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The SI – SIS Journey Strive for Excellence as NGO.

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1 The SI – SIS Journey Strive for Excellence as NGO

2 SSEAYP family Six Alumni Associations from ASEAN and IYEO from Japan. SI CHARTER endorsed by 6 Alumni Associations from Brunei, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand. First class secretariat support by IYEO in Japan

3 SIS - formed in 1979 aimed of providing post SSEAYP activities in support of SSEAYP’s objectives. 944 members since 1974 managed by an executive board of 21 members elected by it members during the BGM part of the SSEAYP Family working closely with other alumni association and clubs in joint projects To meet members’ requirement and need maintain a locally strong link with our people

4 SI – SIS link 1987 SI Charter SI motto: Together We Move Forward Service Mark – SI Logo – 1992 SIGA SI Pledge – 1999 SIGA

5 partners-in-life. members enjoyed life membership and d privileges - $20.60 membership a shared responsibility as young ambassadors to further the SSEAYP objectives after they returned from the 50++ days of sailing

6 best practices in SSEAYP family a SIS Special awards scheme was presented in SIGA 1999 1.Conduct of environmentally friendly activities – SIM, 2.Organisation of Junior Youth Ship – SI Thailand, 3.Organisation of strong foster parent link- SI Brunei, 4.Re-positioning of SI with ASEAN Secretariat affiliation – SII 5.Strong support towards post SSEAYP activities – IYEO. 6.Sharing on training of new PYs and documentation – SI Philippines

7 Support Chairmen NYC, past and present that include Ministers, Directors NYC as adviser Special attention by Mr Hawazi Daipi, YL 1980 / Parliamentary Secretary of education

8 leadership roles of SIS Building a culture Good chemistry of board members and commitment from everyone Wanting to excel, to do your best Change management, managing expectations and meeting the needs of our members as customers Learning, sharing and growing

9 'A to Z of SIS' A Attitude, Awareness B Buy-In C Co-operation with other similar AAs D Doing it Differently E Empowerment F Focus on Customers, Feedback

10 'A to Z of SIS' G Getting the right people H High Impact Areas I Innovation J Enjoy the Journey, not the destination K Knowledge Management L Learning Organisation

11 'A to Z of SIS' M Measurement N Networking O Ownership P People Q Quality Culture R Revolution Vs Evolution

12 'A to Z of SIS' S Strategic Advice from Advisors and outstanding EPY T Team work that build Trust U Understanding the SSEAYP Spirit V Vision and Values W Walk the Talk

13 'A to Z of SIS' X XPY- forever PY- life long membership Y Codes of conduct for Young Ambassadors Z World citiZen

14 'A to Z of SIS' Questions please

15 Acknowdhement SIS Board members SI – COP AA from ASEAN and Japan IYEO SUPPORT !

16 Summary What that comes down to is having the people – a group team-mates – and a culture that allows them to grow and excel successfully over a long period of time.” Phil Knight, CEO of Nike

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