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By Cadelin Rose

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1 By Cadelin Rose



4  Switzerland is in the Eurasian plate.  6 degrees east and 11 degrees east.  45 degrees north and 48 degrees north.

5  France, Germany, Italy, Austria those are all the near please to Switzerland.  Mediterranean sea


7  Switzerland is in central Europe. The tallest part of Switzerland is 15,203 ft (4,634m) and its on the Swiss side of the Italian border. The largest lakes are Geneva – Constance Bodensee.  d.html 

8  The land area – 15 355 sq mile  Total 15 355 sq mile.  Largest cities: Zurich, 1.83 million.  and.html

9 Federal republic  Switzerland is a confederation governed under the constitution of 1874 as revised in 1998.Foreign – Affairs – Michelin Calmly-ray ( president -) social Democrat.  Home Affairs- Pascal couchcpiun. president, who is both head of state and head of government, is elected annually by the legislature.  The cabinet, or Federal Council, is the main executive body; it is composed of seven members elected for four years by the legislature. 

10  In 58 B.C. the Helvetii who inhabited the country (seen Helvetia) were conquered by the Romans. They Invaded (5th cent. A.D.). By the Alemanni and by the Burgundii. The area passed to the Franks in the 6th cent. Divided (9th cent.) between Swabia and Transjurane. Burgundy it was united 1033 under the Holy Roman Empire.

11 Switzerland in 1291 was a league of cantons in the Holy Roman Empire. French revolutionary. On Sept 10, 2002, the Swiss abandoned their long-held neutrality to become the 190th member of the UN. In Oct. 2003 Switzerland took a turn to the right when the far-right Swiss People's Party (SVP) had the strongest showing in parliamentary elections.

12  The population in (2012) is 7 925 517 the growth rate is 0.92%.  The capital in (2011)was Bern 125 681. Largest cities: Zurich, 1.83 million.

13  Total area is15,942 sq mi (41,290 sq km

14  The languages in Switzerland are German 63.7%, French 20.4%, Italian 6.5%; Romansch 0.5% all official Serbo-Croation 1.5%, Portuguese 1.2%, Spanish 1.1%, English 1%, Other 2.8%.

15  Tallest part of Switzerland is 15,203 ft (4,634m) and this mountain is on the Swiss side of the Italian border.

16  The natural hazards are avalanches, landslides, flash floods.  Google

17  The climate is moderate with no excessive heat, cold or humidity.

18 Mineral resources are limited. There are small iron and manganese deposits in the Jura but no known deposits of coal. A variety of materials is worthy of commercial exploitation. Among them are lime, salt, sand, gravel, clay, and marble.

19  Roman Catholic 41.8%, Protestant 35.3%, Orthodox 1.8%, Muslim 4.3%, none 11.1% that’s in (2000).

20  Roughly 20% of all students attend secondary schools leading, normally after 12 school years in total to the federal recognized Matura which grants access to all universities.

21  On May 18, 2003, Swiss voters approved the military reform project "Army XXI" that will drastically reduce the size of the Swiss Army. In January 2004, the 524,000-strong militia started paring down to 220,000 conscripts, including 80,000 reservists. The defense budget of currently SFr 4.3 billion ($3.1 billion) will be trimmed by SFr 300 million, and some 2,000 jobs are expected to be shed between 2004 and 2011.

22  The issues are from human impacts due to population growth, fossil fuels, urbanization and a bad one is the acid rain.

23    Google- with teacher’s permission

24  Flag – clip art slide 1  Map of -slide  All 4 people- clip art- slide 3  Map of -slide 3  All four flags- are from clip art- slide5  Switzerland's flag-  Picture of miles-clip art-slide8  Two pictures- clip art- slide9  Three pictures –clip art-slide10  Two pictures-clip art-slide11  Picture- clip art-slide14  Background- clip art- slide15

25  Pictures- clip art-slide17  School bus-clip art-slide20  All four pictures-clip art-slide22

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