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Unit 1 section A Love without limitations. To share with you: Kongfu Panda.

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1 Unit 1 section A Love without limitations

2 To share with you: Kongfu Panda

3 昨天已成历史,明天还是个谜,今天是一 个礼物:这就是我们为何要把今天称为 “ 现 在 ” 的原因。 Yesterday is history; tomorrow is mystery and today is a gift, that is why it’s called present. By Master Wugui

4 Words &Useful expressions

5 Justice(n.) justify(v.) Laws are based on the principles of justice. 法律以公正为原则。 Everybody realized the justice of what he was saying. 谁都认为他说的有道理。 Collocations: 1. bring sb to justice : to arrest,try and sentence 使。。绳之于法,缉拿归案 2. do justice to sb./sth./ do sb./sth. Justice 公平 对待某人(或某事)

6 To do her justice, we must admit that she did deserve to win. 说句公道话,我们得承认他应该获胜。 That photo doesn’t do you justice 。 那张照片把你给照走样了。 3. do oneself justice; 充分发挥自己的能力 他在考试当中发挥失常。 He didn't do himself justice in the exams.

7 wreck(n.) The failure in the university entrance exam reduced him to a wreck. 高考的失败使他精神崩溃了。 beneath(prep.) The slept outside beneath the stars. 他们夜宿在繁星之下。

8 disguise(n.&v.) They disguised themselves as fisherman and escaped in a boat. 他们假扮渔民,坐船逃走了。 Collocations: be in disguise 伪装的,加扮的 Her opinions are just imperialism in disguise 。 他的看法不过是帝国主义的改头换面。

9 Now you try: 1. 她女扮男装替父从军。 2. 这位明星化了装去旅行。 She disguise herself as a boy to join the army for her father. The star traveled in disguise.(wearing a disguise)

10 in disbelief When he told her the whole truth, she simply shouted at him in disbelief. 当他告诉她事情的真相时,她不相信冲他叫喊起 来。

11 agreeable(adj.) agree(v.) agreement(n.) He is easy-going among his acquaintances, and has a most agreeable style of conversation. 他待人随和,谈话风格令人非常愉快。 Collocations: be agreeable to : ready to agree 准备或欣然同 意 If you’re agreeable to our proposal, well’a go ahead. 如果你同意我们的提议,我们就进行了。

12 Now you try: penetrate(v.) The noise of the explosion penetrated the thickest walls. These long answers were difficult to penetrate. 这长长的答案很难理解。 I’ll invite her, if you’re agreeable to her coming. 如果你同她来, 我就邀请她。

13 vacant(adj) 1. He was looking around with a vacant look on his face. 他四处张望,露出茫然之色。 At the reception desk, he was told only a few apartment were still vacant. Vacant Possession! 空房出售! Vacant Possession !

14 Grasp (v.) Before I could grasp what was happening, I had bounced off the wall and was crumpling on to the floor in pain. She is ready to grasp any opportunity to expand the business. I grasped his arm firmly and led him away. 她准备抓住任何机会把生意做大

15 Long(v.) Collocations: long for sth. long to do sth. He longed for the winter to be over. She longed to pour out all her troubles right away. 她希望立刻将她的苦恼全都倾诉下来。 We have been longing for the opening of 2008 Beijing Olympic games.

16 pledge(to do sth.) The president pledged o find a peaceful solution to the problem of racial discrimination. 总统承诺要找到和平解决种族歧视问题的 办法。 On impulse the parents made a pledge to take their children to rehearsals. 冲动之下父母答应带孩子去彩排。

17 blossom(v.&n.) What began as a local festival has blossomed into an international event. 当初只是一个地方性节日,如今已经发展 成了一项国际活动。 Like a flower he blossoms and then withers; like a shadow he flees and never stays. 他象朵花似的盛开而后枯萎,象影子似的 漂浮不定。

18 Now you try: If swallows go away, the will come back again. If willows wither, they will turn green again. If peach blossoms fade, they will flower again. But tell me, you the wise, why should our days go by never to return?—Transient Days

19 be / remain faithful to He remains faithful to the ideals of the party until his death. 他对党的信念至死坚贞不渝。 I have been a faithful reader of your newspapers for many years. 多年来,我一直是贵报的 忠实读者。 His translation manages to be faithful to the spirit of the original. 他的译文做到了忠于原文的精神。

20 reckon (v) think or have an opinion about sth. I reckon it’s a good deal. Reckon sb./sth. as /among 认为。。。。是 We reckon her among out best reporters. Collocations Reckon on sb/sth: rely/depend on You can’t always reckon having good weather. Reckon with sb/sth 考虑,面对,应付。 They had many difficulties to reckon with. 他们有许多困难要面对。 I din’t reckon with getting caught up in so much traffic. 我没有考虑到塞车这么严重。

21 restrain restrain sb/sth from sth/doing sth. The police had difficulty in restraining the crowd from rushing on to the pitch. 警方难以阻止人群涌入球场 He couldn't’t restrain his anger/laugher/ tears when he heard the news. 抑制住愤怒,笑声,眼泪

22 Phrases and Expressions 1. tack down All citizens should help the police in tacking down criminals. 2Pick on Some children picked on my brother who suffers from brain damage. 我弟弟患有脑病,常被一些小孩欺负。 你为什么老是和我过不去? Why are you always picking on me?

