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EPA STRIVE Research Programme Water Research Irish Freshwater Biologists Annual Meeting UCD – 12/03/2010 Alice Wemaere.

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1 EPA STRIVE Research Programme Water Research Irish Freshwater Biologists Annual Meeting UCD – 12/03/2010 Alice Wemaere

2 Presentation Overview  EPA Research Programme Overview  Water Research  Projects Overview  International Linkages

3 STRIVE Programme 2007-2013 “To protect and improve the natural environment by addressing key environmental management issues through the provision of world-class scientific knowledge, generated through a vibrant, competitive programme of research supported and co-ordinated by EPA”

4 What are the drivers?  Water Framework Directive  Drinking Water Directive  Bathing Water Directive  Nitrates Pollution Directive  Groundwater Directive  Flood Directive  Marine Strategy Framework Directive  Urban Waste Water Directive  Dangerous Substances Directive  Environmental Liability Directive  Soil Thematic Strategy

5 EPA-funded Research 2000 / 2002 Calls nDirectly aimed at the implementation of the WFD (mainly DS) 2005 Calls nAimed at the Characterisation report, references conditions & public participation 2007 Calls nEfficiency of Measures, Monitoring Criteria for PP; Understanding of contaminants pathways

6 Review of EPA Water Research  Evaluation Framework & VFM in-house Study (2007)  CIRCA Benchmarking of ERTDI Programme (2007)  Assessment of policy impacts of WFD-targeted research (2009)

7 Current Research Completing in 2010: 2005 Projects: nWINCOMS nILLUMINATE nIMPLANT 2007 Projects: nAlien Invasive Species Ongoing Projects: nPathways Project nHYDROFOR Project nMonitoring Criteria for Priority Pollutants nGroundwater Fauna nEFFECT Project nET, EH, PhDs & FS

8 PATHWAYS Project: €2m – 5 year QUB, UCD & TCD Aims: Integrate relevant past and current research studies into a catchment management tool (CMT) for use by RBD management Help improve the current understanding of hydrological processes in the Irish context:  Contaminant transport and attenuation,  Impact upon receptors. Website:

9 HYDROFOR Project: €2m – 5 year; co-funded with COFORD UCD, NUIG, UCC, MI Aims: Better explain/predict ecological quality of waterways affected by forestry to advance scientific research and further inform Ireland’s Water Framework Directive Programme of Measures development process  Investigate the effects of forestry enterprises on Ireland’s aquatic ecology  Assess measures to efficiently reduce these effects Website:

10 Monitoring Criteria for PP Project: DCU, CIT Aims: Establish an index that relates population equivalents to the occurrence and / or concentration of dangerous and priority pollutants.  Review & Optimisation of laboratory methods  Assessment of content of priority substances: Domestic & Industrial  Emission Factors Website:

11 Groundwater Fauna Project: U. Ulster & NUIG Aims: Assessment of the distribution, structure and functioning of subterranean fauna within Irish groundwater systems  Survey for subterranean fauna  Structure and functioning of key species Niphargus kochianus irlandicus Contact: Joerg Arnscheidt (

12 EFFECT An Effective Framework For assessing aquatic ECosysTem responses to implementation of the Phosphorous Regulations Project: TCD, AFBI, U. Ulster Aims: Identification of water bodies/stretches of water that are particularly sensitive to P-induced impairment or insensitive to remediation, Determination of the efficacy of POMs aimed at reducing diffuse and point-source, P-induced impacts on water quality Contact: David Taylor (

13 Policy Support – Env & Health Enhancing Human Health Through Improved Water Quality project  Cryptosporidium Understanding  NUIG/HSE  Other Health-Water projects  Biologicals – Pathogens, Norovirus,  Chemicals – Personal Care Products, Anti-microbial residues, Nanoparticles

14 Research Supporting Environmental Technologies > 98% Metal Removal using Nano IBM/ Water Quality Sensor at Inniscarra Toxicity testing – replacement animal trials Anaerobic sewage treatment at 12 0 C 500 days

15 Research supporting Policy & Technology DEPLOY DCU/UCC/SWRBD & IDS Started April 2009 – Partners Trial (EPA/MI) Default.aspx Flow-Pro portional passive sensor validation of phosphorus and nitrogen in Irish rivers

16 Research Support (Policy, Technology & Careers) NUIG research facility at Tuam WWTP Full strength wastewater,200-600 PE, Research into N & P removal, emerging pollutants, design capacity loading – Support for UWWT Directive Test Centre for Irish WWTP technology SMEs (sensor, membranes) Training centre for LA operators and future engineers

17 International Linkages  SNIFFER  ERA-Nets: SKEP, Env & Health, CIRCLE2  FP7  WssTP

18 Contact:

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