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Coiling 101.

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1 Coiling 101

2 _tbhPGMfFLbg61FxC_u5LK3Oc=&h=400&w=519&sz=63&hl=fr&start=20&tbnid=__uGW89kfxzI2M:&tbnh=101&tbnw=131&prev=/images%3Fq%3Dmaria%2Bmartinez%26hl%3Dfr

3 Maria Martinez in 1941. She made her name with black-on-black pottery, developing an elaborate technique for creating glossy black pots with matte-black designs. SANTA/22009479.JPG&imgrefurl= _tbhPGMfFLbg61FxC_u5LK3Oc=&h=400&w=519&sz=63&hl=fr&start=20&tbnid=__uGW89kfxzI2M:&tbnh=101&tbnw=131&prev=/images%3F q%3Dmaria%2Bmartinez%26hl%3Dfr


5 Man in Bhala using the coil throw method of making pots. The clay contains a high proportion of limestone and so the string is used to hold the shape until stiff.

6 Korean Old Silla dynasty, Kaya period (42 B.C. - A.D. 562) COVERED JAR WITH LUGS, 5th - 6th century Stoneware with ash glaze. Height 12 1/4 inches Gift of Mr. Harold W. Shaw, 1984.93

7 Making Pottery in BilBil Village near Madang, Papua New Guinea Madang Papua New Guinea Photo (c) Linda Garrison

8 Earthenware pottery made by adding pulverized animal bone to the clay to "temper" the clay and make the pottery stronger. Bone-Tempered Pottery

9 Chinese Neolithic Funerary Urn From Gansu Province, China IMAGE: © Seattle Art Museum/CORBIS DATE CREATED ca. 2000 B.C. COLLECTION Corbis Museum

10 Polychrome Vase, Halaf 5300 B.C



13 Who uses coiling? Jomon (Ancient Japan) Raku Tea Bowls (Japan) Neolithic Pottery Tswana (Botswana, Africa) Fulani (Sanga Region, Mali, Africa) Kadada (Upper Nile River, Sudan, Africa) Black –figure Amphora (Ancient Greece) Nubian Egg Shell Ware (Nile River) Ashanti (Ghana, Africa) Ancient Minoan (Crete) Ndebele (Africa) Pueblo Navajo

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