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Unit 1 – From Legend to History A.D

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1 Unit 1 – From Legend to History A.D. 449 -1485
The Old English and Medieval Periods

2 Look at the timeline page 4…
When did the Vikings attack a site in Britain? When did the Normans conquer England? What two dramatic events occurred in Britain in the 1330s and 1340s?

3 Names and Terms to Know Look up these terms and define them for an upcoming quiz: Celts and Anglo-Saxons Alfred the Great Norman Conquest Magna Carta William, Duke of Normandy Gutenberg Feudal System

4 Historical Background
Between 800 and 600 B.C. two groups of Celts invaded the British Isles. The Celts were farmers and hunters. Rome invaded and ruled for 300 years, and then the Anglo-Saxons came in from what is now Germany. What does this tell you about the English language?

5 Danish Invasion The Vikings carried their piracy to the British Isles.
They sacked and plundered monasteries, destroyed manuscripts, and stole sacred religious objects. In 871, King Alfred the Great rose to power. He became a national hero by formally dividing the Saxons and the Danish.

6 The Norman Conquest William, the Duke of Normandy had family ties to descendants of Alfred. He suppressed Anglo-Saxon nobility and confiscated their lands. The Normans rebuilt England along feudal lines. Feudalism involves the exchange of property for personal service. Serfs – Knights – Baron – King

7 The Magna Carta Richard I spent funds fighting overseas.
King John tried to raise money by taxing the barons but they were unhappy. The king promised not to tax land without first meeting with the barons Restrictions on royal power = beginning of constitutional government

8 Literature of the Period
Beowulf Story of great legendary warrior renowned for his courage, strength, and dignity. No known author but clearly defines warrior society ideals. Medieval Drama – plays of old dealt with biblical themes. Morality plays arose at this time.

9 Emerging National Identity
Guttenberg Geoffrey Chaucer – Middle English The Canterbury Tales Pilgrims on a journey to the shrine of a martyr. 22 tales

10 Romances, Lyrics, and Ballads
“The Death of Arthur” Robin Hood

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