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LOGO “ Add your company slogan ” 7cs of Effective Communication Managerial Communication.

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1 LOGO “ Add your company slogan ” 7cs of Effective Communication Managerial Communication

2 Importance of Communication  The word communication is dervied from the Latin term ‘communism’ which means common.  Communication is life. It is the act of influencing and inducing others to act in the manner intended by the speaker or writer.  Communication means sharing of ideas

3 Goals of Communication To change behavior To get action To give Information Goals of Communication Are To ensure understanding To persuade

4 7cs of Communication (1) Completeness Text (7) Correctness 7cs of Communication are (3) Consideration (2) Conciseness (6) Courtesy (5) Clarity (4) Concreteness

5 Completeness 1. Answer all questions asked 2. Give something extra when desirable 3. Message should include reader’s wants or needs 4. Check 5Ws and any other essentials Who, What, Where, When & Why CompletenessCompleteness

6 Conciseness 1. Eliminate wordy expresstions 2. Include only relevant facts & information 3. Avoid unnecessary repetition Conciseness 4. Organize the message logically

7 Consideration 1 Focus on ‘You’ instead of ‘I’ & ‘We’ 2 Show reader benefit or interest in reader. Your Message should convey truth 3 Emphasize the positive & pleasant facts Always avoid that has not been done so far 4 Apply Integrity & ethics

8 Concreteness 1. Use Specific facts & figures 2. Avoid words like few, quick, soon etc 3. Use action verbs 4. The message should be specific instead of general 5. Don’t use irrelevant information ConcretenessConcreteness

9 Clarity 2. Proper punctuation make the Writing clear 1. Choose short, familiar & conversational words 3. Make the message Readable & understandable 4. Construct effective sentences & Paragraphs 6. Message should Correct, concise, complete With consideration 5. Insert examples, tables, graphs If necessary

10 Courtesy 1 Be truly tactful, thoughtful and appreciative. 2 Omit expressions that annoy, distrss or imitate hurt 3 Grant & apologize candidly

11 Correctness 1. Use correct level Of language 4. Choose Non-discriminatory expressions 2. Check the Accuracy of facts, words And figures 3. Maintain Acceptable writing Mechanics

12 LOGO “ Add your company slogan ”

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