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Active Shooter/Armed Intruder Awareness Course

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1 Active Shooter/Armed Intruder Awareness Course
Instructor Dennis Kennedy Director of Training

2 Active Shooter Defined- One or more suspects who assault or kill and continue to do so with unrestricted access to the victims.

3 Types of Active Shooters/Armed Intruder Locations
Homes (invasions) Malls Churches Offices Workplace Schools & Colleges Military Facilities Government Agencies Others ????

4 Refer to Hand out and discuss
Recent Incidents Refer to Hand out and discuss Refer to local hand out or other recent events and discuss

5 Situational Awareness
Be consciously AWARE of your surroundings at all times Position yourself to be able to WATCH your surroundings Always visually locate TWO possible exits or escape routes Have a mental PLAN Constantly WHAT IF in your mind everywhere you go

6 The Survival Mindset and Mental Preparation
Decide RIGHT NOW if you will survive a deadly situation. Ask yourself these questions; Are you mentally and emotionally determined to save your own life? What are you willing to do to save the life of a family member? Would you have the emotional courage to use deadly force to protect yourself or others?

7 Response Models – American Vs. Israeli
American Model Left over from Cold War Era DUCK & COVER Designed by Academics not Warriors Completely PASSIVE in concept Nobody resists the attack Don’t OFFEND, startle, scare or upset the Killer(s) Hide & Wait for Death Leave all defensive actions to the Police

8 Response Models Continued- Israeli model
Created by Warriors following Ma’alot massacre Everyone present is responsible for each others safety Creates the concept of ON Scene Responder Recognizes help is not coming for awhile Encourages individuals to take appropriate action Trains citizens, teachers, students to respond independently and defend themselves if required. Teaches citizens to respond together as a unit/team EVERYONE attacks !

9 Have a Plan PANIC is not a plan Know what to do ahead of time
Develop a Family Emergency Plan for yourself and your loved ones Have an Emergency Plan for your School, Office or Workplace

10 Escape FIRST! If you see or hear what you think is gun shots or other life threatening situation, GET OUT OF THE AREA BUILDING FIRST Get away from the building as fast and as far as you can Use Fire exits, breaks window, glass walls or any other barrier to your escape Get behind something solid that will stop or slow down bullets, if possible (COVER) If no cover is available at all, GET SMALL. Lay flat on the ground and stay still If approached by the police, show your hands and obey all instructions

11 Shelter in Place ( S.I.P.) If Escape is not possible or is not safe, consider the following; Get into a room with a door. One without windows is best LOCK the door if possible Barricade the door(s) with furniture Use a door JAM if one is available Get away from the FATAL FUNNEL Spread out around the room. Turn OFF all lights SILENCE all cell phones Cover any windows if possible

12 TAKE ACTION If escape is not possible and the Intruder enters your hiding place, you may have to TAKE ACTION to save your lives or the lives of others. That means FIGHT !. This is a life threatening event. Meek or half way actions will not be appropriate. Go ALL OUT with 100% aggression if you want to make it out of the incident safely. Team up with others Discuss and make an emergency plan of action if the shooter enters Look around, find or make improvised tools that you can use to defend yourself with If your life is threatened, use whatever force is needed to protect yourself and others Throw objects at the Intruders face Use tables and chairs Tackle and restrain him/her until police arrive Discuss OODA Loop

13 Improvised Tools of Defense
Things to THROW (OODA LOOP) Things that Ensnare & Trip Things with an EDGE Things with a POINT Things that are heavy Things that RESTRAIN

14 The AFTERMATH Give first aid to yourself and others
Call 911 and report your location Call your family members if possible. Leave messages Cooperate with the police investigation Seek out professional counseling for your own mental health

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