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REPRODUCATION Cell division.

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1 REPRODUCATION Cell division

2 DIVISION Organisms reproduce themselves by many various methods
Some of these methods include: Asexual Binary fission Budding Sporulation Vegetative propagation Fragmentation and Regeneration Mitosis Sexual Meiosis

3 BINARY FISSION Asexual reproduction Prokaryotic cells Some protozoa
Some organelles in Eukaryotic cells

4 BUDDING Involves new individuals splitting off from existing ones
In this example, new individuals grow out from the body of a parent The offspring may either detach from the parent , or remain joined, eventually forming a colony Example – stony coral

5 SPORULATION This is the process by which an organism produces reproductive cells (spores) by mitosis The organism stores these cells in sporangia, which burst open to release spores that are capable of producing adult organisms (e.g., bread mould, Penicillium). Sporulation can also be a sexual type of reproduction (e.g., gametophytes).

This is the process by which a new organism is created from the roots, stems, or leaves of plants For example: rhizoids in moulds, willow branches can develop roots and grow into a new tree, runners in strawberry plants can sprout roots and develop into a new plant

7 FRAGMENTATION Fragmentation is another type of asexual reproduction
Involves the breaking of the body into several pieces, some which will develop into complete adults

8 REGENERATION To be able to reproduce by fragmentation, it must be followed by regeneration – the regrowth of lost body parts If an organism loses an appendage, and then re-grows it, they have not reproduced – since a new organism is not created Some sea stars Linckia can develop new organisms from a single arm, so one single animal can produce five new offspring asexually

9 END OF LESSON Project set-up

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