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CUSTOMER RETENTION STRATEGIES Ms Memory Ndoro-Mandiya Marketing & Sales Director NetOne Cellular (Pvt) Ltd 1Sandton, South Africa, August 2014.

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1 CUSTOMER RETENTION STRATEGIES Ms Memory Ndoro-Mandiya Marketing & Sales Director NetOne Cellular (Pvt) Ltd 1Sandton, South Africa, August 2014

2 Personal CRM Foundation I have a personal mantra regarding customer retention. “We strive to delight our customers so that they will never think of leaving us...until death do us part.” Memory Ndoro-Mandiya-2011 2Sandton, South Africa, August 2014

3 Customer Retention Strategies Overview Customer Retention Strategies Overview Worldwide the telecoms landscape is highly competitive so is in Zimbabwe Availability of affordable and accessible communication options Reduced opportunities on product differention within the mobile telecoms industry has presented low switching costs Customer satisfaction becomes a prime goal Guard yourself against subscriber churn 3 Sandton, South Africa, August 2014

4 Communication Options Communication Options Great technologies available to offer communication benefits e.g. VoIP, Whatsapp, Facebook, OTTs (Twitter, vibe, fixed, SKYPE) Cheap and extremely popular in Zimbabwe as MNOs strive to improve on data performance for provision of internet access NetOne is partnering with Facebook for bundled services. 4 Sandton, South Africa, August 2014

5 Mobile Penetration and Tele-density in Zimbabwe Highest industry growth rate Market penetration rate of more than 110% 13.5m subscribers in a population of 13.1m Growing optic fibre networks and broadband services Reduced fixed line subscribers now at 370k Internet subscription driven by mobile devices up by 18% to 5.2million in Q1 (POTRAZ) 5Sandton, South Africa, August 2014

6 NetOne Background GSM Mobile Telecoms Company with100% Government ownership Launched in1996 Offers both voice and data services 80% network coverage in Zimbabwe 2.8m subscribers of which 90% are prepaid Just under 400 employees Fully fledged CRM network 6Sandton, South Africa, August 2014

7 customer has “life cycle stages” Acquisition Phase Differentiated Offers 2 Loyalty Phase Continuous engagement 4 Contact Phase Acquire untapped markets and poach from others 1 Retention Phase 3 Guard your most priced assets Life Cycle Stages Life Cycle Stages NetOne points of focus for business survival and competitiveness 7Sandton, South Africa, August 2014

8 NetOne’s retention strategies Investment on customer touch points Promotions- Dollar a Day Promo on prepaid Social responsibility activities Bundling of products and services/target segments corporates,gvt depts. Investment into human resources. Sales Reps/Account Managers (incentives) Top client awards 80/20 rule 8Sandton, South Africa, August 2014

9 9 Coverage-Connectivity is our Key Retention Strategy

10 Sandton, South Africa, August 201410 Network Coverage is our Vehicle for retention

11 Being visible to provide customer service, advice and walking the talk Accessible through an upgraded 24/7/365 contact centre Accessible through a regularly updated website Social Media. Facebook, Whatsapp empowered network of dealers and shops that serve as customer contact points, redefined route to market equipped with FMCG principles Customer touch points 11Sandton, South Africa, August 2014

12 Encourage trails and re-buy behaviour with sales promos by partnering retail chains, tapping into habitual behaviour of shoppers -OK Grand Challenge : OK and Bon Marche’ - TM Big Brands : TM & Pick’n’Pay - Hoza Summer : SPAR outlets - Unpack your box promo : ZIMPOST Dollar A Day ( From a Promo to a Package) Tariff reduction for off-net calls :: favourable pricing is a key variable on retention Promotions Tangibility of Customer Experience 12Sandton, South Africa, August 2014

13 13 Promotions with retail chains

14 Continuous engagement with customers in various segments gives us the much needed trust and respect as a responsible marketer Sports Sponsorships ( Golf, Tennis and Soccer). Customers want to participate e.g Brazil Tour in 2010. Currently we are sponsoring OneWallet Cup that has created excitement to soccer loving people, reaching an estimated 5m TV audience through SuperSport Social Responsibility Keeping things simple- Do it with Love 14Sandton, South Africa, August 2014

15 Creating more customer contact points through establishing subsidised community centres for improved customer experience Community centres are targeted at rural growth points, operated by local people, particularly the youth and women Social Responsibility 15Sandton, South Africa, August 2014

16 Enhance stakeholder value by investing in social responsibility projects to promote ; healthy societies-Zim National Blood Services - Women projects on entrepreneurship Engaging with religious groups in their conventions and big gatherings to provide comms - Sponsorship of disadvantaged children - borehole drilling for safe water - donations to victims of national disasters Social Responsibility (Cont) 16Sandton, South Africa, August 2014

17 central feature of the financial landscape in growth markets now relevant in upcoming markets that have embraced Mobile Banking and Mobile Payments solution partner with institutions to introduce a facet of convenience to customers through mobile financial transactions Mobile Financial Services 17Sandton, South Africa, August 2014

18 Mobile Financial Services (cont) Customers just ‘love’ convenience NetOne partnered ZETDC and PSL First mobile money solution in Zimbabwe to allow purchase of prepaid electricity tokens through the mobile NetOne is deploying brand ambassadors into households for SIM card connection 18Sandton, South Africa, August 2014

19 Mobile Financial Services (Cont) First mobile money solution in Zimbabwe to facilitate the payment of soccer match fees through the mobile. There was initial resistance from stakeholders in soccer circles. Move was well received by soccer fans. Loyalty and convenience built for subscribers. *120*8# dial to register to buy PSL tickets 19Sandton, South Africa, August 2014

20 Electricity tokens through OneWallet 20Sandton, South Africa, August 2014

21 OneWallet Cup 21Sandton, South Africa, August 2014

22 Key Soccer Sponsors Endorsed OneWallet Cup 22Sandton, South Africa, August 2014

23 23 Create company value through differentiated offers and ‘value adds’ to delight customers Recently turned our famous DAD promo into a prepaid package Invested into a converged billing system to manage various market segments Segment Activities

24 Sandton, South Africa, August 201424 Thank you!

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