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NATASHA JOLOB Tendering and procurement – Social Firms UK 2 July 2010.

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1 NATASHA JOLOB Tendering and procurement – Social Firms UK 2 July 2010

2 The Social Investment Business who are we? what do we do?

3 The Social Investment Business we manage funds we provide business development and business support we provide strategic thinking for the sector we develop new models for financing and growing third sector delivery of public services

4 Commissioning Key tasks & challenges 3 rd sector supply Consortia concept agreed Now Future 1. Consortia to organise 3 rd sector delivery... 2. Form of the consortia i. Management model ii. Super provider model iii. Super provider with hub outsourcing

5 Background & issues more contracting of services more for less, outcomes not outputs less grants and fee for service larger, longer contracts contracts issues-based, eg homelessness, worklessness, offending require multiple service delivery growth of prime contractor management of supply chain payment by results and cash flow issues personalisation agenda

6 Implications for social enterprise need for management company to provide quality assurance, performance management and access finance need to form partnerships, consortia at a local, regional and national level need to consider mergers/acquisitions build models of co-ordinated, cross sector service delivery maximise use of, and better management of assets

7 Implications for social enterprise develop and implement effective performance management systems access private capital for infrastructure growth and cash flow maintain customer focus, keep local and keep quality develop models for individual budgets

8 management company with non-delivery partners 10 members acts as a prime contractor 3SC

9 secures finance responsible for tender watch, bid writing and performance management builds capacity and capability of third sector responsible for quality assurance, assessment of service deliverers and performance management system 3SC

10 Service delivery: lead providers of services addressing particular issues, eg homelessness, employment lead deliverers involved in operational and financial modelling share risk and reward 3SC

11 builds supply chain of local deliverers works together to provide holistic solution required by commissioners builds local consortia 3SC

12 Local delivery: over 600 members representing over 5,000 organisations, many of them already consortia themselves responsible for delivery to agreed performance standards deliver to agreed performance management process and quality assurance system 3SC

13 shared IT and MI only third sector deliverers used 3SC

14 Record so far: number one supplier of Future Jobs Fund places highest number of filled places shortlisted for 11 to 16 Progress to Work/ Link Up contracts shortlisted for all 16 of Community Taskforce contracts 3SC

15 £1.5 million from The Social Investment Business for infrastructure and capacity building of delivery discussion with major banks on funding cashflow requirement for major Invest to save contracts consulted by all major government commissioners shortlisted for all MOJ ESF contracts 3SC

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