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Mobilizing the Internet Craig Carroll National Director-Higher Education Segment Sprint Business.

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1 Mobilizing the Internet Craig Carroll National Director-Higher Education Segment Sprint Business

2 Xohm Overview2 Two Mega Trends are Driving Growth Broadband Driving Growth Traditional Wireline Voice Minutes Wireless Driving Growth Broadband Subscribers Narrowband Subscribers The Wireless Broadband service will not only capture a portion of these Broadband subscribers, it will expand the current revenue opportunity 1992 -> 2008 3x Growth In Total Usage Wireless Voice Minutes Growth Coming from Wireless 1992 - 20082003 - 2010

3 Xohm Overview3 Cellular Voice + E-mail Pictures Music Business Apps The mobile phone functions as the “Swiss Army Knife of Devices” Broadband IP Connectivity (Internet) High throughput, always-on access to content rich applications and services Evolution centered around VOICE Fixed Broadband THE INTERNET Evolution Centered Around THE INTERNET Dial-Up Next Evolution of Internet Access 1G2G3G Mobile Internet

4 Xohm Overview4 More Capacity at Less Cost 2.5 GHz provides a balance between coverage and capacity Sprint’s spectrum holdings allow deployment of large 10 or 20MHz channels without the inefficiencies of guardbands and multiple smaller channels Flatter architecture, IP network and Internet cost model provides lower-cost hardware More than a 10X cost/performance savings

5 Xohm Overview5 Speed AND Capacity Define Performance Traditional Wireless Broadband Networks Optimized for Voice and Narrowband Data Next Generation Wireless Broadband Networks Enabling Wide Range of Applications

6 Xohm Overview6 1.Sprint’s 2.5 GHz licenses allow for higher throughput and capacity 2.Two to three times as many sites required for initial coverage at 2.5 GHz compared to 700 MHz 3.10 to 15 sites required at 700 MHz for the same capacity as one Sprint site at 2.5 GHz 4.FDD at 700 MHz is not finalized in any standard and product availability is unlikely before 2010 5.Low cost WiMAX 2.5 GHz chipsets expected in 2008 6.International roaming expected at 2.5 GHz; 700 MHz roaming uncertain Interference occurs between these co- channel cells Lower reuse Interference increases as distance between co-channel cells decreases Higher reuse 700 MHz vs. 2.5 GHz

7 Xohm Overview7 The device is the customer The carrier subsidizes the device and manages the supply chain Contracts and cancellation penalties are required to recoup the subsidy Mobile Internet Embedded Model: Changing the Subsidy Paradigm Traditional Wireless Embedded mobile broadband Device optimized on a particular use Customer buys the devices from their retail store at non- subsidized retail prices Freedom to purchase a subscription, ad hoc usage, or a particular service

8 Xohm Overview8 Top U.S. Markets by end of 2008 Early 2008 Baltimore Washington DC Chicago 2009 - 2010 Madison Milwaukee Orlando Cape Coral West Palm Beach Miami Tucson Oklahoma City Tulsa Wichita Lansing Columbus Richmond Virginia Beach Toledo 2008 Boston Providence New York Philadelphia Pittsburgh Cleveland Cincinnati Detroit St. Louis Kansas City Dallas Austin San Antonio Phoenix Las Vegas Los Angeles San Diego Tampa States in blue have at least one Sprint launch metro area Map represents only the main metro areas and is not a complete depiction of the coverage. The plan is subject to change. 100M POPs covered by YE 2008 include coverage by Sprint and Clearwire

9 Xohm Overview9 Product and Services Roadmap 2008 Presence Optimized Visual Content Delivery Remote Office Interactive, Integrated Comm. Video Monitoring Local Content Gaming / Community Stationary VoIP Robust API’s Video Chat In-Car Entertainment 2009 & Beyond Video Conferencing Mobile/Location Advertising Content Security Low Latency Device Mngt & Rendering Throughput Advertising Engine Devices Campus Solutions, Healthcare, Real Estate Location Table Stakes Differentiators Access Plans Friend Finder

10 Xohm Overview10 The WiMAX Ecosystem Subscriber Equipment Network / Infrastructure Services, Applications & Content Sales, Distribution, Care & Billing WiMAX Ecosystem Infrastructure: Motorola, Nokia, Samsung Implementation: Alcatel Lucent, Ericsson Providers: Sprint, IBM, Google Samsung, Nokia, ZyXEL, ZTE, Intel, and PC OEMs Sprint Sales, Retail, OEMs, others; Amdocs, IBM Movie s Programming Music Videos Gaming Video Chat & Blog Home Monitoring Video Conf Remote Surveillance Field Apps Corporate Intranet Traditional ● UMPCs ● Laptops ● Cameras ● Portable Music ● Gaming ● Inventory Tracking ● Telematics ● Video Recorders ● Navigation

11 Xohm Overview11 Affordable Service Pay as You Go, Pre-paid, or Monthly Subscription 3 Imperatives For Mobile Internet 1 Innovation in Distribution: Chipsets: Single chip WiFi + WiMAX Devices: Embed chipsets in mass market laptops and consumer electronic devices Distribution: Leverage consumer electronics sales distribution channels 2 Innovation Multimedia Solutions Visual Centric, Interactive, Personal Broadband 3

12 Xohm Overview12 WiMAX has Global Momentum *Yankee Group, presented at WiMax Asia, April 2007 ** Informa Telecoms & Media, March 2007 Sprint Inukshuk Orbitel SK Telecom Beeline MVS Movilnet TMN GloComm Neo-Sky Unwired AUSTAR CTL SoftBank NTT DoCoMo KDDI KT RELIANCE Mobile-8 China unicom Bolloré WATANIYA BT Pipex Telecom TVA TELECOM Italia Worldmax China Mobile BHARAT SANCHAR NIGAM LTD. MAXX onair Clearwire

13 Xohm Overview13 The Mobile Internet Advantage The customer gets more choice at lower cost and with greater ease-of-use Enables mass market use of high bandwidth applications with a much better user experience Access to applications and content when and where you need it Embedded Devices Performance Mobility

14 Xohm Overview14 Higher Education Applications-In Development Security applications- ›Remote IP based video surveillance ›Security access badges Energy Management-Telemetry Automated Metering Systems Event Management-POS systems Library Systems Facility Maintenance Traffic Management Distance Learning Emergency Communication

15 Xohm Overview15 Questions?? Craig Carroll Sprint Business 410-212-8998

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