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Company Profile.

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1 Company Profile

2 About us Established in 1993, Brainstorm Multimedia provides industry-leading real-time 3D graphics and virtual set creation solutions for broadcast, feature film production and interactive presentations. 2

3 About us Spanish company with 20 years of experience in 3D real-time and virtual studio solutions Worldwide distribution with hundreds of installations Customers include most leading broadcasters 3

4 About us “We strive to be the most innovative 3D graphics manufacturer providing cutting-edge technology, expanding our technological accomplishments and brand recognition globally while dedicating significant efforts to build on Corporate Social Responsibility.” Ricardo Montesa CEO, Founder, Brainstorm 4

5 Brainstorm in the World
Head Office Resellers 5

6 Company Strengths Leadership in 3D real-time technologies
Reliability and integrity in business Customer orientated and ability to build long-time relationships with clients, resellers and partners Complete service from design to implementation 6

7 Products

8 Products and Solutions

9 Content creation & playout
eStudio The industry’s fastest 3D graphics and virtual studio engine The range Global Preparation Player Solutions Content creation & playout Render engine 9

10 Rundown, Fixed and Free modes
On Demand Multi-purpose playout solution The range Full Lite Solutions Advanced playout Rundown, Fixed and Free modes 10

11 BrainNews Graphics for News Integrates with Features
Integrated news graphics playout MOS Compatible Automation ready Integrates with Avid iNews / iNews Command ENPS Open Media 11

12 EasySet 3D Affordable, easy-to-use virtual set creation and playout solution Features User-friendly virtual set creation and playout Sophisticated toolset for virtual set design Trackless or tracking enabled Integrated hardware mixer panel 12

13 Aston 3D Real-time 3D Graphics creation, CG and playout solution
Features Powerful graphics creation toolset Easy template design Simple template playout Integrates with BrainNews EasySet 3D eStudio 13

14 Plugins 3DS Max Maya Adobe Illustrator Adobe Photoshop Maps Other 14
Exports 3D models and VR sets from 3DS Max Maya Exports 3D models and VR sets from Maya Adobe Illustrator Exports 3D vector files from Adobe Illustrator Adobe Photoshop Exports graphical composition from Adobe Photoshop as templates Maps Render images or flight through maps using open internet map sources Other Midi, Dynamics, GPI, ODBC, VNC … 14

15 OEM

16 OEM Brainstorm signed an agreement with AVID to provide the core technology and 3D real-time rendering engine for its new AMG (Avid Motion Graphics) products. Brainstorm is also involved in external R&D projects for different institutions, applying its expertise in different fields. 16

17 Customers

18 Customers Brainstorm’s customer list includes many of the world’s leading broadcasters and a considerable number of regional and local stations 18

19 Customers CNBC CNBC is one of the recognized world leaders in business news, providing real-time financial market coverage and business information. It launched its awarded CNBC 4D service using eStudio. BBC Since 2006 Brainstorm´s software and services have been used to produce many of the BBC´s live 3D graphics, (virtual studios, lower-thirds, full-form graphics and maps), for their television coverage of local, national and international elections. ESPN ESPN uses Brainstorm applications for immersive real-time 3D graphics with camera tracking, ranging from NASCAR with 300ft jumbotrons and virtual blimps, to NFL & College Football on the road. 19

20 Customers TVE TVE, the oldest television channel and the largest broadcaster in Spain, has three fully equipped Brainstorm virtual sets. Since 1996 TVE has also used Brainstorm’s eStudio on-air graphics for many live programs including news, weather, quiz shows, sports and elections. NHK Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK) is Japan’s national public broadcasting organization. It is one of the largest users of Brainstorm software and solutions with in excess of 200 licences in operation for a variety of applications from news graphics to Entertainment.. EBS Korea’s Educational Broadcasting System (EBS) is a public broadcasting company first launched in 1990 and currently ranked fourth in the country. EBS required a reliable 3D graphics solution capable of outputting sophisticated real-time graphics for a number of applications in HDTV and chose Brainstorm as their preferred supplier. 20

21 Customers AL JAZEERA The 24-hour news and current affairs channel, Al Jazeera, is the first international English language news channel to broadcast across the globe from the Middle East. Al Jazeera, based in Doha, Qatar, uses Brainstorm’s graphic solutions for their news, finance and sports programs. THOMSON REUTERS Thomson Reuters is the world’s leading source of intelligent information for businesses and professionals. Reuters has deployed Brainstorm’s BrainNews solutions generating exciting news and financial graphics for its programs transmitted world-wide from its centres in New York, London and Hong Kong. NASDAQ NASDAQ is the largest electronic screen-based equity securities trading market in the United States and second largest by market capitalization in the world. In 2007 NASDAQ chose Brainstorm to graphically display daily financial information from the NASDAQ MarketSite Tower in Times Square, the largest stationary financial video screen in the world. 21

22 twitter: @brainstormspain

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