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PREFIX REVIEW Honors English 8.

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1 PREFIX REVIEW Honors English 8

2 A-, an- ANonymous (without a name) Apodal (without feet)
Amnesia (without memory) Atypical (not typical)

3 AB-, abs-, a- ABSent (to be away) ABduct (to lead away)
ABrupt (to break away from) ABStract (to pull away from the concrete)

4 AD-, ab-, ac-, af-, ag-, al-, an-, ap-, ar-, as-, at-, a-
ADmire (to look toward) ADhere (to stick to) ADjective (toward or near a noun) ADvertisement (to turn toward)

5 ANTE- ANTEbellum (before war) ANTErior (placed before or in front)
ANTEcedent (to go before) ANTEdate (date before)

6 ANTI-, ant- ANTIfreeze (opposite of freeze)
ANTIbiotic (against microbial life) ANTacid (against acid) ANTIdote (to give as a remedy against)

7 COM-, con-, col-, cor-, co- COMpanion (to break bread together)
COMbine (two together) CONspire (to breathe together) CONversation (to turn together)

8 DE- DEpart (to split apart) DEscend (to step down)
DEduct (to lead away or down) DEscribe (to write down)

9 DIS-, dif-, di- DIShonest (opposite of honest)
DIFferent (to set apart) DIStract (to pull apart or away) DIvert (to turn aside)

10 EPI-, ep- EPIdermis (upon the skin) EPonym (named upon a person)
EPIlogue (words after a book) EPIdemic (upon the people)

11 EX-, e-, ec-, ef-, es- EXit (to go out) Effect (to work out)
EXhale (to breathe out) EScape (out of one’s cape)

12 IN- (not), im-, il-, ir- INcorrect (not correct)
IRrelevant (not relevant) IMproper (not proper) ILlegal (not legal)

13 IN- (in), im-, il-, ir- INject (to throw in)
IRrigate (in water or moisture) IMprison (in prison) ILluminate (in the light)

14 INTER-, intel- INTERcept (to take between) INTERsect (to cut between)
INTERrupt (to break between) INTELligent (to read between)

15 OB- (against, toward), oc-, of-, op-
OBstacle (to stand against) OCcupy (to take over) OFfense (to strike against) OPposite (to set against)

16 PER-, pur- PERmit (to let go through) PERmeate (to pass through)
PERfect (to completely do or perform) PURpose (to put forth)

17 PRE- PREdict (to say before) PREhistoric (before recorded history)
PREvent (to come before) PREcede (to go before)

18 PRO- PROceed (to go forth) PROvoke (to call forth)
PROpose (to put before) PROlogue (words at the beginning)

19 RE- REcess (to go back) REmove (to move back) REplay (to play again)
REvert (to turn back)

20 SUB-, suc-, suf-, sug-, sum-, sup-, sur-, sus-, su-…
SUBmarine (below the sea) SUBtract (to pull from under) SUFfix (to attach after) SUCceed (to go up to or near)

21 SYN-, syl-, sym-, sys- SYNonym (same name) SYMpathy (feeling together)
SYStem (to stand together) SYLlable (to take together)

22 TRANS-, tran- TRANSfer (to carry across) TRANscribe (to write over)
TRANSport (to carry across) TRANscend (to step across/beyond)

23 RE- back, again

24 PRO- forward, forth, before

25 EX- out, out of, away from

26 ANTE- before, earlier; in front of

27 IN- no, not, without; in, into, within

28 PER- through, thoroughly

29 DE- away, down, opposite of

30 AB- away, from, off

31 COM- with, together

32 DIS- apart, away

33 together, with, at same time
SYN- together, with, at same time

34 PRE- before

35 A- without, not

36 against, opposed to, opposite of
ANTI- against, opposed to, opposite of

37 AD- to, toward

38 on, upon, over, after, besides, among
EPI- on, upon, over, after, besides, among

39 between, among, together
INTER- between, among, together

40 across, beyond, on the other side
TRANS- across, beyond, on the other side

41 against, toward, by, down, away
OB- against, toward, by, down, away

42 SUB- under, below, up to, lower in rank, nearly

43 together, with, at the same time

44 out, out of, away from EX-

45 no, not, without IN-

46 without, not A-

47 under, below, up to, SUB-

48 on, upon, over, after, besides

49 (as in “before recorded history”)

50 in, into, within IN-

51 away, from, off AB-

52 back, again RE-

53 apart, away DIS-

54 between, among, together

55 to, toward AD-

56 away, down, do the opposite of

57 forward, forth, before PRO-

58 together, with COM-

59 across, beyond, on the other side

60 against, toward, by, down, away

61 against, opposed to, opposite of

62 through, thoroughly PER-

63 before (before the war); earlier, in front of

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