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Anglo- Saxon thru Medieval England

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1 Anglo- Saxon thru Medieval England
Pgs. 4 – 12 What would a scholar know? (probably more than this)

2 First, Modern America Imagine the history and literature scholars in the year 4011 AD. (If there are any) When they study “our times” what will they take note of? What events will appear in a teacher’s lectures/notes introducing that unit? List some now.

3 Period 3 9/11 Barack Obama National debt Osama Bin Laden’s death
Steve Jobs Degradation of youth Occupy Wall Street Technological takeover Prediction of the end of the World

4 Period 7 WW2 Immigration Space Exploration Barack Obama
Medical Advancements Technology Boom Housing Crisis 9/11 Rise and fall of Communism Job Crisis / Recession Weapons Population Boom WW2 Immigration

5 Period 1 9/11 Obama-first black president
Current literature/entertainment/music Status of tech./Med./Space Exploration Violence War Hurricane Katrina Energy Economy Political Change? Food Consumption Nuclear Bomb

6 Anglo – Saxon England 800 – 600 B.C. Celts – Brythons/Gaels 1 Druids 2
55 BC – Romans 3 300 years of Roman rule 407 4 Columba 5 597 – St. Augustine 6 King Ethelbert converted 7 Vikings 8 Alfred the Great 9,10 (3 major contributions!) Danelaw 11 1042 Edward the Confessor

7 Medieval England 1066 The B of H 12 Harold II William the Conqueror 13
Feudalism – Barons/Vassals/Serfs & Manors 1154 Henry Plantagenet 14 Beckett – “Whoops! Sorry.” 15 Pilgrimage Richard I King John 16 Magna Carta 17

8 More Medieval Times 1399 House of Lancaster Henry IV, V,VI
House of York Wars of the Roses 18 Marriage unifies Yorks and Lancasters Black Death 1348 – 1381 serf revolt 20

9 Literature of the Period Anglo - Saxon
Oral Tradition Heroic poetry Elegiac poetry Beowulf Vernacular History of the English Church and People 21 Bede 22 Anglo-Saxon Chronicles 23

10 Quiz – Anglo-Saxon Medieval England (pgs. 4 – 12)
Part I – People (10 Matching) A. Brythons thru L. Celts 10 descriptions (2 not used) Part II – Short Answers Forces for “change” during era Becoming a “civilized” society ; the process Part III – Terms (10 Matching) A. Feudalism thru N. Magna Casta 10 descriptions (3 not used)

11 Medieval Literature Chaucer Canterbury Tales Gutenberg 24 Caxton 24
Romances King Arthur Thomas Malory Lyre – lyric poetry ballads

12 Major events of Anglo-Saxon/Medieval England
-black plague -conversion of England to Christianity -start of Feudalism -Magna Carta -Gutenberg’s printing press -serf revolt -Roman invasion, Danish invasion, Anglo-Saxon invasion, Norman conquest

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