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THE BENEFITS OF TRIBAL GAMING David Williams General Manager Viejas Casino.

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1 THE BENEFITS OF TRIBAL GAMING David Williams General Manager Viejas Casino

2 THE BENEFITS OF TRIBAL GAMING  California gaming tribes give $365 million per year or $1 million/day to the state.  108 Federally-recognized Indian Tribes in California; 60 Tribal Casinos – Compact Revenues Special Funds – $1.1 million per year, per gaming tribe is disbursed to non- compact tribes through the Revenue Sharing Trust Fund (RSTF) – Grant disbursements to gambling addiction programs – State Regulatory Gaming costs – Give thousands of dollars to local governments affected by tribal casinos General Fund – Can be used for any state activity

3 VIEJAS AND THE BENEFITS OF TRIBAL GAMING Investing in our community and future Distribution of Net Casino Revenues –9 out of 10 dollars generated at Viejas Casino returns to the local and state economy. Tribal Operations Employee Payroll, Taxes, Benefits Vendors’ Goods and Services Taxes and Compact Fees

4 VIEJAS AND THE BENEFITS OF TRIBAL GAMING Investment in Local Communities include: – Compact Related Revenues: $19.4m – Jobs Created: $66.1m (1,500 Jobs) – Goods and Services purchased from many local vendors: $39.7m

5 VIEJAS IS INVESTING IN TRIBAL COMMUNITY SELF-SUFFICIENCY AND FUTURE Revenue benefits include: –Funding for critical social services for tribal members to fund infrastructure improvements, environment protection and maintenance. –Security Department: professional training and certification to protect reservation, working in conjunction with local Sherriff’s Dept –Viejas Fire Department: operations to provide fire protection and emergency medical services to reservation and surrounding rural areas at no expense to local taxpayers. –Funding to tribal youth for higher education through doctoral level. –Funding for senior center providing meals and recreation to tribal elders.

6 VIEJAS IN THE LOCAL COMMUNITY Every year over $2 million and thousands of man hours are contributed to hundreds of Community and Charitable Organizations. –Some examples of recent charitable out reach programs are: Center for Community Solutions (non-profit agency helps victims of domestic and sexual violence) - $15K in sponsorship value in cash and manpower from Viejas Production and Graphics Salvation Army / Stoney’s Kids - $15K, plus over $4K in kind Kiwanis Club of Alpine – Over $22K in sponsorship value East County Regional Chamber of Commerce – Over $11K Imperial Valley Area Agency on Aging Program for Seniors - $3K Computers 2 San Diego Kids – Quarterly outreach program to provide needy families with refurbished computers.

7 Viejas Commitment to Responsible Gaming Viejas was the first California casino to be certified as a responsible gambling facility. Our goal is to prevent serious consequences associated with problem gambling. Several members of management, including our Managers-on - Duty and former Chairman Barrett have completed the 40-hour training workshop to become a certified problem gambling counselor. Viejas Team Members are required to attend annual training classes on how to recognize and assist potential problem gamblers.

8 Viejas Commitment to Responsible Gaming We are concerned for every guest’s health and safety when visiting our casino. –Most of our guests reside within 35 miles of our facility. They are the fabric of our community. –Viejas offers free counseling when guests request help. –Viejas is one of two tribal casinos offering third party exclusion where family members affected by a problem gamer can initiate the exclusion process.

9 VIEJAS AND THE BENEFITS OF TRIBAL GAMING Tribal casinos have contributed $1 million per day to the State of California. $9 out of $10 are returned to the State and local communities. Gaming has enabled Viejas to contribute millions of dollars to the local community. Viejas is committed to responsible gaming.

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