23 3. tell on= inform on/ against I don’t like those people who tell on others for personal ends. Under the pressure from the police, the wife of the killer finally told on her husband. 4. work out It took me some time to work out what was causing this. Negotiators are due to meet later today to work out a compromise. 今天晚些时候,参与谈判的人会坐到一起拿去一 个折中的方案。

24 On one’s own I can’t carry it on my own; it’s too heavy Hit /strike home He could see that each of his inferences hit home. Could you see that the reality of tax rising finally hit home? Call on/upon Some people call on God to help them; some simply rely on themselves.

25 Lead up to In the weeks leading up to graduation, I did very little. The events lead up to the outbreak of WWII. End up doing sth. Whenever we go out to dinner with them, I always end up paying the bill. Be careful, you could end up getting hurt.

26 Get (sb.)through Her kindness got me through those awful days. It was quite an effort to get my weakest students through the difficult English examinations.

27 Paralympics Games 残奥会 The Paralympic Games are a multi-sport event for athletes with physical, mental and sensorial disabilities. This includes mobility disabilities, amputees (受切断手术的人), visual disabilities and those with cerebral palsy (大脑性麻痹). The Paralympic Games are held every four years, following the Olympic Games, and are governed by the International Paralympic Committee (IPC). 残奥会是残疾人奥林匹克运动会的简称, 是优秀残疾人运动员追求运动生 涯顶峰的运动会。它是世界上大规模的综合性运动会。 1988 年起,残奥 会首次由夏季奥运会主办城市在奥运会结束之后举办。 1992 年起,冬季 奥运会主办城市也同时举办冬季残奥会。 2001 年 6 月 9 日, 国际奥林匹克 委员会和国际残疾人奥委会达成正式协议, 规定今后残奥会和奥运会在同 年、同地举行。

28 Mascot Figure( 吉祥物) & Logo (会徽) of Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games

29 September 11, 2001 attacks in America

30 The September 11, 2001 attacks (often referred to as 9/11) were a series of coordinated suicide attacks by al-Qaeda upon the United States. On that morning, terrorists affiliated with al-Qaeda hijacked four commercial passenger jet airliners. [1][2] The hijackers intentionally crashed two of the airliners into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York City, killing everyone on board and many others working in the building, causing both buildings to collapse within two hours, destroying at least two nearby buildings and damaging others. The hijackers crashed a third airliner into the Pentagon. The fourth plane crashed into a field near Shanksville in rural Somerset County, Pennsylvania, after passengers and members of the flight crew on the fourth aircraft attempted to retake control of their plane, which was heading for Washington, D.C. There are no known survivors from any of the flights.suicide attacksal-QaedaUnited Stateshijackedjet airliners [1][2]World Trade Center New York Citythe Pentagon ShanksvilleSomerset County, PennsylvaniaWashington, D.C.

31 The United States responded to the attacks by declaring a War on Terrorism, launching an invasion of Afghanistan to depose the Taliban, who had harbored al-Qaeda terrorists, and enacting the USA PATRIOT Act. Many other nations also strengthened their anti-terrorism legislation and expanded law enforcement powers. Stock exchanges closed for almost a week, and posted enormous losses upon reopening, especially in the airline and insurance industries. The economy of Lower Manhattan ground to a halt, as billions of dollars in office space was damaged or destroyed.War on TerrorismAfghanistanTalibanUSA PATRIOT ActLower Manhattan

32 Structure analysis Problem-Response-Evaluation Structure

33 Part I(para.1-3) Problem 1: My brother, Jimmy suffered brain damage when he was born. Response: My parents and I helped Jimmy in different ways. Evaluation: My father and Jimmy enjoyed each other’s company.

34 Part II (Para.4-para.7) Problem 2: Father’s death made Jimmy a wreck. My mother died six months later and I was left t look after Jimmy. Reponses : I helped Jimmy adjust to a life without our father and mother. Evaluation: It was possible to have a home with room for both Jimmy’s limitations and my ambitions. And caring for someone like Jimmy had enriched my life.

35 Part III (Para.8-11) Problem 3: I had a party for Jimmy’s birthday but none of our family could join us because of the difficulty traveling in a time of national disaster. Reponses: I called on my faithful friends to help make it a merry and festive occasion. My friends brought the ideal presents for Jimmy The details of Jimmy’s active performance at the party, instead of making Jimmy happy, we were encouraged and pleased by Jimmy. Evaluation: At the party, instead of making Jimmy happy, we were encouraged and pleased Jimmy.

36 Part IV (para.12.) Conclusion: The constant love and support of my family and my friends would get us through whatever life might present. There had never been any limitations to what Jimmy’s love could accomplish

37 Language points 1 revolve around sb/sth. A. move in a circular orbit The earth revolves around the sun. B. have sb/sth as its chief concern/center on sb/sth. 以某人某事为中心 He thinks that everything revolves around him.

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