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Oli,Valen,Fran and Luki Ancient Greece Olympic Games and Sports.

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1 Oli,Valen,Fran and Luki Ancient Greece Olympic Games and Sports

2 Oli Only men, Less events Hands tied together with thin strips of leather BOXING Upright wrestling, ground wrestling and pankration WRESTLING In some races you had to use helmets and shields RUNNING

3 Ancient Olympic Games THE WINNER CHARIOT AND HORSE RACING GIRLS GAMES Run about 1200 m Women were not allowed to compete in the Olympic Prizes were given on the fifth day Oli

4 Baron Pierre de Coubertin recreated the Olympic Games in 1896. The prizes of the modern Olympic Games are medals.(Gold, bronze and silver.) The Olympic Games are held every four years. There are winter olympic games and summer olympic games. The Olympic games logo represented the colors of all the nations that played the games without exception. In these days women and men can participate in the Olympic Games and old and young people of any ages, there is not a limit. Modern Olympic Games Francine

5 Valen STADIUM,EVENTS AND CUSTOMS They began in 776 BC. It took place at Olympia, lasting 5 days every 4 years. Dedicated to Zeus. There were: - Souvenir stalls on the streets - Shrines tourists could visit - Sightseeing tours - Poetry recitals - People could use the pool Girls were not allowed to watch the Games. Heraia was the competition for girls Honoring for goddess Hera.

6 Stadium, Events and Customs First day: 1.Trumpet competition 2. Foot-race 3. “Sacrifice at the altar” Second day: - Hippodrome: 1. Chariot-race 2. Horse-races - Stadium: 1. Discus 2. Javelin 3. Long jump 4. Foot-race Third day: 1. Foot race Fourth day: 1. Races under armour Fifth day: 1. Presentation of prizes 2. Feasting and Celebration. Sacred leaves Valen

7 Stadium, events and costumes They used a layer of oil to protect their skin from the sun. Girls were also naked. GYM = Naked in Ancient Greece Spectators had to go naked to the stadium so that they could differentiate if they were boys or girls. Athletes were naked. Valen

8 Stadium, events and costumes The stadium was long and rectangle. Sometimes located near a hill, so that the spectators could have a clear view of the events. One extreme was circular, and the other one was straight. The oldest stadium was The Olympus. The first Olympic Games took place there. Capacity: 45.000 people. Licuro Arconte proposed changing the seats to marble ones. The oldest stadium was The Olympus. Spectators entered from the inside part. Seats were of wool and sometimes they used pillows.

9 Pentathlon 1. running 2. wrestling 3.jumping 4.discus 5.javelin

10 We Hope you learned a lot.

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