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Sentech Presentation to the Portfolio Committee on Communications 8 November 2005.

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1 Sentech Presentation to the Portfolio Committee on Communications 8 November 2005

2 Sentech Team Dr Sebiletso Mokone-MatabaneChief Executive Officer Dingane Dube Executive, Government & Regulatory Affairs Marc D’OliveiraManager, Office of CFO Johan RaathExecutive, Office of COO

3 Agenda Commitments made in 2004 Multimedia Business –MyWireless –BizNet –VSat Broadcast Network –Digital Terrestrial Television –Regional TV CSI Financials Year Ahead

4 Commitments made in 2004 Grow the Multimedia business Prepare the company for digitisation Enhance broadcasting Continue as the State’s delivery partner –Education, Health and e-Government –Development of the Second Economy

5 Multimedia Business

6 MyWireless Focus on customers and service delivery –My ADSL best Wireless Broadband service in SA –Stable network Launched in Nelspruit Launched MyWireless Flexi –Bandwidth-capped Launched bundled services

7 BizNet Service launched – 1 November 2005 Fixed Wireless service Provides guaranteed throughput service to Government and business –64kb/s to 2Mb/s –Ideal for the replacement/supplementing of leased lines Vital element of delivery to State –Sita contract

8 Vsat VStar still the service of choice –MPCC’s –Schools –State –Business Launched Vmesh –Interconnection of offices and head offices without need to transmit through a central hub

9 Broadcasting

10 Digitisation MTEF funding announced Sentech commences digitisation of television network(DTT) from 2006 Fast-track of network digitisation planned - 2010 e-Services on DTT Sentech as the multiplex operator –The State’s broadcasting assets at the hub

11 Regional TV Possible to provide either analogue or digital network –Analogue will increase the burden for digitisation program Full coverage of planned TV 4 and 5 areas very difficult if not impossible with analogue –Frequency spectrum issues National Coverage for regional stations possible



14 Corporate Social Investment

15 BBQ Corporate Social Investment Award –Delivering services to communities and our people –Using the power of communications to uplift

16 Infrastructure

17 Infrastructure Projects EASSy SKA National Broadband Network –Wireless Access –National Fibre Capacity

18 Financials

19 Cash Flows for the 2005 Financial Year Cash utilised in operationR 118 Mil –Cash generated by operations R148 Mil –Net finance costs (R 32) Mil Cash utilised in investing activities(R 19) Mil –Assets acquired (R 35) Mil –Disposal of Assets R 27 Mil Cash generated from financing activitiesR 2 Mil –Interest bearing borrowingsR 2 Mil Net cash movementR 101 Mil

20 Financial highlights

21 The Year Ahead Begin fast-track Digitisation of TV network e-Government Second economy Social investment Expand national broadband business EASSy implementation PSRCS

22 Thank you

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