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GRC©bridgegroupllc. The Challenge PoliticalAdministrative.

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1 GRC©bridgegroupllc

2 The Challenge PoliticalAdministrative

3 Why the GRC? Political Ends/Outcomes Administrative Means

4 Why the GRC? GRC/ Outcomes Customers Organization Manager Board

5 Goals of GRC  Clearly define Governance and Organizational Expectations.  Improves Organizational Culture and Performance based on Baldrige Excellence Standards.  Benchmarks improvements through annual or bi-annual surveys.

6 How Do You Develop the GRC?


8 Expectations Customers Organization Manager Board

9 Organization Expectations Spokane County Fire District 8

10 ExpectationDescription Maintain an Integrated Strategic Planning System that is linked to the annual budget, strategic projects, employee evaluations and performance measures. The integrated strategic management system will allow for strategic projects that require funding to be considered during the annual budget process. Current and new strategic projects and performance measures will also be reviewed and approved at this time. Executive staff will be evaluated based on the accomplishments in the past year under the strategic plan. Strive to be an “open book” organization for its employees. “Open Book” means that all critical, not confidential, operational and financial information concerning the Fire Department will be shared and available to employees. Executive Management Team is committed to the developing and empowering employees. Employee development and involvement is a high priority for the Executive Leadership Team. Continuously improve technology for internal and external services. Continuous technology improvements are essential for the Fire District to meet and exceed expectations of customers.

11 ExpectationDescription Strive to be a national model for Fire District Board Governance. Commitment for the Fire District Board and Fire Chief to work collaboratively on continuously improving their Governance Relations Contract. Continuously improve internal processes and procedures. Continuous internal process improvement is essential for efficiency and effectiveness of the Fire District. Be good stewards of the public’s money and trust. Ensure processes, procedures and practices are in place to meet this commitment Focus on developing a learning organization. Commitment to provide training for employees to ensure that the Fire District continues to have talented and well trained employees providing leadership and operational response readiness. TransparencyCitizens will have access to key financial and operational information on the Fire District.

12 Survey every year to two years to benchmark progress from base year

13 Does it work? –94% Say Yes in Governing Board Survey for Fire District

14 Does it work? –75% Say Yes in Organization Survey by Fire District Employees

15 GRC Investment Costs  Implementation costs range from $3,000-$6,000 depending on size of the organization and required meetings.  The annual or bi-annual benchmark surveys and reports can be done by client at no cost, or consultant at a cost of up to $1,500 depending on size of the organization.

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