal price (Unit Price), sum of governmental (GOV) fees and stock indication Always use online check to verify price and stock

15 15 2. Consulting Prices – Online Check InTouch Price and Stock check

16 16 2.Consulting Prices – Price Uplift Active the price uplift by going to your User Profile… …and then selecting User Options. Enter the percentage to increase the prices with here.

17 17 3. Placing Orders Click on Baskets in the left menu to create new or adapt existing baskets Create new basket Copy, Transfer, Delete or Purchase basket Overview existing baskets

18 18 3. Placing Orders Scroll down to complete your order Click on cross to remove a product from the basket Time of last Online Check Use this menu to perform online check for the whole basket and purchase the order. You can also print the contents of the basket or export it to Excel

19 19 3. Placing Orders The last two options are only activated after signing the InTouch Dropshipment contract. More information available in the FAQ list Select a fixed delivery address, an address created in Address Management (User Profile, Address Management) or create a new address Change the delivery method of the order

20 20 3. Placing Orders Click on Purchase to place order

21 21 3. Placing Orders Check if all data are correct and click on Place Order

22 22 3. Placing Orders Order Confirmation Screen

23 23 3. Placing Orders Follow up your orders in InTouch Order Management. PPT InTouch Order Management available in InTouch FAQ list

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